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Introducing the Universal Protocol Alliance and UPT Exchange

Introducing the Universal Protocol Alliance and UPT

The Universal Protocol Alliance is the most prominent coalition in the blockchain industry dedicated to increasing interoperability, mainstream consumer safeguards and a more transparent standard of stablecoins.

Current members of the Alliance include known blockchain powerhouses such as OmiseGo, Bittrex, Cred, Uphold, Blockchain at Berkley and Certik.

The innovative minds within the Alliance identified one of the biggest problems holding back blockchain adoption was the lack of interoperability. To address this challenge, they developed the Universal Protocol. This allows instant and seamless transfer across different blockchains, acting as a connector between blockchain protocols that previously were unable to “communicate”.

One of the major achievements of this unique technology is that it allows any blockchain to readily compile with Ethereum and its ecosystem of smart contracts, dApps and decentralized exchanges. Universal Protocol offers a solution which is scalable and can quickly be applied across different blockchains unlike atomic swaps.

The goal of the Universal Protocol Alliance is to ultimately foster an ecosystem where seamless and decentralized conversions of tokenized assets are possible. Any asset that is currently trading on financial markets such as commodities, equities, debt or cryptocurrencies could be digitized and traded via Universal Protocol.

By combining Ethereum smart contracts and digital asset reserve management with their innovative Universal Proxy Tokens, the alliance is proposing a system where anyone can securely transfer value. Every Universal Protocol Token is fully-backed by an underlying asset. For instance, if an investor buys $3000 worth of Universal Dollar, $3000 United State Dollars will be purchased and held in reserve. Consequently, the price of the Universal Dollar will mirror the price of the United State Dollar dollar. The beauty of holding Universal Proxy Tokens is that you can easily swap these dollars into any other Universal Protocol Token.

The most recent addition to the Universal Ecosystem has been the Universal Euro, a Euro-backed stablecoin. This stablecoin enables people everywhere in the world to purchase and securely store Euro. Consumers can put their Universal Euro to work and earn 8% interest by staking them on applications powered by Cred, including and Uphold.

The Universal Protocol ecosystem is fueled by their native token: the Universal Protocol Token (UPT). As the easiest gateway into the Universal Protocol platform, the UPT utility token offers users:
  • Reduced trading fees UPT
  • The ability to lend or borrow with UPT
  • Access to discounted events, auditing fee discounts and payment for some gas fees with UPT.

At Exchange, we believe that only with collaboration and team-effort will we be able to drive the blockchain industry forward. This is why we have decided to support the UPT alliance mission and will make the UPT token available on our exchange.

UPT will be listed on the 20th November.

Instant Assets Tokens - Providing Real World Solutions & Utilities

Providing Real World Solutions & Utilities.

Instant Assets Tokens - Providing Real World Solutions & Utilities

The IA Tokens idea means to reform the land business utilizing Blockchain innovation through the advancement of the IAT Platform. Assets raised from this STO will be utilized to build up the IAT blockchain and our current administration organization that is as of now operational will embrace the benefit the board. The Platform will take into account the Philippines showcase first and we hope to venture into other creating markets in Asia.


Nonetheless, regardless of the way that the land advertises is an amazingly encouraging and exceptionally productive course, despite everything it has its very own issues or as they can, in any case, be called hindrances, in light of which not every person has the chance to become members toward this path. Also, this is expected much of the time to the high edge of passage into this business section. All things considered, not every person will have a lot of cash to purchase or manufacture a specific property. 

Simultaneously, not every person has enough information on the most proficient method to pick a fluid property for themselves to take advantage of its activity. Note that this sort of system applies to both private and non-private and business land. All things considered, whatever the article, before you get it, you should cautiously break down and study it. Help for this situation, obviously, can every related proficient, legal advisors, engineers and different experts who are arranged in the land advertise. Be that as it may, remember about the expense of administrations, which here and there comes to up to 20 percent of the expense of all lodging.

In this way, we see that the land showcase is loaded with different nuances and subtleties, consistency with which adds to a superior collaboration of the financial specialist with this speculation heading. Be that as it may, regardless of how" great " the conventional business framework is, it can't take care of huge numbers of the issues related to it, which implies that numerous experts get an opportunity to offer better and progressively good conditions for their clients. 

It is about these conditions that I need to disclose to you today. So don't switch anyplace and read my survey as far as possible!

Focal points 

As you have just comprehended, the authors of the IAT Platform try to digitize the cutting edge land showcase, in this manner extending the scope of willing members in this segment. In the event that previous just huge speculators could participate in the land advertise, presently on account of the inherent arrangement of utility tokens, anybody can purchase a specific property that he loved the most. And all on the grounds that inside AT Platform now each item land is displayed as digitized resources.

