Electronic money transactions recognize an important part of the e-finance path. This is where individuals can exchange other encrypted currencies to modernize cash or fiat currencies such as the US dollar or euro. This agreement deals with buyers and sellers and charges you fees for each exchange. Basically there are two types of transactions; Combine transactions and transactions. Cross transactions are ranked, for example, affiliate branches are agencies that participate on their stage.

They often proceed as a basic part of contact for new people, who tend to exchange money in their view of an easy-to-use and clear interface in their operations. Integrated transaction tasks are clear and organized and classification estimates will make the system classified. Not at the smallest level such as access transactions, decentralized accessories.

The agreement is relevant regardless of whether they run with dangerous stores, such as downtime and insecure downtime and better customer protection. Official transactions no longer require character representation, nor do security problems such as reformation of hierarchies emerge. Transactions do not save money for customers and vice versa, customers are specifically connected, indicating that you do not need to emphasize the security of pre-encrypted transactions. For each customer package, consistently exploring the use of hierarchical transactions, which helps reduce liquidity, shows differences in transactions related to this pathway.

Therefore, the Bcnex trading floor was born, Bcnex is an electronic money trading platform developed to provide the best, safest, and most attentive user trading platforms.



The more you trade BTC, the higher the chances of winning the Bcnex Trading Competition. Let’s create the highest trading volume with your testnet crypto!

Prize Pool
3 ETH + 5000 BCNX


Jun, 23 - Jul, 07

Apply Now

Trading Competition Rule

1. The Trading Competition period and the time of each new round always begins at 09:30 PM GMT +7, and closes at 09:30 AM GMT +7 of the start and end date respectively

2. Final Trading Volume data is collected at 09:30 PM GMT +7. The snapshot time is used to build the list of winners

3. Trading Competition participants’ trading volume is calculated as total amount of the respective instrument (token or coin) bought and sold for the whole trading round’s period

4. Qualifying trading volume consists of buys and sells (excluding wash trades) in the relevant trading pair of each round only

5. One round = one crypto trading pair. Only trades on one particular crypto trading pair will be counted towards the contest’s results.

6. Only users who apply for the contest by pressing the “Apply” button on the contest page are considered participants and may claim the prize

7. Each user’s trading volume is counted for the whole trading round period even if he/she applies for the competition at the very end of the trading round period. Whenever the user applies, all trades placed during the trading round period will still be counted

8. Prizes are distributed in the form of crypto assets and according to specific trading competition rules, which can be found at the trading competition announcement page

9. Prizes are credited to winners’ Bcnex accounts. KYC is required for winning accounts to collect the prizes.

Please refer to the trading competition announcement page for more information.

Birth of Bcnex:

A place to buy, exchange and trade tokens based on blockchain and various digital assets in Vietnam and throughout the world. Since 2006 when we first joined the Forex market, we have researched and developed a number of automated Forex trading systems. In 2009, we implemented a real-time data application system to handle coin auctions and suitable system transactions, and finally to operate trading platforms for partners. Our foreign country.

BCNex will continue to grow and develop to provide the best trading experience to users. This is a core principle of our business philosophy. Account Security

Two-factor authentication
SMS Authentication
It is recommended to be used for withdrawals and security modifications

Google Authentication
It is recommended to be used for withdrawals and security modifications

API Management
Having an API private key allows you to do almost all actions programmatically from our web interface. See the API documentation to learn more.

Anti-Phishing Code
Creating an Anti-Phishing Code will allow you to prevent phishing attempts from fraudulent Bcnex websites or e-mail addresses.

Amazing features of the Bcnex trading floor:

1. Safe and stable:

This is a very secure trading platform with a micro service architecture that meets the needs of the most demanding customers.

Bcnex has built a security system on several floors ranging from building strong fire trust or using a denial of service attack tool when an error occurs.

2. Processing speed

Bcnex has a very fast processing speed of up to 2,000,000 orders per second.

3. BCOMS order matching system:

This is a component of buying and selling orders when trading. This is the most important component of Bcnex and is built very carefully. BCOMS has very low latency and has speeds of up to 2 million transactions per second, this is the fastest speed at the moment.

4. A stable high dispersion system

Bcnex always maintains high stability up to 99.99%. Bcnex uses a microservice model, this system is divided into small services with a separate database, so Bcnex can easily change and develop when needed without affecting the entire system.

BCNX Token:

Bcnex works with an original token named BCNX. Exactly there will be 200,000,000 (two hundred million) BCNX issued and the amount will never increase. BCNX is the standard ERC223 token released on the blockchain Ethereum.

Distribution of BCNX Tokens

Tell us about this for 2 weeks above for the following 2 weeks for the same time as the past month in the future. All tokens have been sent to three users for 4 years, only 25% per year.

50% = Sales of public tokens
38% = Founding team and advisor
5% = Angel investor
2% = prizes and incentives
5% = Reserve tokens


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This is a very potential trading floor, Bcnex aims to conquer all the major investors in the world who know it. They gradually increased themselves more and more step by step to develop more advanced not to lose other exchanges in the world. Affirming that, Vietnam is a place of birth to help Bcnex reach further.

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