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FunctionX, the progressive blockchain biological system that engages XPhone, the world's first blockchain telephone and XPOS gadget created by PundiX Labs, is presently enrolled with, the main advanced resource exchanging stage for global clients. 

FunctionX is the cutting edge network access system. It improves the web and existing blockchain design, consolidates the advantages of the two universes and utilizations the most regularly utilized specialized arrangements. The FunctionX environment comprises of five components: the f (x) working framework, f (x) open blockchain, f (x) FXTP, f (x) docker and f (x) IPFS with the point of decentralizing the Web. XPhone is the main cell phone on the planet to utilize the Square X Capacity X for telephone calls, informing, sharing documents and etc. 

FX is the first "money" that will be utilized in the BlockX and FunctionX biological systems. All administrations gave in the environment will be prepared, executed, or activated by FX. This incorporates the capacity administration and system assets on FunctionX which will utilize FX as "fuel" for exchange execution and approval. 

Age FX is an idea of Evidence of Administration (PoS). Occasion token age (TGE) has created 20% of the complete inventory of FX, which is currently as an ERC20 token and will later turn into an FX Coin after mainnet is propelled. Remaining FX Coins will be created through PoS and will be discharged to specialist organizations for a long time.

In the present setting, PundiX job can be viewed as the initiator of this proposed  FunctionX biological system. Later on,  FunctionX will in the long run move towards a totally decentralized way. This implies once the  FunctionX biological system is solidly set up, there will be a progressive "become dull" of Pundi X as far as its present position of authority in the  FunctionX organizes. The vision is to have the  FunctionX system turned out to be feasible, developing and advancing even without Pundi X to accomplish a really decentralized world. For more data of the  FunctionX, visit

Watch XPhone Design.


The following time of the Web is "Blockchain Web". FunctionX will lead the charge to control this new time of a decentralized world. Each application, picture, information, bit and byte on the web will be decentralized.


The FunctionX items are not constrained to what have been referenced here. These are a few instances of the items running on Capacity X. We will approve all brilliant equipment producers to fabricate FunctionX-empowered gadgets and fulfill the needs of the market. 

❤️ BOB (XPhone) 

The main model of BOB (XPhone) is fabricated dependent on the Snapdragon 660, 6GB + 64GB particulars (this is the base specs prerequisite). This is a working model consequently the last item will be unique. We imagine BOB (XPhone) to be your second telephone which will be planned with world-first developments and not quite the same as your primary telephone. 

❤️ XPOS 

XPOS will be updated once FunctionX is prepared. XPOS will both work as a decentralized purpose of-offer gadget and significantly more as a node. As a node, the XPOS will likewise have the option to get exchange charges and add to the decentralized system. 

❤️ Nodes

BOB (XPhone), XPOS and future brilliant gadgets controlled by FunctionX will be filled in as FunctionX Nodes. The Nodes will give various administrations to the circulated system dependent on their presentation, area, stockpiling limit and trust level.

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