Satoshi Nakamoto - The Most Searched Name.

Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto is a designation used by someone unknown and is the designer of bitcoin and the results of its original application refer to Bitcoin Core. Through its application in Bitcoin Core, the blockchain's information base database has also been planned with careful thought for the first time.

In a series of actions taken, the problem of payment in purchases doubled (or double-spending) for digital currencies can be found by Satoshi Nakamoto for the first time. Satoshi Nakamoto was an active follower in relation to the development of bitcoin until 2010.

Nakamoto is thought to have been born in 1974-1977. Even so, all of the strong unspoken claims about Nakamoto's true identity, for the most part, emphasize a number of computer science experts and experts on reading secret codes (cryptography) who are of non-Japanese descent such as from the United States and the European continent. One person who claimed firmly as Satoshi Nakamoto was a software developer (programmer) of Australian nationality named Craig Steven Wright even though there was still no concrete proof of his statement.

As for some information from some dark-web users who have tried to hack Satoshi Nakamoto's e-mail account ([email protected] & [email protected]) found a number of photos showing the face of the binary code coupler from behind and on the side only ensuring "Satoshi Nakamoto "are Asians. That certainly broke Craig Steven Wright's recognition as "Satoshi Nakamoto.

In addition, Satoshi Nakamoto had detected his presence in Bali, Switzerland, and Russia while accessing one of his email accounts which was overseen by the intelligence of several countries with an interest in him. That explains the reason for the disappearance of the Bitcoin designer.

There are some writings that have not been deleted from the old email Satoshi Nakamoto said that Bitcoin research was initially funded by an anonymous who turned out to be from the NSA-National Security Agency and Bitcoin was originally one of the anomalies in the algorithm codes, apparently the anomalies of the algorithm that becomes an excess of SHA-256 (Bitcoin).

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