Associate in Nursing innovative methodology for supporting youngsters throughout the globe.

We believe that we are able to decision this line "ICO v3.0" we would like every project that enters cryptocurrency to line aside 100% of coins or bank tokens to be transferred to social programs! will be} the sole manner individuals can very influence their future. Example: If the creator of Bitcoin had based a social foundation and transferred five hundred,000 coins initially, then nowadays the fund would have $ three.1 billion. and folks themselves are ready to pay this cash on social programs - notwithstanding the govt. and bankers. ISKRA could be a real chance for our society to become a contemporary society with social accountability!

Nearly half the world's diamonds square measure processed in Israel. With ISKRA, you have got a singular chance to take a position within the most reliable money instruments. the value of diamonds is stable Associate in Nursingd even a lot of immune to disasters than the value of gold! ISKRA isn't solely an investment, however conjointly a cut price. negotiation that you just cannot get unless he has joined the Lucem project. this implies that tiny businesses and novice traders are ready to be a part of the elite stock brokerage club. ISKRA doesn't solely facilitate youngsters. this is often conjointly a profitable investment tool for securing capital anonymously.
It's very unsatisfying once within the contemporary world more cash is spent on maintaining and serving the inspiration than the inspiration itself spends on the particular project. dynamic  this technique has been long anticipated, and each voice is very important within the community!

Built on blockchain technology and mistreatment sensible contracts,
ISKRA is one in all the safest, most reliable and safest digital currencies within the future. ISKRA is formed as a digital currency that permits you to form cash for charitable foundations for kids throughout the globe. supported our estimates, we tend to hope the worth of ISKRA continues to grow.
Therefore, we tend to believe that ISKRA is a perfect investment chance.

NEW youngsters FUNDS

The foundation's efforts square measure aimed toward making new mechanisms that alter the employment of opportunities for crypto currencies and develop economical ways in which and ways to figure with those in would like.

The foundation's main activity are to produce help within the purchase of medical instrumentation and medicines for medical centers and hospitals throughout the globe.

But the inspiration should be decentralized!
Decentralized social comes and safe currencies square measure the key to a healthy future.

Resources from the inspiration can not be wont to purchase weapons or for info.
This foundation has one goal: facilitate children!


1. dependableness

Built on blockchain technology and mistreatment sensible contracts, ISKRA is one in all the safest, most reliable and safest digital currencies within the future.

2. Charity

ISKRA was created as a crypto currency that permits you to make a money base for charitable foundations to assist youngsters round the world.

3. Profitable

Based on estimates, we tend to expect the worth of ISKRA to still grow and believe that ISKRA is that the ideal investment chance. Lucem could be a suburbanised reserve to assist youngsters. Backup considerations can solely purchase and deliver therapeutic instrumentation and prescriptions for kids anyplace within the world. (later, new activities will be carried out: wasted maintenance offices, water chemical action, inexperienced energy) * Full backup review, all accountancy, legal help, and every one coordination are purchased by Lucem designers and ISKRA.

Project Lucem

Lucem could be a suburbanised fund to assist youngsters.

Concern solely this fund is to shop for and send medical instrumentation and medicines to youngsters throughout the globe. Complete fund audits, all accounting, legal support, and every one supplying are paid by Lucem and ISKRA developers. All documentation are accessible to the general public.

The community can decide by selecting what comes ought to be funded by funds and wherever.

Funding resources can solely be used for the acquisition and delivery of help to youngsters.

How it works:

We issue a restricted range of tokens, a complete of three hundred,000,000: "Big Bang"!

1. the primary ray of sunshine (50,000,000) can like a shot reach the fund. this is often a resource, that when the community makes a choice, are used solely ON youngsters !!!

There will be many "beams" like that, however no more than three. This protects the resources of the funds

(we attempt to avoid the danger of losing money resources; these resources belong to children)!

2. everybody WHO is honored in honesty will send project proposals to Lucem's funds.

The skilled team can conduct Associate in Nursing audit, and can offer all public documentation relating to the prices and project implementation: the value of purchase; shipping costs; shipping costs; customs fees and alternative taxes, if needed; and prices related to installation, storage, etc.

All this work are done by Lucem's team while not mistreatment funding resources !!!

3. when we offer full project details, the general public can opt to decide that comes square measure disbursed, and in what amounts. Anyone with ISKRA will participate within the vote.

Bringing the project to vote can value atiny low quantity of ISKRA to cut back spam and dishonest contracts.

After vote, all funds are transferred to the fund case.

We want the maximum amount charity as potential.

If a project is approved by the general public, the fees charged to request a vote are came back to the somebody,

or a gaggle of individuals WHO submit an invitation. this is often the manner we tend to hope to begin operating with all affectionate individuals.

The fund is prepared and willing to figure with people or public organizations WHO need and square measure willing to assist youngsters.

We square measure hospitable any proposals, however the community can decide that requests are supported.

You can review the whole rules and charter of Lucem funds on its web site.

While ISKRA provides you the proper to vote, you are doing not get any edges from vote and you are doing not have money blessings over alternative participants.

Token Iskra

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