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Hello friends gamers, you all must have introduced the name of the Game Free Fire. Free Fire which means free to shoot. In Indonesia alone, millions of people have played the Free Fire game, but all of them use Android devices, namely smartphones.

Explanation of Game Free Fire.

Free Fire is the best shooting/shooter survival game available on mobile. This 10-minute game will place you on a desert island where you fight 49 other players, with the aim of survival. 

The player is free to choose the position to start the game using a parachute, and the purpose of all this is to stay in a safe zone for as long as possible. Drive a vehicle to explore a large map, hide in a ditch, or become invisible prone in the meadows. 

Attack, shoot, survive, only one goal: to survive and answer the call of duty. In this condition, we only have two choices which are to kill or kill the enemy to survive / Booyah.

The best survival shooter game

Find your gear, stay in the play zone, loot your enemies and be the last person to survive. Along the way, look for airdrops and avoid airstrikes to get a slight edge over other players.

In 10 minutes, with 50 players

Game Lite - Within 10 minutes, a new survivor will be determined. Will you answer the call of duty and be the most shining under the Shining Lite?

In the Free Fire game, we can play Solo, Duo, and Squad. Well, for solos we only play individuals, duos or two, then we play with friends with only two people and can communicate with duo friends even remotely by turning on the mic and microphones.
Free Fire Game

Squad 4 people, with a communication system in the game

Create your squad and communicate with your squad while in the game or outside the game. Answer the call of duty and lead your friends to victory and be the last team to survive (booyah).

Without a lengthy explanation of the Free Fire game that you might understand better than me, then let's get straight to our point, namely How to Play the Free Fire Game Using a PC. Previously there were many gamers who used NOX emulators to play Free Fire games. However, this application only supports high-spec PC or laptops, at least Intel Core i5 laptops.

Gameloop Turbo AOW Engine emulator

Recently Gameloop released the best Gameloop Turbo AOW Engine emulator specifically for Free Fire games with lighter performance compared to other emulators. You can download the Gameloop Turbo AOW Engine Emulator here!

How to use the Gameloop Turbo AOW Engine emulator
1. Download the emulator here!
2. Install the emulator by right-clicking 'Run As Administrator'
3. Waiting for the installer process to finish
4. Search for the game Free Fire,
5. Download the Free Fire Game, wait until the download process is complete
6. Run the Free Fire game,
7. Finish.

That is all the explanation of how to play the free fire game using a laptops/ PC. Enjoy playing free fire games using a laptop or PC, if you have further questions, please leave them in the comment column below.

Intro Videos Game Free Fire

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