Top 4 Cryptocurrency: Comparisons and Activities in the last month.

In this series of reports, we will examine 4 cryptocurrencies with the most impressive developer activity this month. For this month's report, we will look at all developer activities carried out between November 1, 2019, and December 2, 2019. The idea of this report is to show you interesting price movements and trading volumes to their ecosystem.

Comparisons made include: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Tether.

Performance in the last month.

Volume in the last month.

Rank history in the last month.

Specification in the last month.

The next predictions

This is your public predictions page. You can use it to check on your predictions (votes) accuracy, as well as to share it with others. Votes are effectively predictions regarding each coin's future performance (positive or negative). Note that every user's score starts with 0% and then gets re-adjusted based on the performance of each prediction. The total score reflects the hypothetical % in winnings, assuming a uniformly balanced portfolio.

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