DAOBet iGaming Mainnet Solution Direct Now

Blockchain for iGaming 3.0

The Blockchain base-layer for the iGaming 3.0 industry regulated by technology, ensuring automation of transactions, verifiability and frictionless interactions between all industry participants from players, bankroll stakers to game developers and providers.

Why we’re building DAOBet

Our Blockchain solves many long-term problems in the decentralized gaming industry such as random number generation, high transaction costs and performance bottlenecks. That means all of the issues of low-speed transactions and loading speed, high network fees, and weak throughput will soon be in the past.


🗸  Latency and Throughput
Less than 1 second is needed to carry out a transaction on the network that can process up to 2000 tx/sec, thus saving time and ensuring uninterrupted gaming operations.

🗸  Fast and Scalable
Scalability and processing speeds are provided by deterministic block finality via sequential block confirmation among the majority of verifier nodes.

🗸  Secure and Decentralized
Up to 100 validators ensure the impermeability of the network and full decentralization of transparent operations.

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