Every day we have a tendency to square measure encircled by additional and additional completely different devices that support the net. Each of us has at least a smartphone that can be used to access the Internet, plus all other devices that have multiple devices that also have access to the web throughout the world if necessary. It's hard to imagine there are currently more than 3.5 billion internet users and this is not the limit. In addition, in the near future it is expected to be an extraordinary leap in the number of devices that have access to the Internet, this includes smartphones and tablets, and laptops, and TVs, and other objects with IoT sensors. Many researchers claim that by 2025 their total number can reach 75 billion units. We can conclude that in the near future our daily lives will be directly connected to the Internet.


With the presence of a large number of objects with access to the Internet, making us and our lives vulnerable, and most importantly exposing unnecessary hazards. What danger am I talking about? Very clear. We all understand that with the help of the Internet and open access to the Internet, many hackers have the opportunity to hack into our database, use some confidential information or even worse to embed us various viruses, which can damage our devices.

At an equivalent time, several United States of America|folks|people} do not even suspect that there area unit varied resources on the net that monitor us day and night, wherever we have a tendency to area unit, and what we have a tendency to area unit, what social networks we have a tendency to prioritise, what we have a tendency to have an interest in, what sites we have a tendency to visit, from what device, how much, and nearly from what informatics address. All of this knowledge is collected while not our information or agreement.

Another urgent problem with the Internet is hype, which only arises from where he is not lazy and often turns away from non-intrusive advertisements in ordinary spam. Many things make us think, and what will happen next if you can't control it?

It is good that the world moves a little faster and intelligent human minds have long been developed to solve this problem. This is a decision that we will discuss with you today.

About the project

This project is called - HONEYPOD. Its main task is to provide a secure connection to our device to the Internet.

The flexibility of this project is that the Honeypod is a small device that connects to our home router and controls the entire flow of information through itself, while filtering out malicious applications, various types of virus data, spam ads and other nonsense that can affect the operation of our devices. Thus the Honeypod does not only monitor all connections to the network safely, but also speeds up the communication process, increasing data transfer speeds at least twice.

Design features

The main feature of the Honeypod is a convenient and portable smart unit that is no bigger than the size of your palm, making it comfortable to use and compact in the room. Thus, the Honeypod cannot be detected, hacked, or blocked from the outside, which makes it more reliable and efficient to use. However, developers claim that the Honeypod is more like a pass-through authentication device, which not only checks, but also protects your mobile device from various tracking systems, advertising spam, and connections from several third parties.

To ensure maximum security, the Honeypod uses modern blockchain technology, which helps resolve various nuances of device operation at all stages of network verification. The way it works is simple, for clarity, I propose to look at the following illustration, where a simple example shows the operation of a Honeypod system.

The advantages of Honeypod are quite a lot and the most important are:
  1. Honeypods block dangerous data at once, without sending it to you directly, and then exposing it to blocking;
  2. Honeypod does not require installation of additional software on all your mobile devices with Internet access;
  3. Honeypod truly protects all devices that have access to the Internet, regardless of whether the browser is installed in it;
  4. All processes in a Honeypod user have the ability to control yourself, express the desire to adjust the list of unwanted system filtering standards and more.

ICO details

Because this project is a decentralized network where malware, websites and other third parties will be blocked, you can use their personal cryptocurrency - HNY, which will soon be available for purchase, to buy and buy Honeypod blocks. The total sales of tokens will be allocated 1 billion coins, the initial cost is $ 0.05 per 1 HNY. At the same time, several sales will be allocated, where coins will be much cheaper because of discounts offered and various promotions. The end date of the sale is unknown, because the sale will end as soon as they collect Hard Cap for $ 10 million.



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