Emirex Token The Powers Infrastructure for the New Digital Economy

Emirex Token supports Infrastructure for the New Digital Economy which is proudly presented by the Emirex Group to you. As an original token from Emirex Ecosystem, EMRX has several use cases: recording fees for placement of protected assets, transactional costs from sale/purchase transactions, storage and service fees, commission and partner incentive schemes, and others as the offer develops

The Emirex of Companies is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. Several licensed and regulated legal entities that meet the demands of challenging the current regulatory landscape in the blockchain space. The group was founded in July 2014 as a technology provider and advisor that focuses on digitizing traditional heritage businesses by utilizing emerging technologies efficiently such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.
Over the years the Group has advised several local and international companies, Governments and Regulators, and built successful projects in the digital asset space.


EMRX Tokens are designed to provide incentives for traders, investors, publishers and partners in the Emirex ecosystem. The following functions are embedded in the token model to ensure that participants are fully involved:

✔️ PAYMENT EMRX tokens can be used to pay for our products and services. Users will receive a discount if they pay transaction fees, registration fees or application fees at EMRX.
✔️ PRIZE PROGRAMS Prizes are offered to members of our active community. There are various programs, such as prizes for active investors, successful new user invitations, etc.
✔️ PARTICIPATION EMRX token holders will have priority rights for all new features and services, they will also enjoy priority participation in the Initial Exchange Offering project

Emirex: Opportunity without barriers

Access to wealth 🗸
Using technology, we are bringing together a community of issuers and traders from around Africa, Asia, and Europe and providing them with access to the Middle Eastern wealth.
Safe & compliant 🗸
Advanced security measures compliant with international standards of IT security in the banking industry, per ISO 27001. Licensed and regulated in accordance with EU Regulations.
Easy to use 🗸
User-friendly interfaces make access to digital assets easy for novice users, while advanced trading tools provide all the required functionality for professional traders.
Fiat gateway 🗸
Our fiat gate facilitates deposits and withdrawals to the users’ bank accounts as well as the purchase through credit/debit cards and other payment methods.

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