BBOD - First Zero-fee Crypto Derivatives Exchange

Blockchain Board of Derivatives (BBOD) is a non-steady, expense-free digital money subordinate exchanging stage for retail and institutional clients, giving a protected and straightforward market for bitcoin exchanging and widening Altcoins prospects contracts with TUSD-stablecoin insurance. 

BBOD accomplices with Trustoken (TUSD) and the GMEX Group, one of the world's most celebrated electronic trade administrators, and creates and has a cutting edge low-dormancy, high-throughput coordinating motor committed to BBOD. 

GMEX innovation will discover why BBOD gives the quickest and most solid superior multi-resource coordinating motor in the digital money industry. 

For what reason would it be advisable for me to pick BBOD? 

Our primary highlights

Transaction fee $ 0.00. Unlimited commission-free transactions for permanent futures contracts set by the BBD. Starting from December 10, 2019, buy BBD tokens at a 60% discount and enjoy the zero-fee without any fees.

BBOD will be the first Zero-Fee Crypto Futures Exchange released on December 9, 2019. There is no transaction fee (0) in the BBD payment futures market (e.g. BTC / BBD Permanent Contract). 

The trader must use the BBD token as collateral, so the balance and PnL are displayed in the BBD. For example, the price of BBD / TUSD is fixed for one day and is set to the closing price of the previous day. The percentage change in the BTC / BBD and BTC / TUSD indices during the trading session is the same. Every day at 00:00 UTC, the BTC / BBD index is updated with price changes in the BBD / TUSD spot market.

Unprecedented Security: Non-Custody Accounts

Remain protected and unknown with your very own shrewd agreement wallet on the Ethereum blockchain. BBOD doesn't hold the customer's advanced resources or private keys. 

On the off chance that you hold a coin on a subordinate's trade (Bitmex, FTX, Bybit), the trade proprietor has full control and duty to guard the coin. The proprietor has a private key on the coin. 

In BBOD, guardianship of digital currency is totally independent of the trade. Accordingly, our foundation doesn't have a private key to client adjusts, yet rather every client holds assets in a decentralized brilliant agreement account. No private key is created, so programmers can't be taken.

Exploit altcoin exchanging and Take advantage of altcoin trading

Exchange all prospects contracts with only one wallet and settle benefits, misfortunes, and record adjust into stable coins TrueUSD (TUSD) in anticipation of the high instability of the digital currency advertise. 

Today, on practically all trades, merchants should post various securities so they can exchange the full scope of items. A case of this is a piece with four securities (BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS) or a charge with two insurances (BTC, ETH). All-inclusive USD-based insurance is the standard for conventional trades, for example, CME and CBOE, where most items are cited in USD. You can store USD to your merchant and exchange every one of your items utilizing one general home loan. 

BBOD prospects contracts are settled in USD-based insurance (right now TUSD). This implies in stable cryptographic forms of money, benefit, misfortune, account parity, and edge prerequisites are shown. Every hidden resource can be exchanged utilizing one all-inclusive insurance.

Exploit the biggest assortment of digital currency subsidiaries markets to exchange altcoins. Investigate the staggering number of agreements for major and altcoins to discover more chances and differentiate your portfolio. 

The digital currency subordinate space still does not have an expert, secure and solid market for exchanging little and medium altcoins with generally high influence (10-25x). Because of the modest quantity and high instability of the littlest coins, trades for visit and eccentric liquidation are forced. BBOD has applied restrictive smoothing innovation to its list estimation, which essentially lessens unnatural value spikes related to liquidity seepage. 

The most flexible, fluid and stable market for exchanging smaller scale/little/medium capital Altcoins with high influence to list perpetual prospects contracts for +50 cryptographic forms of money against +2 digital currencies through our modern list count calculation I trust this can be 2020 and +100 by Q4/2020 

All-new digital currency contracts are picked by the network. We will arrange week after week surveys on Twitter and Telegram to ask the network what new agreements to list for the following trade.

BBD Token Economy 

Insurance: BBD is utilized as security for edge positions in the BBD settlement prospects showcase (for example BTC/BBD Permanent Contract). This expands the utility and interest of BBD. 

Zero expense exchanging: There is no exchanging charge the BBD settlement prospects showcase (for example BTC/BBD perpetual agreement). 

Commission Discount: Users pay a limited exchanging charge the TUSD settlement prospects showcase dependent on their BBD equalization and everyday volume. Staking tokens hinder the coins and increment their worth. 

Reward: Holding BBD tokens will enable you to gain more from your exchanging rivalry. Access premium offshoot joins. 

Keep awake to date on forthcoming BBOD advancement through different web-based social networking channels.

For more information about BBOD, you can visit the official website listed below. Thank you for visiting, hopefully it will be useful for you all.
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