Libra - Regulations Can Live in Harmony

Recently we were shocked by the existence of several companies that canceled the collaboration with Libra Facebook. But this is not a blow to Libra. Libra will continue to strive towards regulation. Libra will not be launched without the supervision of appropriate regulations and handle legitimate issues. The information we got from Libra tweet "Regulations can live in harmony."

"We have said from the beginning that Libra must not and will not be launched without the supervision of appropriate regulations and handle legitimate issues. Every time someone agrees with us, it is not a" blow "or" setback. "Innovation and regulation can live in harmony "@Libra_.

This gets a tweet response from @JoeSmo05464358 "Yes, by definition" agree "with you, I don't think anyone believes it will be a 'blow' or 'setback.' Hopefully, your governance is better than your grammar lol, " said Joe Smo.

On the same occasion, Libra also received a good response from @MAEHusseini. In his Twitter response saying "You have to start by collecting various regulations related to @libra, provide economical analysis and run AI on top. Reach a general understanding, set principles, and create #Model #law that fits between different jurisdictions. " said Mehdi El Husseini (@Davidmarcus).

Karim Naufal (@mysticaltech) also added that: Well said! Keep up the good work. You are a trailblazer. Someone has to do this hard work sooner or later ... It is in the government's interest to ensure that regulated #cryptocurrency like #Libra sees the light of today, otherwise unregulated alternatives will develop!

Maybe we need to question the meaning of @mysticaltech tweet that states "unregulated alternatives will develop!". Does he mean about Bitcoin which has not been regulated by anyone?

This is different from the response given by Conner Brown. We said from the beginning that libra should be an accessible bitcoin wallet. Every time you ignore it just shows your incompetence and ignores financial freedom. Bitcoin and Facebook can live harmoniously, said @_ConnerBrown_

So what has been the response of cryptocurrency users who have been adapting so much about Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and other coins that have cryptocurrency without regulation?

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