All things considered, not exclusively will all exchanges be fixed through the implicit shrewd agreement, yet in addition the exceptionally planned engineering of the IAT Platform itself will permit staying away from numerous mix-ups and entanglements experienced in the conventional land showcase. Since all data will be put away and transmitted uniquely in the blockchain system, and in this way won't be accessible for hacking, burglary or some other programmer assault. 

Additionally, no less significant detail of the IAT Platform is the lifted limitations for every single outside speculator. That is, it implies that now any willing client of the system has the chance to buy, lease or sell any property that he needs. I trust it is exceptionally advantageous and incredibly famous nowadays.

Instant Assets Tokens - Providing Real World Solutions & Utilities.


Despite the potential profits of the real estate market, buyers face numerous problems and limitations. IAT, to maximize benefits and minimize losses people might incur, aims to solve the following through the adoption of the blockchain technology:

✔️ All Round Transactional Costs
✔️ Integrity and Security
✔️ Transparency of Transfer
✔️ Time and Costs Savings
✔️ Restrictions to Foreign Investors

Utilities & Benefits

Utilities & Benefits.


As you have just speculated, the IAT Platform will run its own IA Tokens with which you can play out any of the accompanying capacities: the obtaining of any advantages inside the IAT framework; installment for different administrations identified with the administration of similar resources; installment for charge exhortation; acquisition of furniture; installment for legal advisors, realtors and substantially more. So, the engineers of AT Platform are endeavoring to accomplish a free and multifunctional utilization of their token, with the goal that the members of their environment can feel its worth, yet additionally apply it practically speaking. 

The aggregate sum of IA Tokens will be 5 billion units with an underlying estimation of $0.01 USD. It will be anything but difficult to get them both with ETH and BTC. Concerning the dispersion of the aggregate sum of tokens, it will look as pursues: (see figure)



A Business Coach and founder of RBG Philippines Inc., Realty Beacon Philippines Inc. and Realty Beacon Pte Ltd. He has trained entrepreneurs, salespeople, professionals, CEOs and business owners from US, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and in the Philippines. He founded and created the Digitokens Inc. a cryptocurrency company that offers digital assets to the global investors.


He is an entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the real estate industry and has invested in properties in Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, and the Philippines. He was actively providing portfolio advisory and has been focused on the Philippines real estate market for the last 5 years and is looking to revolutionize the market with his new-found passion in Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain technology.


The CEO of Gravitas and an established lawyer and entrepreneur with extensive experience in the construction, telecommunications, engineering, retail, IT and financial industries. Malcolm is also skilled in litigation, corporate law, and mergers and acquisitions. He previously held legal counsel positions in both global and regional capacities across the Asia-Pacific region, MENA, and North America.


He has worked with Citibank NYC as assistant to VP of loan department from 1989 - 1993 and started a career in Singapore with an MNC group based from the US as director of theirfloor covering division. He Formulated strategies on how to expand their operation in U.S. and Europe. The whole portfolio is more than $35 million. He set up his own company in 2003 selling floor covering to both US and Europe.

ICO Listings

ICO Listings.

The official resources of the project IAT Platform:


CannaCor Blockchain Cultivation Technology

CannaCor - Where Cannabis Cultivation and Blockchain Technology Combine Seamlessly

As the wide reception of Blockchain innovation use cases and Cryptocurrencies is turning into a web sensation today. It is astute for one to jump on, on the train of Blockchain innovation, digital forms of money, and its administrations, and ride along. Be that as it may, this isn't only something to bounce on without having a top to bottom learning of it. 

When something is in rage, the best choice is to comprehend it before join. Hence, it is extremely balanced to pose the accompanying inquiries: 

❓ what precisely is this remarkable Blockchain-based stage called the CannaCor Platform, about? 
❓ How can it work? 
❓ What do me, companions, association remain to profit by the ConnaCor stage? 
❓ What separates it from others? And so forth. 

This article will address all the above inquiries concerning the CannaCor Platform, continue perusing.

What is the CannaCor Platform? 

CannaCor is an organization in a joint effort with Blockchain Corporation that is focused on taking care of issues in the restorative cannabis industry and concentrating consideration on actualizing genuine world blockchain innovation answers for guarantee reliable harvest development of phenomenal quality and amount. It tries to streamline the development life cycle of the cannabis yield and convey pinpoint store network answers for improve item detectability. 

CannaCor and Blockchain Corporation group will do this by situating itself as an early adopter and implementer of a mix of Blockchain and Hyperledger advances to deal with the restorative cannabis generation life cycle and store network. Key center regions are the development life cycle the executives and production network the board.

