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A wallet is a place (wallet) for cryptocurrency storage. Someone, will not be able to have a digital currency without having Crypto storage (Wallet). The function of a wallet is to store some cryptographic keypair, or more commonly known as "Address".

The nature of the Crypto Wallet is different from the conventional wallet that we are familiar with, whose function is able to save a certain amount of money. Meanwhile, Cryptocurrency Wallet has a different function, because the Crypto wallet will organize a number of Crypto Addresses that are owned by the user.

Meanwhile, the amount of funds owned by the user can be accessed by requesting data on the amount of funds contained in the Crypto addresses that are owned and adding them.

Inside Crypto, a Crypto user can have multiple addresses. With this Crypto address, users can transact with each other, both sending and receiving Coin from other users.

To be able to spend a Coin / Token, the owner needs a special code line called "private key". the code is stored in the "wallet" or digital wallet. When it will be used, then the owner accesses the code and uses it for transactions. In each crypto wallet, there are two things you need to know, namely about the Private Key, and the Public Key in the Bitcoin wallet.

Private Keys

The Private Key (secret key) is only known by the owner of the wallet address. The private key functions as a PIN number on a bank account card. Broadly speaking, this Private Key is a cryptocurrency user safety key. Private keys can be stored on a computer or printed so that they are not easily lost. If this Private Key is known to someone else, then it will most likely be stolen by others

Sample Private Key:

Public Keys

Public Key, more reflected in the coin address, Suppose the Bitcoin Address. The Public Key in Bitcoin has a function to identify the Bitcoin sender and recipient address. So that bitcoin will be distributed to other people.

Example of a Bitcoin Address:

Well, just like the Atomic Wallet wallet. The Atomic Wallet also has a private key, but the Atomic Wallet private key is different from the crypto Wallet in general. Atomic Wallet Using 12 random words and a password to log in.

The question is, why should you use Atomic Wallet compared to the others?

Atomic Wallet is a Crypto Currency wallet for all coins and tokens. This wallet is compatible with all ERC-20 coins and tokens, so you don't need to download more wallets to save coins. Besides that atomic wallet also has a private key for each different platform so that you can back up all the private keys in it. If you lose the basic Atomic wallet key (12 Words), then you can log the private key on the official platform.

For example, you save Ethereum in an Atomic wallet. You can do Ethereum transactions without using an Atomic wallet, but just take the Private Key that you backed up to log in at

You can see the Atomic Wallet feature in the picture below:


Versi Mobile.

Atomic Wallet provides powerful in-service services that allow users to reduce the effort spent on managing crypto assets and make them transparent and reliable.

Atomic Exchange Exchange

Exchange Versi Mobile

Use decentralized Atomic Swap to continue with cross-chain exchanges to avoid third party risks.

For coins that are not yet supported by Atomic Swap, we have the default ShapeShift, ChangeNOW, and Changelly exchanges.

Buy Cryptocurrency

Buy Crypto USD/EUR
Buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, and BCH with your Bankcard. We accept USD, EUR and your local currency throughout the world.


Atomic Wallet also provides Free tokens for all new users, namely AWC tokens. Each new user will get as many as 25 AWC Tokens.

The way to get Airdrop is very easy. Enter "Email" then the "YXQPV" code. Click "Sign-up" then you write on the screen "Success! We send you a verification email, please check your inbox and click the link.". Finish the Airdrop registration process.

Atom Wallet Wallet Help Center
A brief description of Atomic Wallet. If there is an addition, I will update it here. Silangkah download, and enjoy the convenience of the wallet. Guaranteed not to regret it.


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