Andrew Yang.
One Democratic candidate for the United States in 2020 from the Democratic party, Andrew Yang intends to use the blockchain online.

According to Andrew Yang website, blockchain-based electronic voting will be used according to him as a form of action to increase American participation in elections.

Quoted from the website, "It is ridiculous that in 2020 we are still waiting in line for hours to vote in the old voting booths. Technically 100% possible to do anti-fraud voting on our cellphones today using blockchain. This will revolutionize true democracy and increase participation to include all Americans - those who don't have smartphones can use the old system and the path will be very short.

In addition to the matter of using blockchain technology, Andrew Yang will also make clear rules regarding cryptocurrency so that each individual can make cryptocurrency investments without having to worry about regulations if he is elected president, as written on his website.

The Gateway of Blockchain

Talking about Blockchain technology, Coinone Indonesia is an IT company from Korea that aims to become an entry point for Indonesian people to get to know the innovative concepts of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

As a subsidiary of Coinone Korea Exchange, the Top 3 Crypto Exchange in South Korea, Coinone Indonesia will provide secure and fast crypto-asset trading services with global class standards that have been localized to the Indonesian market.

Coinone Indonesia also emphasizes the ease of deposit and withdrawal and provides a variety of interesting events for its users.

The Coinone Indonesia security team is led by security experts who are the world's top-class hackers and will protect your assets with a variety of stabilizer tools, such as Multi-Sig Wallet, 2FA, and Cold Wallet.

At present Coinone Indonesia has established 14 coins with high liquidity, such as Bitcoin or BTC, Ethereum or ETH, Ripple or XRP, Bitcoin Cash or BCH, Litecoin or LTC, EOS, Bitcoin SV or BSV, Tether or USDT, Stellar Lumens or XLM, Quantum or QTUM, Dogecoin or DOGE are the top 10 coins and tokens in coinmarketcap and local Indonesian blockchain projects such as Vexanium or VEX and MCC or MyCreditChain.

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