The purpose of the IMO Eco Platform:

Everyone is equal, everyone is involved, open and transparent, and more workers.

Every entrepreneurial project needs to come from the fundraising-development-market segment. It takes one or two years to complete, and for investors, half a year or a year is too long. How can we make good projects easier to raise funds, and also recognize investors to get a quick return? 

The IMO model came into being! IMO is simply a phased IEO that continues to be privately funded as the project progresses, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, or even longer. In this way, exchanges and investors can continue to withdraw as the project progresses. 

Phased batch investment greatly reduces the investment risk of investors. At the same time, the project party is encouraged and supervised, so that the project can develop healthily and ultimately return investors. 

Therefore, each project needs to be excellent enough, and the IMO Eco-Platform will strictly control and take certain guarantee measures.

IMO Ecology:

It consists of 2 parts of IMO wallet and IMO exchange.
The wallet can be used for digital asset storage and IMO private equity investment.
The exchange can trade digital assets.

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