Cultivation Life Cycle Management Process: CannaCor.

CannaCor Vision 

The vision of CannaCor is to turn into a leader of medicinal cannabis development in Lesotho. Our center is to actualize economical generation offices and grow our lead with an aquaponics creation plant while incorporating all our administration frameworks with a determination of blockchain advances to guarantee straightforwardness, unchanging nature and genuine following 

Cannacor Mission 

The Mission of CannaCor is to works with a gathering of experienced researchers, blockchain designers, drug specialists, and architects every day, with the objective of improving our organization by inquiring about and conveying earth practical top notch cannabis items. 

CannaCor Comparison Table 

The beneath table shows that CannaCor can't be contrasted with other existing Cannabis Blockchain driven stages. It outperforms them in all squares and will stay on top for quite a long time dependent on its diagram.

How CannaCor compares to other crypto companies.

CannaCor Cannabis Cultivation cycle Management 

The blockchain and applications will be utilized to arrange the exercises required to acknowledge crude materials, fabricate the item, test for quality, a bundle for transportation and timetable for conveyance. CannaCor point is to quantify and catch the nature of our items, generation yield, and specialist efficiency to guarantee the undertaking makes items that fulfill quality guidelines. 

CannaCor Cannabis Supply Chain Management 

The store network the executives is to hand the whole generation stream of the CannaCor items — beginning from seed planting right to conveying the last item to the buyer. To achieve this errand, CannaCor will make a system of procedures that moves the item along from the providers of crude materials to the associations which manage clients. 

Administrative and Compliance Management 

Controllers require nitty gritty data in regards to a restorative cannabis cultivator's the same old thing: where the item originates from, the aftereffects of any testing that has been done, the predefined sum created, and circulation. Our point is to build up help procedures to screen data all through the store network and guarantee consistence with all guidelines 

Pre-ICO sale Information.

CannaCor Token Technical Information, Allocation, and conveyance 

CannaCor Coin Buyback and Burn 

❤️ CannaCor (Pty) Ltd will assign 12% of its NET benefit to repurchase CANNACOR coins two times per year over a time of 10 years. 

❤️ 100% of coins repurchased will be singed/annihilated following the buyback. 

❤️ This will keep up stable development of the CannaCor Cryptocurrency 

❤️ Reduction introductory inventory of the CannaCor cryptographic money 

❤️ Furthermore, make a steady store of significant worth with low unpredictability. 

The objective is to expand the digital money esteem and accomplish the mass selection of the coin in the cannabis business. 

Highlights of CannaCor Coin 

Stable esteem 

The CannaCor coin can possibly turn into a digital currency with stable worth and low unpredictability while holding all the engaging highlights of different cryptographic forms of money. 

Secure cross-fringe exchanges 

The CannaCor coin is a powerful vehicle to guarantee basic and secure exchanges between CannaCor, providers, and customers.

For more information about CannaCor Platform, visit the following:

✔️Web Site:


That's all our explanation about CannaCor. Hopefully, this information can help you to understand about CannaCor ICO.

Author: Almasani

Bank Indonesian Reveals the Difference Between Libra Crypto With Bitcoin

Libra vs Bitcoin.

Bank Indonesian Reveals the Difference Between Libra Crypto With Bitcoin

Bank Indonesia (BI) assesses Libra, a virtual currency (cryptocurrency) owned by Facebook Inc. different from other virtual currencies, for example, Bitcoin. Because, Libra has an asset guarantor, while Bitcoin does not.

Head of BI Macroprudential Policy Department, Juda Agung, revealed that the study of Mark Zuckerberg's currency was still being carried out by the national central bank. However, so far he said Libra was quite different from Bitcoin.

Libra has a guarantor of high-value assets, such as gold and US Treasury. In addition, there are associations that oversee in Geneva, Switzerland.

"So it is quite different between Libra and Bitcoin. We will see whether this is more like a foreign currency, like the US dollar for example," Juda said in the Thamrin region, Jakarta, Wednesday (6/26).

While Bitcoin is considered quite risky because it is not clear the guarantor (underlying) and laden with speculation elements. In addition, the limited amount also makes it easy to fluctuate prices.

Despite having a guarantor of assets, but Juda does not necessarily call Libra potentially safer than Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Again he stressed that BI still needed time to study Libra.

"This has not yet come out, just announced (announced) the first quarter of next year will only be used," he said.

On the other hand, he again stressed that the public is not tempted to use Libra before there is an attitude from BI. Because, according to Law Number 7 of 2011 concerning Currency, the legal currency used in the country is the only rupiah.

