About BitherCash (BIC)

BitherCash is a highly secure, centralized peer to peer cryptocurrency using the Scrypt PoW / POS (Hybrid) Algorithm with a self-regulated financial system.

BitherCash is built on the Ethereum platform, which is used by mass users. This company is based in Dubai. Tokens are used for investment and travel purposes. It accepts ETH, which helps elegantly raise the level of the company. Bithercash is very important for a large number of people to use integration. Now it requires a large number of users to achieve success in the development process.

The company offers tokens at a price of 1 BIC. It offers substantial traction with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to increase the level of complexity. Tokens are very helpful for users who find it difficult to use blockchain technology. This is a fast way to integrate and hack any information.

Mainly used because of bubble speculation, complex user interfaces, unprofitable promotions, and rip-offs. For the most part, tokens are accessed for exchanging cryptos. It offers an exclusive solution for consumers to buy brand new products when needed. The company specifically ensures all brand features at any time.

BitherCash was formed in November 2017 with an initiative to build community coins that can reach the core of your needs. BitherCash main office address Located in Dubai United Arab Emirates and Estonia with the address of 704 twin towers Baniyas Road, Deira Dubai. Europe is a benchmark that makes us a choice trusted by many people around the world.

Promising exponential growth in a short time is expected with the help of a limited supply of coins in the market and specially designed packages that are supported by liquidity with lucrative and life-changing prizes through exchanges and transactions in real-time, which helps BitherCash to stand out in the market.

The BitherCash business module is based on a strong marketing network and has a core motive for building a strong community. BitherCash has also made interesting things, awards and recognition programs where you can change your life and those around you. Cash has grown from strength to strength with many diverse digital trades and brick and mortar projects that continue to support core operations.

The New Lending Plan

BitherCash will now have a new and improved lending platform consisting of 6 lending packages based on the amount of the investment. The interest percentage increases while the length of investment decreases with each larger package. The packages are as follows:
🗸 Starter package: $100 earns 1.5% interest for a lending period of 10 months.
🗸 Networker package: $500 earns 2% interest for a lending period of 9 months.
🗸 Bronze package: $1,000 earns 3% for a lending period of 8 months.
🗸 Silver package: $5,000 earns 4% for a lending period of 7 months.
🗸 Gold package: $10,000 earns 5% interest for a lending period of 6 months
🗸 Platinum package: $25,000+ earns 7% interest for a lending period of 6 months.

Due to the fact you receive your initial investment back in coins, it is not necessary to wait until the coin price increases to lend. Again, we repeat the value of the BitherCash coin is in the lending platform due to the concept of pure lending.

Bithercash Private Sale 

Bithercash will launch the Private sale in BitherX exchanges, starting from Dec 1st until Jan 31st, 2020.
Price: $0.47/BIC coins


And on February 14th, 2020, Bithercash will launch IEO on an exchange, the price of Bithercash tokens in the IEO is $0.75.

So don't missed this opportunity in the Private Sale of BIC coins.

Bithercash IEO on Catex Exchange

BitherCash IEO is coming to Cat.Ex exchange launchpad.

Bither Project is complete financial ecosystem that combines the best of both worlds i.e., modern-age decentralized blockchain technology and cryptographically secured assets and combining them with the traditional versatile businesses e.g., real-estate, eCommerce, dairy, entertainment, exchange, and payments. This way, we are providing an alternative banking solution but also ensuring that their assets have inherent value and potential for growth captured from the revenue generated by underlying businesses.

The BitherCash IEO

Time :
Token :
Price :
Platform :
Accepting :
Category :
2017-12-05 | 2020-01-19 🗸
1 BIC = 0.00006300 BTC / 0.45 USD 🗸
Ethereum 🗸
Trading & Investing 🗸



Bithercash Explorer: bithercash.net✔️ 
BitherX, Exchange: bitherx.com✔️ 
Bithercash Web Wallet: wallet.bithercash.net✔️ 

The official BitherCash sites!

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