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Bitcoin Yesterday, the BTC worth created a reasonably good climb and it manages to interrupt higher than the beautiful sturdy resistance level. the extent that stayed around 10k was a reasonably nice reversal space however we have a tendency to neede a pessimistic holder pattern around it. fortuitously (knowing the value action once it), we have a tendency to did not latch on and also the worth created a reasonably spectacular 4H candle break higher than the short counter-trendline and higher than the EMA200 

As you already recognize, those counter-trendline breaks square measure pretty powerful and currently, the Bitcoin worth trades around $10,500.  There square measure some opportunities to leap into the wave however they're very tough trades, considering risk/reward ratios and etc. So, I simply need to means some areas and attainable eventualities if the value starts to approach those. 

Green arrow: 

This situation would possibly get confirmed once the candle shut higher than the grey space, referred to as a robust resistance. once the shut, the value will simply move to the strongest horizontal index number. It stays around $11,000. I even have mentioned this space multiple times and even one short chance was no-hit around it. 

There is the mid-term counter-trendline that starts to act as a robust resistance level and there's conjointly a Fibonacci level sixty-two, and the prementioned sturdy horizontal level $11,000. These 3 along ought to play a very important role in any movement. a clear stage higher than of it'll trigger the value into the mid-term uptrend...12k+. Definitely, at the instant cannot decide a brief from there however let's have a look at, all depends on the value action. 

Black arrow: 

This space stays active until the value hasn't created a clear stage higher than the grey resistance space. once yesterday's flight higher than the 10k and higher than the short counter-trendline with {a sturdy|a robust|a powerful} 4H candle verified that this space was strong. However this was {a sturdy|a robust|a powerful} level if it created a clear stage higher than it? as a result of there have been technically strong criteria and also the major reason was a robust 4H candle break. If we have a tendency to wanna see a clear stage then we have a tendency to wanna see it with the sturdy candle, not small ones. It means, this level still would possibly work as support currently and I am going to watch it very closely if the value starts to approach it. 

Red arrow: 

Just just in case. once yesterday's, break higher than the counter trendline I will not see that the value can reach back to the lower levels within the close to days however this can be a crypto market and simply just in case it's there. 
The first pessimistic sign comes once the 4H candle shuts below the upper blue trendline and also the biggest mid-term pessimistic confirmation comes once the candle closes below the lower blue trendline! 

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