"In essence, the legal payment instrument is the rupiah. So, outside of the rupiah, other payment instruments are not legal in Indonesia," he stressed.

Previously, Facebook announced the emergence of a crypto money provider company, Calibra. This financial service allows users to transact on cryptocurrency trading networks.

Meanwhile, Libra plans to apply globally and is supported by blockchain technology. "Libra will be available on Messenger and WhatsApp, we estimate Libra will launch in 2020," wrote a Facebook spokeswoman.

However, Chairman of the US Financial Services Committee Maxine Waters asked Facebook to stop developing Libra services. In addition, he also asked company executives to testify before the US congress.

Facebook's move to make crypto money is seen as adding to global concerns about the meaning of digital currency and data security. "Facebook has data on billions of people and has repeatedly ignored the protection and use of this data," Waters said.

In fact, the planned publication of Libra also invited anxiety on the European Continent. One of them was from the French Minister of Finance Bruno Le Maire. He said that virtual money will never replace what the government has set. He insisted again Facebook's plan to demand regulatory guarantees.

"If Facebook wants to make instruments for transactions, why not? But there is no question that this will be a sovereign currency. It cannot and should not be a sovereign currency, with all the attributes of a currency," said Le Maire.

According to him, the aspect of sovereignty must remain in the hands of the government and not private companies. There is a fear that there is a personal interest behind this project.

He stressed there needed to be a limitation so that the transaction instrument would not even finance terrorist activities or other illegal activities.

On the other hand, British central bank Governor Mark Carney said Facebook new currency must be resistant to supervision and so as not to be used for money laundering.

Resource: CNN

Subsequent to Breaking New Records Bakkt Announces Crypto Consumer App


Subsequent to Breaking New Records Bakkt Announces Crypto Consumer App 

Following the unequaled record of 1,179 agreements on October 25, Mike Blandina, Bakkt's main item official, uncovered the firm is propelling another procedure in the wake of reporting its December choices dispatch. Bakkt is discharging a customer application so retail financial specialists can "open the estimation of computerized resources" by means of purchaser installments. 

Bakkt Announces a Crypto Consumer App After Its Futures Volume Broke Records 

Bakkt's physically-settled bitcoin fates agreements have been relentlessly picking up enthusiasm as the market has seen a couple of new records since propelling. On October 11, Bakkt uncovered it had directed its first square exchange while additionally observing a 796% hop in prospects exchange volume a one intra-day exchanging session. Somewhat more than seven days after the fact, Bakkt agreements arrived at another achievement with 640 BTC swapped on October 23. 

The multiple times, the ascent in prospects enthusiasm on Bakkt pursued the tremendous value drops BTC felt over the most recent couple of weeks. At that point, after BTC and the remainder of the cryptoconomy hopped 20% higher or more the next day, Bakkt again broke records. This time Bakkt volumes saw 1,179 agreements on October 25 and volumes that pursued have been a lot more grounded. After Bakkt's new record, Mike Blandina, Bakkt's central item official, informed general society concerning another customer application the firm is discharging in 2020. 

"We'll be propelling a purchaser application to make it simple for shoppers to find and open the estimation of advanced resources, just as manners by which they can execute or follow them. Vendors access a more extensive arrangement of clients with extended spending power," Blandina's blog entry declaration subtleties. 


Bakkt's New App Focuses on Four Key Areas: Infrastructure, Accessibility, Trust, and Ultimate Control for the User 

Blandina said that Bakkt needs to reinforce four key territories inside the digital currency biological system. Frictionless advanced resource foundation, commercial center openness, a reliable brand, and a noncustodial arrangement "with the idea of a customer-driven stage that offers a definitive power over their computerized resources." 

Subsidiaries showcases in the crypto space are by all account not the only piece of the business Bakkt needs to handle, and by 2020 the organization would like to dispatch the new digital currency driven buyer application. "In the course of the most recent year, we've gathered a solid group of installments builds and are nearing the culmination of our center installments and consistence stage," Blandina pushed. Bakkt's main item official included: 

We're presently centered around the advancement of the purchaser application and dealer entry, just as testing with our first dispatch accomplice, Starbucks, which we expect in the primary portion of one year from now. 

The news pursues Fidelity Investment's ongoing declaration when columnists from the Financial Times (FT) unveiled that "Devotion has revealed its cryptographic money care business." The association's digital currency unit was uncovered in 2018 and as indicated by FT: "[Fidelity Digital Asset Services (FDAS)] is presently occupied with a full rollout of its care and exchanging administrations for advanced resources." Bakkt official Blandina underlined that the "center principle" of Bakkt's methodology was comparative by "opening the estimation of computerized resources" through customer installments. Blandina finished up by clarifying invested individuals can join now for early access to the Bakkt shopper application.

