Cyber Security

Cyber Security Personal Computer

Cyber Security is the act of safeguarding PC, servers, cell phones, electronic frameworks, systems, and information from malevolent assaults. This is also known as information technology security or electronic information security.

CWP is a full-fledged personal computer with built-in crypto storage guaranteeing the complete safety of all entered data.


Personal data, money & documents are already digital. Identity thieves can use this information to destroy your credit, file fake tax returns and collect the refunds, and even hijack your business or medical data.


We created a microcomputer 
that solves all your needs with protecting your money and data.

How It Works

The projects are executed in the earth disconnected from the PC giver. Client information is scrambled on the gadget (by the client's decision) that makes a strong resistance to make preparations for programmers.

The system prevents all existing security problems: Phishing by using the pre-configured browser and applications, signed by a unique key; Exploits by working in an isolated environment and by signing programs; Hacker attacks by using built-in unbreakable cloud-storage.

Engineering robot

CWP is a personal computer with the functions of an engineering robot, performing the role of administrator of the network, electronic or computing equipment.

CWP can replace qualified personnel to configure 
and upgrade complex ground equipment at airports.

CWP allows you to securely store internal software 
updates and complex equipment settings, eliminating unauthorized access by unauthorized persons.

Protection of personal data and remote connections

CWP is a personal computer with a Linux operating system, applications, and hardware KeyStore.

CWP can be implemented in different form factors for different applications: a little more than a flash drive or the size of a clock.

CWP gives disconnected space to play out his undertakings, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) passage and security authentication for remote associations, an electronic mark, and a one of a kind unique finger impression character.

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