GLAD is a DSP (Demand Side Platform), SSP (Supply Side Platform), and DMP (Data Management Platform), a programmable holistic advertising platform designed with sophisticated technology to meet all industry needs.

Get 85 GLAD tokens free with GLAD Airdrop

Step by step:

  • Register on the GLAD Website.
  • Enter and click "Airdrop" in your dashboard.
  • Join the GLAD Telegram Channel.
  • Join the GLAD Telegram Announcement Channel.
  • In the Telegram group type "/ join_airdrop" and follow the instructions (chatting with the bot).
  • Follow GLAD Twitter page.
  • Retweet the specified tweet and also the specified message tweet.
  • Submit your username.
  • Enter your ETH address in your dashboard.
  • Invite friends to join GLAD and get +15 GLAD after completing your friends' airdrop telegram registration.
The rules
  • All questions about this airdrop program in the GLAD telegram group
  • Remember, your friend must join the telegram group and send the command / join_airdrop to the telegram bot.
  • The token will be closed for 15 days. Then, it will be checked and unlocked.
  • After you have completed all the actions needed for an airdrop related prize, the transaction can take up to one hour to appear on your panel.
Thank you, have a nice work, hopefully, this will be useful for you. Observe every rule so that you don't lose your prize after joining Airdrop.

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