HiveNet - The next Generation of Cloud Computing.

HiveNet - The Next Generation of Cloud Computing

Explanation of Cryptocurrency

The development of digital currency or cryptocurrency is so fast and aggressive. Coin Crypto Asia has tracked about 2500 more digital money circulating in the crypto market. That number does not include digital money-based investment products. Quoting from the site, there are currently 2396 types of cryptocurrency and the most famous is Bitcoin. The development of financial technology has begun to shake financial services and the global payment system. However, what exactly is meant by digital currency or cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency already existed around ten years ago and has now become quite popular, widespread, and surrounded by many controversies from innovative developments. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency where transactions can be done online. This can be done anytime and anywhere, not depending on bank working days or government workdays, there is no downtime and transactions can be done in minutes. Unlike printed paper currencies, cryptocurrency is designed by solving cryptographic mathematical problems.

Explanation of STO

STO is an abbreviation of Security Token Offerings which refers to the movement to replace the ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) stage. STO presents a new business model that mitigates risk for investors. With STO, investors can buy, sell or hold their tokens. Furthermore, security tokens are basically tokens that are supported by tangible assets that have value.

The STO approach can resolve compliance and licensing requirements related to securities laws. At this point, although tokens are not considered securities, they can be designated as e-money, payment services or alternative forms of investment. To find out about a token, the best way is to do an analysis. If the token is a security token, then it must be under the scope of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

Explanation of HiveNet

HiveNet is a digital currency that is being developed using the STO concept, this allows every investor's assets to be safely protected. Aside from that, investors don't need to worry about fluctuating crypto conditions, because HiveNet is building real assets. Check out HiveNet explanation below to understand more.

What is HiveNet?

HiveNet is a Distributed Cloud Computing Network, which connects computers around the world to perform valuable computing tasks. Can you imagine your computer making money while you sleep? HiveNet turns your computer time into an income!

The HiveNet project is now registered at because of HiveNet's future contribution to reducing electronic waste and protecting our environment.

HiveNet will offer its users the opportunity to safely lease their computing power while the computer is not in use. In this way, less resources must be consumed to build new computers and less electronic waste is created. HiveNet motivates users to participate by giving them advantages for their computing resources. Readmore! WhitePaper.

HiveNet Ecosystem

1. Customer Payments
Customers simply pay for computing power, which they actually use. They will pay with HiveCoins or for convenience with their local fiat money (eg US-Dollar or Euro), which is automatically exchanged with HiveCoins on digital currency exchanges. This will generate ongoing and fundamental demand for HiveCoins and will ensure inherent value.

2. Providing Computing Power
Computer owners will provide their IDL computing power and will be rewarded through a fair share of customer payments. Accurate payments will be ensured and automated with the Gift Giving Application.

3. Trade and Use HiveCoins
Like other cryptocurrencies, HiveCoins will be betradeable via digital currency exchanges. Also, we will issue a debit card and include widely used online payment systems, like PayPal. Hereby, HiveCoin owners will be able to use HiveCoin savings to pay in countless local and online shops. This way, HiveNet willenable public mass-adoption.

4. Staking HiveCoins
  • HiveCoin owners will be able to stake their
  • HiveCoin savings to prolong and secure the
  • HiveNet Blockchain. Hereby, stakers will
  • Receive newly minted HiveCoins, which will
  • Generate an ongoing return on their HiveCoins.

How it works

1. User Client
The HiveNet User Client is the user’s all-in-one tool and includes the computing, blockchain and wallet software modules. It enables an easy and user-friendly handling without the need for profound technological know-how.

2. HiveNet Blockchain
The HiveNet Blockchain is secured by a highly efficient Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. It is specifically optimized for the HiveNet and combines high security with fast transactions.

Token Sale

1. Technical Compliance
The HiveNet will initially be funded through selling HiveNet Tokens (HNT). HiveNet Tokensare ERC-20 tokens and compatible with many walls and other third-party systems toensure simple handling.

2. Legal Compliance
We consider our HiveNet Tokens sales to be compatible with German federal laws. All responsive documentation will be effectively distributed to BaFin (German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) to ensure transparency.

How to buy HiveNet Tokens

All details about the upcoming sale of HiveNet Tokens will be announced on appropriately in advance. If you don’t want to miss out on your chance to participate, make sure you register for our email newsletter and / or follow our social media channels.

Benefits of HiveNet

1. Computer Owners
How many hours per day are you actually using your computer?Just imagine your computer earning you some profit during the rest of the day. HiveNet makes it possible by securely delivering valuable computing tasks from paying customers to your computer.

2. Crypto Traders
HiveNet has its own inherent cryptocurrency: the HiveCoin. HiveCoins are used to pay for computing power within the HiveNet. Hereby an ongoing demand for HiveCoins is ensured and will create one of the few cryptocurrencies with a real, fundamental value, which provides excellent short- and long-term opportunities for traders

3. Customers
HiveNet is much cheaper than traditional cloud computing. How? Because many important cost levers that apply to traditional providers (eg Amazon Web Services) don’t apply to HiveNet, because it utilizes the idle times of already available computers. So, there is no need to invest into new computers, housing and many other operational costs.

4. Nature
HiveNet increases the usage of available computers. Thereby less resources are consumed to build new computers and less electronic garbage is created.Also, the HiveNet Blockchain is using a highly economic Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, which is much more resource saving than most available blockchains.

Roadmap HiveNet


HiveNet Team

Dr. Maximilian Pinker
Dr. Andreas Bogner
Qiao Pinker
Evelyn Gu
HiveNet Team

Senior Advisors

Dr. Matthias Besch
Sebastian Daschner

Pre-Sale starts on 24th September

Pre-Sale is now LIVE

Get Whitelisted for the Pre-Sale

Pre-Sale Metrics

  • Pre-Sale start: 24th September 2019
  • Pre-Sale end: with start of Public Sale (planned for November 2019)
  • HiveNet Token (HNT) base price: 0.08 USD
  • Discount for early birds: up to 25 % depending on the time of purchase
  • Minimum purchase amount during Pre-Sale: 10,000 USD

How to buy in the Pre-Sale

Step 1:     Get whitelisted by registering HERE
Step 2:    We will check your input and notify you, if we could whitelist you.
Step 3:    We will send you the legal framework, which consists of:​
Step 4:    Conclusion of Purchase Contract

Who is eligible to be whitelisted?

We will whitelist all parties and individuals, who are not excluded according to the provisions in our Token Sale Terms and Conditions.

If you are unsure, whether you can comply with the provisions, you can state your concerns in the submission form.

HiveNet Token

The HiveNet Token (HNT) is an ERC-20 compliant token, which is powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

For all further details about the HiveNet Token (HNT), please refer to our White Paper and the Token Sale Terms and Conditions.

IEO / Public Sale

Details on the soon upcoming IEO / Public Sale will be published here.

If you want to make sure that you don't miss out this opportunity, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our social media channels.

This way you will receive all relevant announcements.

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