The localized application or DApp is associate application that continues to be travel by many purchasers in localized systems with protocols that can't be trusty. they're meant to take care of a strategic distance from every goal of failure. they typically have tokens to reward purchasers for providing process power. The that means of the applying of decentralization remains being developed and is beneath discussion.

This term began with a localized application company and localized independency organization. A typical definition combines the concomitant property:
  1. This code is ASCII text file and self-moving
  2. Records and data area unit hold on victimization the blockchain, providing connections while not trust and avoiding any disappointment
  3. Use science tokens as mercantilism vehicles, to reward purchasers WHO approve exchanges or offer administration on networks, etc.
  4. Tokens area unit created through science calculations

aQuest offers its manufacturers to hold out promotional efforts that listen to remuneration for participants. Travel participants area unit needed to complete a business in order that they're eligible for the installment prize before finishing a task. Tasks area unit digitally confirmed activities that a consumer is needed to complete thus effectively inquisitive about a mission
  • Enkronos Application Reconciliation
  • Automatic website
  • aQuest are often something
  • safe
  • Accessible
  • cell 1st

Gig and Freelance Economy toughened large growth. however so far nobody has provided a combined answer and mechanism for the installation of computerised tasks. The aim of the search Platform is to supply answers to the current unresolved downside. this can more and more turn out adept and financial processes known with all sorts of advanced tasks Gig and Freelance Economy.

With aQuest you'll be able to create extraordinary showcases that emphasize the compensation of participants. Participants area unit needed to complete work instantly in order that they're eligible for safe prize payments. On the opposite hand you as a corporation will gather necessary info concerning your purchasers and raise your image recognition. Example: If this mission is associate mobile search, endorsers will get legitimate ERC-20 tokens before the completion of the delivery incarnation.

the aQuest application causes you to create your journey with inventive and spontaneous  cloud-based tools. This instrument is open from all gadgets. To superintend and do missions is simple and should be attainable from anyplace. All journeys coordinate with Enkronos Apps and boost produce Pool User manufacturers.

Quests is a tremendous methodology for facultative development to a set of purchasers in Enkronos Apps whereas your accumulation of developing purchasers will connect with purchasers almost like totally different applications that listen to increasing consumer commitment to your pictures.


September 2018
The origin of the concept of   the aQuest platform. Development of business ideas and plans.

October 2018
Elaboration of the legal model of the aQuest platform in varied jurisdictions. Development begins.

December 2018
Preparation for ICO. sensible contract development for the discharge of AQU tokens. personal sales begin. Continue development of the platform.

January 2019
Private sales finish. Pre ICO starts. development of APIQuest. development of aQuest internet application. ranging from selling campaigns to draw in finish users.

February 2019
Pre-sale ends. ICO public sales began.

March 2019
Beta unleash platform. ranging from the AQU billfold.

April 2019
ICO public sales area unit over

May 2019
Development of AQU billfold.

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