China Passes Cryptocurrency Laws, Bitcoin Prices Rise


China passes Cryptocurrency laws, Bitcoin prices rise

The 13th National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China passed a new law governing cryptography on October 26, 2019, the law will take effect on January 1, 2020, according to local CCTV.

According to the report, the regulatory framework aims to set a standard for cryptographic application and password management. The new regulatory framework also establishes the role of a central cryptographic institution that is intended to lead public cryptographic work, create guidelines and policies for related industries.

This draft law was actually published on May 7, 2019. The draft law centers around unified government secret word the executives and doesn't unequivocally make reference to digital currency, in spite of the fact that it centers around cryptography, the key parts fundamental digital money are in reality Bitcoin.

Is This the Beginning of China's National Crypto Development?

The law builds a foundation for China's planned national cryptocurrency, although there is no official launch schedule yet, an official in the Chinese state confirmed in September.

Plus yesterday Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for China to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology.

Bitcoin Risks You Should Know When Investing

Illustration picture.

Bitcoin investment risks

Bitcoin is the first digital currency launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. According to what was reported by many online media, that Satoshi Nakamoto is a Japanese national. On the other hand, the name is just a pseudonym used by the developer of the Bitcoin. Want to know more about Bitcoin? What is Bitcoin?

At this time Bitcoin is no stranger to all net citizens. Many large investors are present to invest in it, so the price of Bitcoin has risen sharply in the last two years. But Bitcoin investment has a big risk.

Among these risks is value is not guaranteed, so buying and using Bitcoin carries a number of inherent risks. Many investor warnings have been issued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Financial Sector Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the Department of Consumer Financial Protection (CFPB), and institutions. other officials.

Risks we can conclude at this time:

Legal risk

Bitcoin can be used for black market transactions, money laundering, illegal activities or tax evasion. Therefore, the government can try to regulate and regulate the use or trade of bitcoin.

For example, in 2015, the New York State Department of Financial Services completed regulations that would require companies to process bitcoin purchases, sales, transfers or deposits to record customer identities. Transactions of $ 10,000 or more must be recorded and reported.

In addition, the lack of uniform regulations regarding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency raises questions about their lifetime, liquidity, and popularity.

Security risk

Like any system, Bitcoin transactions risk being hacked, malware and malfunctions during operations. If a hacker gets access to the hard drive of a Bitcoin owner's computer and steals a private key, he can transfer the stolen Bitcoins to another account.

A very famous theft occurred in 2014, when Mt. Gox, a Bitcoin exchange in Japan, was forced to close after millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin was stolen.

Risk of fraud

Because publishing cryptocurrency, ICO, etc. Not regulated by the government, scammers can sell fake bitcoin. For example, in July 2013, the SEC took legal action against the Ponzi program operator associated with Bitcoin.

Tax risk

In March 2014, the IRS announced that all cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, would be taxed as an asset. Therefore, there is no legal way to protect Bitcoin income from taxes

Function X - Blockchain Generation X and Trading Launch on Kucoin


Function X - Blockchain Generation X

FunctionX, the progressive blockchain biological system that engages XPhone, the world's first blockchain telephone and XPOS gadget created by PundiX Labs, is presently enrolled with, the main advanced resource exchanging stage for global clients. 

FunctionX is the cutting edge network access system. It improves the web and existing blockchain design, consolidates the advantages of the two universes and utilizations the most regularly utilized specialized arrangements. The FunctionX environment comprises of five components: the f (x) working framework, f (x) open blockchain, f (x) FXTP, f (x) docker and f (x) IPFS with the point of decentralizing the Web. XPhone is the main cell phone on the planet to utilize the Square X Capacity X for telephone calls, informing, sharing documents and etc. 

FX is the first "money" that will be utilized in the BlockX and FunctionX biological systems. All administrations gave in the environment will be prepared, executed, or activated by FX. This incorporates the capacity administration and system assets on FunctionX which will utilize FX as "fuel" for exchange execution and approval. 

Age FX is an idea of Evidence of Administration (PoS). Occasion token age (TGE) has created 20% of the complete inventory of FX, which is currently as an ERC20 token and will later turn into an FX Coin after mainnet is propelled. Remaining FX Coins will be created through PoS and will be discharged to specialist organizations for a long time.

