Ethereum limited Edition.
About Ethereum Limited

Ethereum Limited is a smart contract manufacturing platform. We noticed that not everyone has the ability to write smart contracts because it requires some level of programming skills so we decided to make it easier for everyone to make smart contracts.

By utilizing the decentralized nature of the Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum Limited does not need to worry about the security of its user data.

Due to the creation of the Ethereum Limited ecosystem, people who need smart contracts will flock to the Ethereum network - making it more successful. Lower transaction costs, faster turnover, automation and eternity are just some of the benefits we offer.

Ethereum Limited is a decentralized contract platform running smart, the application runs exactly as programmed without the possibility of downtime, censorship and fraud or third party intervention.

The Ethlimited Principles surround the creation and implementation of intelligent contracts that cannot be solved. With Ethlimited, users can enter into contractual agreements with other parties and rest assured that they will not be tired. Ethlimited is a platform created to control losses and errors using a traditional contract system.
Ethlimited wants to bring sanity to the world of contracts and ensure that nothing is left running and the level of litigation in court is reduced, if not eliminated. We intend to let our users want to know that their contracts can never be fake while holding secret coins more likely to increase the value and pass the value of the current Ethereum - Ethers.

Ethlimited is designed to enable anyone with access to computers and the internet to make smart deals with anyone, anywhere in the world. With Ethlimited, US users can make contracts with someone in South Africa without having to meet face to face. What needs to be done is to ask both parties to include their terms and conditions in the contract, and voila, a smart agreement to handle everything.

Standard Token: ERC-20
Token Name: ETHL
Maximum number of tokens: 10,000,000
Public sales: 6,000,000 (30% Crowdsale Bonus)
Price: 1 ETHL = 0.5 USD

Ethereum Limited Form

Official Sites Ethereum (ETHL) Limited Edition.

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