Bitmain Launches New Mining Equipment for Bitcoin

Reporting from CryptoBranch, crypto mining giant, Bitmain, launched two new models for its Antminer lineup, one of which is the most powerful. Announced on Friday (5/9/2019), Antminer S17e has a 64 terahertz (TH) hash rate (TH) per second and power efficiency of 45 joules per TH.

According to the Bitmain website, the S17 mining machine has 53 TH / s and an efficiency rating of 45 J / TH in normal power mode. The second new Antminer, T17e, provides a hash rate of 53 TH / sec and power efficiency of 55 J / TH. This Antminer seems to offer figures that are identical to the S17 models that have been sold. CryptoBranch met with Bitmain to clarify what the T17e has to offer, whose strengths are above the existing devices.

They are also loaded with new software that is said to be "safer" than before to prevent "malicious attacks." The new models will be sold in three groups from today (10 September 2019) to 11 September 2019 and will be delivered until November 2019.

The China-based miner maker also said it would compensate buyers with coupons if they had to experience delays in shipping for the "e." Model.

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