Through the Blockchain Application, the Government and People of Beijing Can Be Mutually Connected

According to The Block Crypto report (01/13), the government and people of Beijing can be connected to each other through a blockchain-based application called Beijing Tong.

Beijing is the capital of China and one of the oldest cities in the world, another fact about Beijing is that this city also ranks first in the city with the most population in the world.

China is also one of the countries that are literate in the benefits of using technology. The development of blockchain technology continues to expand along with the support given by Xi Jinping as the president of China.

Last year, the price of the digital currency Bitcoin increased quite dramatically. On Wednesday (10/23/19) the price of Bitcoin decreased in price to 7,530 dollars. After Xi Jinping delivered his speech regarding his support of the blockchain, the price of bitcoin jumped to 10,017 dollars.

Chinese Government Develops Blockchain Based Applications

No wonder if the development of blockchain in the country is increasingly intense, the Beijing government has also developed and issued a blockchain-based application called Beijing Tong, a mobile application that allows its people to carry out activities related to public services.

Users can also use Beijing Tong as a place to store their identity data. The application, which has been downloaded 5 million times and has more than 70,000 daily users, can also be used to make payments, send questions regarding available public services and users can meet with government officials according to the schedule arranged through the application, as we quote from The Block Crypto is reported from the Beijing Youth Daily.

The vision of Beijing Tong itself provides efficiency in terms of public services and promotes smart governance, as quoted by The Block Crypto.

In addition, China also plans to issue the Blockchain Service Network (BSN) in April 2020, this launch is an initiative of government-run companies and also Chinese policy institutions.

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