A thread by a 6-year-old crypto veterinarian

Nothing is impossible, also impossible. If there is anyone who has a crystal ball to estimate the satellite dish uptrend in the crypto market, then the catalyst for a satellite dish will happen now or a few minutes from now, but no one can predict this or have a bloody idea about really anything; so the market continues on the basis of how the majority of regular whales, fish, and joe feel about the crypto market and if they can make a profit from daily trading.

Crypto is based on 1 main power, sentiment, how people feel. Most investors will never return profits in crypto because the average investor is not educated and does not have the critical skills to understand his emotions. This basically means, buy high and sell low. Invest based on pure instincts and feelings. This is what drives the crypto boom, along with various other factors.

Money doesn't come out of anywhere, there are big whales and the government plays the crypto game; this is a new financial battleground that is starting to take shape. Who knows what role Bitcoin and Altcoin will play in 10 years from now? But what we know is that the blockchain and crypto will never stop, it will never really disappear. So this opens up endless possibilities for what can happen in the future.

2020 is the year awaited by many people, this was originally caused by half of Bitcoin. But what also happened in 2020, is the result of what has happened over the last 2-3 years now, an increasingly mature process. Maturation of integration, mature business, more educated individuals, implementation of the real and final world, legality. All of these factors are being brewed and 2020 is the year that will be considered very important in crypto. If you follow the trends, crypto news, and movements in this space this year, you will understand what this paragraph means. This topic itself is actually.

To enter into more speculative territory, there is (and presumably still exists) a large tension in world markets, where expectations of all-time high prices on S&P and DOW will all play a factor when the market corrects itself and thus leads to a global recession. The global recession will come in the next decade and will fall in time in a place where there is high uncertainty in the world, especially the third world, and developing countries. What this means for crypto, well means that anyone who is in crypto and understands the greater power in the game and what crypto represents inherently has a reason to be bullish.

I'm bullish on crypto, what looks for 2017-2018 is similar to 2011-2012 and 2013-2014, it's not the first bubble and it won't be the last. Likewise, there are plenty of predictions "almost all predictions are useless by the way, no one really knows" for the ridiculous rise in the market. Well, this prediction is felt in the valuation of gold (like mcap 2-3 trillion now?) Many see crypto achieving some sort of parity or toppling gold as the next store of value, specifically, Bitcoin. Bitcoin is be-all and end-all and will drive the next catalyst if we don't see a setback, which some alt fans have seen over the next decade.

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