The Coinbase Mission, Vision & Strategy

Open House Coinbase Shares Vision, Mission & Strategy

Sunday,Oct 6 - 2019 - Coinbase hosted an Open House wherein the open house event the Coinbase shares their vision, mission, and strategy. They say that there have been many changes to the various crypto updates. But the update that was conveyed at the Open House event was about the renewal of vision, mission & strategy. Because they consider this far more important than others.

"I published the Coinbase Secret Master Plan, three years ago. Although much of that is still valid today, much has changed in the crypto world and it's time to share updates. This week, we host an open house where I share updates on our mission, vision, and strategy at Coinbase".

Quoted from site about their vision is to build an open financial system. We do this to increase the amount of economic freedom in the world, a measurable concept that can be accelerated by the adoption of cryptocurrency.

According to the video directly distributed on the Coinbase website about defining economic freedom, talking about how cryptocurrency can improve it, and sharing how Coinbase can change it materially in the coming years.

"If you are interested in joining us, please check our career page for opportunities in Coinbase. We want you to join us on this journey and I hope you will see and share feedback," said Brian - Funder & CEO of Coinbase.

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