In the present setting, PundiX job can be viewed as the initiator of this proposed  FunctionX biological system. Later on,  FunctionX will in the long run move towards a totally decentralized way. This implies once the  FunctionX biological system is solidly set up, there will be a progressive "become dull" of Pundi X as far as its present position of authority in the  FunctionX organizes. The vision is to have the  FunctionX system turned out to be feasible, developing and advancing even without Pundi X to accomplish a really decentralized world. For more data of the  FunctionX, visit

Watch XPhone Design.


The following time of the Web is "Blockchain Web". FunctionX will lead the charge to control this new time of a decentralized world. Each application, picture, information, bit and byte on the web will be decentralized.


The FunctionX items are not constrained to what have been referenced here. These are a few instances of the items running on Capacity X. We will approve all brilliant equipment producers to fabricate FunctionX-empowered gadgets and fulfill the needs of the market. 

❤️ BOB (XPhone) 

The main model of BOB (XPhone) is fabricated dependent on the Snapdragon 660, 6GB + 64GB particulars (this is the base specs prerequisite). This is a working model consequently the last item will be unique. We imagine BOB (XPhone) to be your second telephone which will be planned with world-first developments and not quite the same as your primary telephone. 

❤️ XPOS 

XPOS will be updated once FunctionX is prepared. XPOS will both work as a decentralized purpose of-offer gadget and significantly more as a node. As a node, the XPOS will likewise have the option to get exchange charges and add to the decentralized system. 

❤️ Nodes

BOB (XPhone), XPOS and future brilliant gadgets controlled by FunctionX will be filled in as FunctionX Nodes. The Nodes will give various administrations to the circulated system dependent on their presentation, area, stockpiling limit and trust level.

To find out more about FunctionX please visit the official website below!

Official Sites:

Libra Facebook Continues to Fight for Legitimate Regulation

Libra Facebook.

Libra - Regulations Can Live in Harmony

Recently we were shocked by the existence of several companies that canceled the collaboration with Libra Facebook. But this is not a blow to Libra. Libra will continue to strive towards regulation. Libra will not be launched without the supervision of appropriate regulations and handle legitimate issues. The information we got from Libra tweet "Regulations can live in harmony."

"We have said from the beginning that Libra must not and will not be launched without the supervision of appropriate regulations and handle legitimate issues. Every time someone agrees with us, it is not a" blow "or" setback. "Innovation and regulation can live in harmony "@Libra_.

This gets a tweet response from @JoeSmo05464358 "Yes, by definition" agree "with you, I don't think anyone believes it will be a 'blow' or 'setback.' Hopefully, your governance is better than your grammar lol, " said Joe Smo.

On the same occasion, Libra also received a good response from @MAEHusseini. In his Twitter response saying "You have to start by collecting various regulations related to @libra, provide economical analysis and run AI on top. Reach a general understanding, set principles, and create #Model #law that fits between different jurisdictions. " said Mehdi El Husseini (@Davidmarcus).

Karim Naufal (@mysticaltech) also added that: Well said! Keep up the good work. You are a trailblazer. Someone has to do this hard work sooner or later ... It is in the government's interest to ensure that regulated #cryptocurrency like #Libra sees the light of today, otherwise unregulated alternatives will develop!

Maybe we need to question the meaning of @mysticaltech tweet that states "unregulated alternatives will develop!". Does he mean about Bitcoin which has not been regulated by anyone?

This is different from the response given by Conner Brown. We said from the beginning that libra should be an accessible bitcoin wallet. Every time you ignore it just shows your incompetence and ignores financial freedom. Bitcoin and Facebook can live harmoniously, said @_ConnerBrown_

So what has been the response of cryptocurrency users who have been adapting so much about Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and other coins that have cryptocurrency without regulation?

BITCOIN SUPERSTAR: Complete manual for Beginners - Vol.1


BITCOIN SUPERSTAR: Complete manual for Beginners

Explain what bitcoin is and how to handle, to earn in concrete and how to handle cryptocurrencies.

I am presenting the subject of this financial issue, from Bestseller to the previous work published in March 2017 (only in Italian).

Also, this work has been awarded Amazon Bestseller in Italy on the 1st September 2017, a strong appreciation of the subject matter and perhaps our way of interpreting, explaining and riding the rampant phenomenon of crypto value and bitcoin in particular!

This is a book dictated by necessity, the need to know what bitcoins are, how they work, and how we can earn, in order to be able to earn huge gains from the great wave of crypto values, at present to the honors of the present.

Start like this:"I never thought I could find one day, completely immersed in the biggest economic revolution like the one we are currently crossing through the spread of crypto values."

It ends up with our private resources to make the book just a start, a way to go on common paths in our channels that only have an interest: to give value to third parties, to become a value for them!

