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Speaking of computers, have you ever had to monitor client computers in a remote place? Or do you want to monitor system performance in many places? Do you have to visit the one place where the computer is? Maybe, you can try a remote computer application. This application uses an extranet network. The use of extranet is very much needed in the application of this remote technology, especially for companies that have many branches.

Remote desktop applications or other designations remote access software or remote control software are applications that allow you to control other computers remotely. With this application, you can take control of other computers that are connected using the mouse and keyboard on the computer in front of you.

In general, in order to access a computer that is far from where you are now, you must install an application called a host on the computer that you want to control. After that is done, the computer or other devices with valid access rights, or the client's name, can connect to the host and control it.

Relax, even though it looks really technical, you won't have any difficulties in using remote computer applications. Moreover, the free remote computer application that we will convey below only requires a few clicks to get started and does not require special computer knowledge.

The following is a list of applications:

1. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a very reliable remote application. Many features can be used in this application. Even so, you will have no trouble when installing and using TeamViewer, because you don't need to change the configuration of the router or firewall used on your internet network.

TeamViewer supports video, voice calls, chat, file transfer, wake-on-LAN (WOL), and can even reboot a PC remotely and then reconnect automatically.

From the host or computer you want to control, the installed OS can be Windows, Mac, or Linux. There are three installer options to choose from. Full version with the installer for the full version, portable version or called TeamViewer QuickSupport if you want to remotely only once or if there are conditions that do not allow installing TeamViewer on the host computer, or TeamViewer Host for you who will be remotely hosting the host computer.

Meanwhile, from the client-side, TeamViewer has a number of options to connect to the computer that you want to control. There are applications that can be installed or portable versions for computers running Windows, Mac, and Linux, and there are also mobile applications for iOS, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Phone smartphones.

2. Remote Utilities

Remote Utilities works by connecting two computers with what they call "Internet ID". With this application, you can control up to 10 computers.

From the host side, install the part of Remote Utilities called host on a Windows OS computer. You can also choose to run an Agent that provides instant support without having to install anything, even you can run it from a flash disk. The host computer will be given an Internet ID that the client can use to communicate to the computer.

Meanwhile, on the client-side, install a part of Remote Utilities called Viewer that functions to connect to the Host or Agent computer. The viewer can be downloaded separately or combined with Host. You can also download the portable version if you prefer not to install anything.

The advantage of this application is that you do not need to change router settings such as port forwarding. As a client, you only need to enter your Internet ID number and password. The client application can also be downloaded on iOS and Android smartphones.

The features supported by Remote Utilities are as follows:
🗸 remote task manager
🗸 file transfer
🗸 wake-on-LAN (WOL)
🗸 remote terminal or Command Prompt
🗸 remote file launcher
🗸 text chat
🗸 remote registry access
🗸 information manager system
🗸 Remote webcam viewing
🗸 print remotely
🗸 multi-monitor.
The drawback of this application is the confusing configuration on the host computer, so many different choices.

3. Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is a remote desktop application that is truly portable and its settings are very simple. This application works by connecting one computer to another through the ID provided by the application.

From the host side, you simply run the Ammyy Admin application on the computer you want to access. You don't need to install this application, just run it. From the menu called Ammyy, you can choose Service and install Ammyy Admin Service. So you can access other computers without having to run the program manually.

From the client-side, you only need to run the portable application and enter the ID of the host computer. Once connected, you can do things like use the clipboard on the host computer, voice chat, and transfer files to and from the host computer.

4. UltraVNC

Actually, the UltraVNC application is almost the same as Remote Utilities, where the server and viewer are installed on both PCs, and the viewer itself is used to control the server.

From the host side, you can choose whether to install Server, Viewer, or both. You must install Server on the computer that you want to control. You can install the UltraVNC Server as a service on the system so that communication can always run.

From the client-side, you have to install the Viewer during the setup installer. Then, after you have configured port forwarding on the router, you can access the UltraVNC server from anywhere with an internet connection, either through a mobile device that supports VNC connection, a computer installed by Viewer, or through a browser. What is important, you enter the IP address of the Server (Host) to be connected.

The advantages of UltraVNC include the support of file transfer, chat, share clipboard, and can boot and connect to the server during Safe Mode.

5. AeroAdmin

AeroAdmin is arguably the easiest remote desktop application at the moment. The reason, there are almost no settings needed, and everything is done quickly and directly to the point to be used as impromptu support.

From the host side, AeroAdmin will look like TeamViewer. You only need to run the portable program and share your IP address or share ID with other computers.

While from the client-side, you only need to run the same AeroAdmin program and enter the ID or IP address that is shared by the host. You can choose the "View Only" or "Remote Control" mode before you connect your computer to the host computer, then click "Connect" to start the remote.

The AeroAdmin application is completely free for personal and commercial use, but unfortunately, there is no chat feature. AeroAdmin can be installed on Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP, both 32-bit and 64-bit types.

6. Windows Remote Desktop

Windows Remote Desktop is a remote desktop application that integrates with the Windows operating system or is installed by default when you install Windows. So, you don't need to download anything if you use this application.

From the host side, to activate the connection to the computer, you must open the "System Properties" setting, then activate the "Allow remote connections" setting. You also need to set port forwarding on the router so that other computers from outside the network can be connected to the host computer. Don't forget to set the firewall function so that your communication is not interrupted.

Meanwhile, from the client-side, other computers that want to connect to the host computer only need to open the Remote Desktop Connection software and just enter the IP address of the host. After you are connected, you can transfer files, print to a local printer, listen to audio from a remote PC, and transfer clipboard content.

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