Indodax  - Free Withdrawd USDC & USDT From $ 5 to $ 0

Indodax wants to make an announcement about the free promo fee of withdrawing USDC & USDT.

USDC is a coin that is placed in the category of the stable which was launched by Coinbase. USDC is also referred to as the digital dollar because the value of 1 USD Coin is always equivalent to 1 United States dollar. This gives guarantees to all holders that this coin will always be stable in terms of price (while the dollar is stable, of course).

Whereas USD Tether (USDT) is Stablecoin which has a value that is always equal to 1 US Dollar per Token (1: 1). Regarding USDC & USDT, Indodax provides a promo free withdrawal fee.

Starting December 16, 2019, there will be a promo free of charge withdrawing USDC and USDT from $ 5 to $ 0.

This promo period will start from December 16, 2019, at 14:00 WIB - February 16, 2020

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