This is the SUMMARY:
















What is the reason for becoming a Bestseller, or not? (Smile)

To have more confidence in me and in what I've created so far, I ask you to explore the socials to check out my inexhaustible creative vein at the service of the community! You will see:

Youtube-Bitcoin superstar or my personal channel;

Facebook- @ bitcoinsuperstar or @experiment savings

Linkedin-personal profile

Telegram (private chat and reserved for buyers for exchange of opinions)

Tony Locorriere
"The mediocre mind commonly condemns all that is beyond their reach."

Ledger Nano X - Restore from a Recovery Phrase

Ledger Nano X.

Ledger Nano X - Restore from a recovery phrase

Return the Ledger Nano X device from your recovery phrase to recover, replace, or back up your Ledger hardware wallet. Ledger Nano X will recover your private key supported by your secret recovery phrase.

Or, set it as a new device to generate a new private key and write a new recovery phrase.

What do you need

  • The Big Book Nano X.
  • Get a recovery phrase to recover. BIP39 / BIP44 recovery phrases supported.
  • The device is at least an iOS 9 or Android 7 smartphone or a computer with at least Windows 8 (64-bit), macOS 10.8, or Linux.
  • The Ledger Live application is downloaded and installed.

Step by step

Ledger Live displays interactive settings commands. Simply open the application to get started.

Step 1. Restore from the recovery phrase

  1. Press the button next to the USB port until the Ledger brand seems to show on the device. Important note: If you keep pressing the button, you will access the "Bootloader" menu. You must turn off the device and restart.
  2. Read the instructions on the screen. Press the right button to continue or the left button to go back.
  3. Press both together when Restore from the recovery phrase is displayed.

Step 2. Select your PIN code

  1. Press both buttons when Select PIN code is displayed on the device.
  2. Press the left or right button to select numbers. Press both buttons to validate the numbers.
  3. Select ✔️ to confirm your PIN code is 4 to 8 digits. Select ✖️ to delete numbers.
  4. Enter the PIN code again to confirm.

🛡️Security tips

✔️Choose your own PIN code. This code unlocks your device.
✔️Use 8 digits for optimal security.
✔️Never use the device that came with the PIN code and / or recovery phrase.
✔️Contact Ledger Support if there are doubts.

Step 3. Enter your recovery phrase

  1. Select the length of your recovery phrase (12, 18 or 24 words). Press both buttons to validate. Make sure the correct length of the recovery phrase is selected. Always enter all words from the recovery phrase.
  2. Enter the first letter of Word #1 by selecting it with the right or left key. Press both keys to validate each letter.
  3. Choose Word #1 from the suggested words. Press both buttons to validate.
  4. Repeat this process until the last word of your recovery phrase.
  5. Your device is ready to display after you successfully complete the setup process. Press both buttons to Access the Dashboard. You will then arrive at the Dashboard.

🛡️Security tips

✔️Anyone who has access to your recovery phrases can take your assets. Store safely.
✔️The ledger does not store your 24-word backup. Make sure you are the only holder.
✔️Never use the device that came with the recovery phrase and / or PIN code.
✔️Contact Ledger Support if there are doubts.

Invalid recovery phrase?

  • Make sure the correct length of the recovery phrase is selected. Always enter all words from the recovery phrase.
  • Make sure the order of words entered on the device matches the order on your Recovery sheet.
  • Check that all words from your recovery phrase are in the BIP39 word list.

🛡️Security tips

When you don't use Ledger Nano X, make sure to lock it to make sure no one else can use your device.

The next step

You have successfully recovered the private key that is linked to the recovery phrase on your device.
  • Check these tips on how to secure your recovery phrase and PIN code.
  • Install the application on your device and add an account on Ledger Live.
  • Receive and send crypto assets.

Good luck, hopefully this explanation can help you.

Download SoftEther VPN Client Manager Full Version

SoftEther VPN Client Manager.

Download SoftEther VPN Client Manager Full Version

What is a VPN?

VPN which has the extension of Virtual Private Network is a private network between computers and the internet, so you can surf the website anonymously and without fear of being spied on by hackers or the government.

How does a VPN work?

Okay, maybe the above is a bit of a general picture, and with the graph below it will be clearer how a VPN works so that it makes your network safe from spies in cyberspace, so this is how it works:

So from the picture above let's say you want to surf in cyberspace, but as we know that there are actually many who monitor our movements such as Hackers, then the Government, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) that we use or the Office / School if we use their networks.

What are the Benefits of Using a VPN?

And with this problem, an investment called a VPN appears, which if we use it, we can get the following benefits:
  • Access sites that are blocked by the government or our Operators
  • Hiding IP Address and our location
  • Change IPs to a certain country so that you can access a site

Does CCA Admin Use VPN?

