7 Ways to Get Free Bitcoin Quickly in 2019

Bitcoin (BTC) or cryptocurrency has become the most searched word on the internet. Some are looking for its meaning, origins and how to get Bitcoin.

This is a complete tutorial (guide) to get Bitcoin and cryptocurrency for free, easily and lawfully.

There are 7 ways to get Bitcoin:
  • Buy
  • Airdrops
  • Mining
  • Campaign on BitcoinTalk
  • Bitcoin Affiliates
  • Selling Products
  • Write

Nine of the above methods are relatively free.

What is the fastest way to get Bitcoin?

Buying is the easiest, fastest, safest but not freeway.

You can buy Bitcoin on Indodax because this is a website for Indonesians, I put Indodax as the main way to buy Bitcoin and some other altcoins.

The other three methods have almost equal distress and profits.


Airdrops are a way for companies to provide FREE cryptocurrency.

This is also marketing where the company can attract the attention of potential buyers and investors.
Does the company really give us money for no reason? The answer is Yes and No.
Yes, because they give us free crypto money. Once again I will remind you that what you receive is CRYPTO MONEY or cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency can be exchanged for fiat money if their crypto money has been traded on the exchange.

No, because they usually do airdrops for marketing and people can get to know the coin better. Usually, you have to follow their Twitter and re-tweet their tweets, join their telegram group and share their facebook.

In essence, companies that do airdrops will give their coins for free. You can sell the coins to an exchange such as Indodax or Binance to get Bitcoin (BTC).


Mining or also mining is an easier way than airdrops to get Bitcoin for free. However, I must warn that Bitcoin mining is no longer profitable at this time (2018 and 2019) because electricity prices are getting more expensive and BTC prices are declining.

The analysis tells that for a BTC mine to get a profit, the price of the BTC must be around 4,632.22 USD.

Mining Method:
  1. Cloud Mining
  2. Solo mining / own mining

1. Cloud mining
Cloud mining is a Cryptocurrency mining system such as Bitcoin and Ethereum without any mining equipment/mining rig or related equipment.

In other words, you don't need to buy sophisticated computer equipment for millions of dollar.

There are several outside companies that run Cloud Mining business, for example, Genesis, Hashnet, Hasflare, Hashing24, etc.

2.Solo mining
Bitcoin mining/bitcoin mining is a process whereby all transactions are entered into an open public ledger / Bitcoin ledger, meaning that everyone can record the transaction.

In the world of Cryptocurrency, the ledger is also called the Blockchain. Mining can also be said as a means to make a new Bitcoin.

In more detail, the process involves solving a very difficult mathematical puzzle, the puzzle comes from the collected transactions that will become blocks.

Mining alone is very expensive, one computer will generate 7.126 USD per day.

That is also uncertain, depending on the price of BTC, difficulty in solving math problems at BTC or can be called your fortune.

How do you choose computer equipment for a mine/mining rig?

The computer device you choose must have the following properties:

Reducing electricity costs when mining
Maximize mining revenue relative to electricity costs (use less electricity, increase BTC / ETH income)

Never use methods like telegram bot for free Bitcoin mining. This will only waste your time. I had enough to be a victim of the fraud.

In your mind, you must be asking why this is a fraud?

Because to do mining, there must be a lot of use of operational costs such as electricity, admin, etc.

How can these bots give you BTC?

There are 2 ways: Deposit (Depo) and MLM

When you deposit fiat money into the bot, that money will be paid to you in the future. You could say they borrowed your money to pay to someone else and when someone else pays, they will pay you.

Usually, telegram bot will pay you for a few moments before turning into fraud for the reasons I mentioned above.

Telegram Bot is almost the same as the case of Dimas Kanjeng Taat Pribadi.

If you insist on mining, you can mine XMR, LTC, but I recommend not because these sites are 92% fraudulent.

4. Run the Campaign on Bitcointalk

Every cryptocurrency player must have an account on the site. Bitcointalk is the largest forum for cryptocurrency. In addition, some airdrops require players to post proof of completion of a task here. To get Bitcoin for free, you only need to write articles about the original crypto. Usually, full members or full membership to get more results.

5. Bitcoin Affiliates

This is one way that many people ignore it. Affiliate is a link where the person promotes the item in exchange for a commission when they use or buy services/goods using the link presented.

6. Sell the product

If you are not good at writing, there might be the right service for you. Namely, selling goods. The Bitcointalk forum offers a variety of services that you can provide in exchange for Bitcoin. You can sell your product on this website because almost everyone who visits the forum, already knows about crypto. So, you don't need to be complicated in explaining your product.

7. Write about crypto / Create a Blog

If you have been in the crypto world for a long time, understand cryptocurrency and have writing skills. You might consider becoming a journalist in the cryptocurrency field. At present, the crypto world is still in a growth phase and more and more news and information sites are popping up, one of which is coincryptoasia.

If you don't want to work for other people, then you can build a web about crypto. Not expensive to build a web, but you need the first capital and high perseverance. Not only do you need to write content regularly, but you also have to make sure your articles are trusted, informative and original.

Many web owners don't have time to write and they need writers to help them. You can ask to be paid with fiat money like USD or crypto money.

Good writers are hard to find if you can write informative articles. I am sure many people are able to hire you. If you have the ability to speak English, it is very easy to get this job. One website for freelance writers is Upwork. There is also an Indonesian language website, namely GetCraft.


It's not difficult to get free Bitcoin or cryptocurrency in 2019. You just need to pursue what you've done. The best way, in my opinion, to get free Bitcoin is to create a blog or write with cryptocurrency payment.

The second best way is to sell a product. Many companies have entered the world of cryptocurrency. Large companies like Microsoft accept cryptocurrency payments on their website. In addition, the FPS Fortnite game also receives Monero in their shop.

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