Unleash Bots: Introducing Blockchain.com's API for Trading Crypto Algorithms

We designed the Blockchain.com Exchange to redefine speed, reliability, and liquidity for crypto retailers and institutional investors. A few months later, The Exchange's deep liquidity and competitive prices have become very popular with sophisticated traders, like you.

Today we are happy to open our Exchange API so you can trade programmatically, build bots, and access our market 24 hours, 7 days a week.

With the Blockchain.com Exchange API you can:

  • Place orders, send cancellations via Websocket
  • Streaming balance update
  • Streaming market data updates
  • Stream the last trade
  • Stream volume and price information 24 hours

Offering tools that make it easier to build and interact with crypto is at the core of what we do. The Exchange API is the latest addition to the suite of APIs that we have engineered for developers - including the original Bitcoin API - and has facilitated tens of millions of orders since we opened the beta program in November.

"Integrate the Exchange Blockchain.com API into trading settings. Not only is it very easy, but it also has many important API methods that I need and overall performance and latency are fantastic when trading. An algorithmic trader".

To get started:

  • Create or log in to an existing Blockchain.com Exchange account
  • Select the API from the drop-down menu
  • Fill in the form and click "Create New API Key Now"
  • Once created, you can see the key under API Settings

Once integrated you will be able to engineer automated trading algorithms that can run your trading strategy, regardless of your availability. So, whether you take a long weekend vacation or sleep while markets around the world are just waking up, you will never miss an action or lose your edge.

Lira Banking is now Direct for Turkish Crypto Traders 🇹🇷

Since we launched Blockchain.com Exchange, we have been fascinated by the enthusiasm and support of the Turkish crypto community. Almost immediately, Turkey surpassed much larger countries as one of the most active geographers on the Exchange, and Turkish traders have not lost their gas since.

Today, we are excited to make the trading experience better for Turkish traders by launching full support and genuine banking integration for Turkish Lira (TRY) so users can directly deposit or withdraw from their bank accounts to the Exchange within hours. We will also support TRY trading for Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Tether (USDT) so that traders like you have access to the true and fair crypto market.

Now, traders can buy crypto in an affordable way in just five minutes, without third-party payment processors or outrageous premiums, withdrawal fees, or expensive conversion rates charged by many exchanges today.

In celebration of the launch, we reduced trading costs for the first trader to make a deposit in TRY:

  • 1,000 for the first deposit will get a Tier 3 fee for a year (.08% makers / .18% takers)
  • The next 1,000 will get Tier 2 fees for one year (.10% / .20% maker)

To start buying and trading crypto with TRY:

  1. Register to get an account here, and follow the instructions to get "Verified Gold" (all you need is some government details, I.D., and a photo - our automated system does the rest!)
  2. Click the "Deposit Now" tab in the upper right corner, select Lira (TRY), and follow the instructions to fill in your bank details and select your deposit amount to start your bank transfer.
  3. As soon as your money enters your account, you are ready to buy crypto. You can place your purchase order on the right-hand side. Sit and watch the fastest exchange, run your crypto in microseconds.

Thank you to the extraordinary crypto community in Turkey for the warm welcome so far, and we are happy to welcome the next Turkish wave to Exchange Blockchain.com.

Join our community on the "Blockchain.com Exchange Türkiye" telegram to stay up to date.

Bitcoin.Com Releases The Fastest Wallet Application Ever, With Internal Support for Bitcoin Cash-Powered Tokens

Bitcoin.com has developed its fastest wallet application with an improved design and a new focus on user experience. The Bitcoin.com wallet also now offers full support for SLP tokens, opening up a whole new world of digital assets to millions of users worldwide.

Lightning Fast Crypto Wallet Application

The new Bitcoin.com Wallet application has been launched for iOS and Android mobile users, making millions of the fastest clients ever. Among the new updates included in the mobile application that focus on speed is Instant Payments, a feature that completes bitcoin cash payments in less than one second, making it faster than traditional payment methods and other existing wallets. It provides an unlimited payment experience through the application, allowing users to complete transactions instantly at online and physical retailers who accept bitcoin money.

To use this new feature, you only need to set the expenditure threshold in the application before making a transaction and then the BCH payment can be completed instantly after the recipient's QR code has been scanned. Increased speed will result in more customers choosing BCH as their preferred payment option.

In addition to speed, this new wallet application has new and improved functions including letting users manage BCH and BTC in one secure integrated platform, as well as allowing them to buy BCH and BTC using credit cards. The application also focuses on personal customization, letting users change their accounts to their liking with new options. The developer has even introduced a private note mechanism, which allows users to add data to individual transactions.

On the privacy and security side, fingerprint identification and face recognition are also now available to ensure that only the owner can access the account. And adjustable transaction speed settings have been introduced, which can be used to delay payment confirmation. The application also features a Discover section - a new map interface that allows users to find the nearest merchant that accepts bitcoin payments, ensuring you can always find a place to spend BCH and encourage more businesses to adopt cryptocurrency.

Source: news.bitcoin.com

Police Forces in Belgium, France, and Israel Stop Scam Promising 35% Return of Crypto Investment

Police forces in Belgium, France, and Israel are reported to have stopped international fraud that promised a high return of up to 35% on crypto investments. Large private French companies and French local authorities are said to be among the 85 victims of this network. In total, 10 suspects related to this case have been arrested.

International Investment Fraud € 6 Million

Belgian Police Judiciaire Fédérale and Israeli Police have dropped a large network suspected of being involved in money laundering and binary investment scam, Europol announced. An unnamed person who has been convinced of carbon tax scam is suspected to be the mastermind behind the fraud.

Investigations into this network will begin in 2018, Europol said. In early 2019, four suspects were arrested in France. And at the end of 2019, five other suspects were arrested in Israel with the support of an international task force formed by European agents.

The group is suspected of establishing an online platform that promises high returns on investment in cryptocurrency as well as gold and diamonds. Victims are promised between 5 and 35% return on investment, and group members pretend to successfully manage their accounts for them in the beginning and then encourage them to invest more money.

A French private company and French local authority are said to be among 85 network victims. The scam was believed by investigators to be responsible for cheating at least € 6 million. Investigators also found invoices worth several million euros, which his group members had not yet taken. More than € 1 million has been confiscated by the authorities of the network account.

"Criminal groups are calling, offering huge profits on investments in bitcoin up to 35%," explained the European Union's Criminal Justice Cooperation Agency, Eurojust. "To gain their trust, victims initially get a small profit from this investment, thus encouraging them to invest further. The victim was then deceived because of the next payment. This was transferred to a fake company, which had been established for this purpose by OCG [Organized Criminal Group]. Profits are then quickly transferred through bank accounts in the other EU Member States to bank accounts in various Asian and Turkish countries. "

Source: news.bitcoin.com