Honestly, I don't use VPN too often, only at certain times like for example opening useful sites that are blocked by the government and I rarely use VPN when I access the internet, so VPN is in my hand only under certain conditions.

The use of VPN to play Camfrog, Camfrog requires a UDP connection while Bitvise and Proxifier use a TCP connection, so the VPN function here is to forward TCP connections to UDP connections.

Main feature:

  • Performance and maximum speed with low memory and CPU usage
  • Supports SSL-VPN and the 6 most popular VPN protocols (OpenVPN, IPsec, L2TP, MS-SSTP, L2TPv3, and EtherIP)
  • Complete GUI
  • and many other features

System needed:

OS: Windows 98 /98 SE /ME /NT 4.0 SP6a /2000 SP4 /XP SP2, SP3 /Server 2003 SP2 /Vista SP1, SP2 /Server 2008 SP1, SP2 /Hyper-V Server 2008 /7 SP1 /Server 2008 R2 SP1 /Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 /8 /Server 2012 /Hyper-V Server 2012 /8.1 /Server 2012 R2 /10 /Server 2016 for 32-bit or 64-bit Windows

Minimum RAM of 16Mbytes (bigger is better).


Open Source and Free forever (to find out more about Licenses, Read more to Software Licenses)

Link Download:



I hope this VPN user can use it wisely, don't use VPN for negative things. The CCA Admin is not responsible for everything you do, let alone bear the sin. Lol.

How To Created ERC20 Token? Step 2
Create ERC20 Token.

Step 2 - How To Created ERC20 Token?

In the first step, we explained how to design an ERC20 token code. Now we are entering the second stage of How to Make ERC20 Tokens.

Download MetaMask chrome extension to generate a wallet. This is going to be the owner of the smart contract. Alternatively you can always use Mist or My Ether Wallet. For the sake of simplicity let's use MetaMask extension in this project.

Once you download the extension, go ahead and create a new account protected by a password. Then choose "Ropsten TestNet" from the top left corner. Before we deploy the contract to Main Ethereum blockchain, we'll test it against TestNet and make sure everything works as expected. It looks something like this:

Ropsten Test Network

Now head over to Remix Ethereum (an online solidity compiler and debugger) and paste the code you just modified. Ignore any warnings you see. Next go to settings and uncheck "Enable Optimizations" if it's checked.

Now go to "Run" tab and click on Deploy under .


After you press Deploy, MetaMask will ask you to buy several ether tests and send the transaction. It looks like this:

Confirmed MetaMask

Make sure you are on Ropsten TestNet and not on MainNet then press Submit. Now open MetaMask again and click on the first transaction. This will take you to Etherscan where you can observe ongoing transactions. Up to 30s are required to confirm a transaction. Once confirmed, it looks like the following:

Create Smart Contract

You just deployed your contract. Note the address on the above transaction page. That's your contract address.

Step 3

Add your token to MetaMask. Copy the Contract Address, open MetaMask -> Add Token and Paste the Address. This looks like the following:

ADD Token

Congratulations, you just made an ERC20 token, in TestNet mode. If you have questions, please leave a message in the comments column below. Hope it is useful for you. Thanks.

Update: The Remix IDE has moved to This instance of Remix you are visiting WILL NOT BE UPDATED. Please make a backup of your contracts and start using

[ Airdrop ] [ GLAD ] Global Advertising Token



GLAD is a DSP (Demand Side Platform), SSP (Supply Side Platform), and DMP (Data Management Platform), a programmable holistic advertising platform designed with sophisticated technology to meet all industry needs.

Get 85 GLAD tokens free with GLAD Airdrop

Step by step:

  • Register on the GLAD Website.
  • Enter and click "Airdrop" in your dashboard.
  • Join the GLAD Telegram Channel.
  • Join the GLAD Telegram Announcement Channel.
  • In the Telegram group type "/ join_airdrop" and follow the instructions (chatting with the bot).
  • Follow GLAD Twitter page.
  • Retweet the specified tweet and also the specified message tweet.
  • Submit your username.
  • Enter your ETH address in your dashboard.
  • Invite friends to join GLAD and get +15 GLAD after completing your friends' airdrop telegram registration.
The rules
  • All questions about this airdrop program in the GLAD telegram group
  • Remember, your friend must join the telegram group and send the command / join_airdrop to the telegram bot.
  • The token will be closed for 15 days. Then, it will be checked and unlocked.
  • After you have completed all the actions needed for an airdrop related prize, the transaction can take up to one hour to appear on your panel.
Thank you, have a nice work, hopefully, this will be useful for you. Observe every rule so that you don't lose your prize after joining Airdrop.


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