LOTEU is a digital machine-controlled lottery platform that uses blockchain and sensible contracts to make a totally clear lottery, wherever your chances are high that uncomparably higher compared to traditional lotteries.

LOTEU tokens


Double chance in lottery games
By using 100 LOTEU in addition to purchased ticket you can double our chance in the lottery.

Entry to the Moon of Fortune
You can multiply your tokens, have fun and possibly win an entry into the lottery by playing our game Moon of Fortune

Special games only for LOTEU
Custom games like Apollo 11, Moon of Fortune and others exclusively developed for LOTEU only. Others have special features by using LOTEU.

Quarterly burning
Burning occurs until the total supply is 100M. 20% of all used LOTEU on the platform will be burned each 3rd month and publicly announced.

Full payment options
Integration of LOTEU as a full payment option also for ottery games will start after token distribution, exchanges listings and price stabilization.

Staking for B2B
For smooth creation of own lottery or game on the blockchain by using platform architecture, license, and know-how, there is a need for LOTEU staking.

Loteo Exchange!

cointiger.one /loteu_eth

cointiger.one /loteu_usdt

eterbase.exchange /LOTEUETH

eterbase.exchange /LOTEUXBASE

Welcome new members! Read here before asking questions:
Any bounty questions please go to: https://t.me/loteo_airdrop_bounty


Introducing LOTEO: 

Welcome to the Official Loteo Telegram. A great place for the newest data, announcements, education, and discussion regarding gambling, lottery and LOTEO.

LOTEO could be a suburbanized lottery, happy with its transparency.  All of our code can be found on our GitHub. Every drawing has a winner.

Loteo in under 2 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bW96ZC9uh6k


Loteo advantages over regular lotteries:
  • Transparent prize distribution visible on the blockchain network
  • There is a winner in every drawing
  • Smart contracts ensure that prizes get paid automatically
  • Unique token structure
  • Beneficial affiliate and space program
  • And much more...

The concept behind Loteo: https://medium.com/loteo/the-simple-concept-behind-loteo-23b33c30addd
What's the LOTEOPASS?: https://medium.com/loteo/what-loteo-the-1st-transparent-blockchain-lottery-offers-you-with-the-loteopass-ticket-394e17c1f72e
Whitepaper: https://playloteo.com/documents/loteo-wp-en.pdf
Loteo in Box: https://playloteo.com/documents/loteo-wp-short-en.pdf
Affiliate program & Bonuses: https://playloteo.com/documents/loteo-wp-affiliate-en.pdf

Remember, no one from the LOTEO team will ever PM you first and ask for any contributions if you want to participate in our private sale contact us through the website form on https://playloteo.com

What markets are LOTEU/LOTES currently on? 

LOTEU is currently listed on Eterbase and CoinTiger 

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