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BitcoinBlink is an advanced cryptocurrency exchange that is optimized for speed, protected from external threats, and simplified for user-friendliness.

Who is BitcoinBlink?

BitcoinBlink is an upcoming digital currency exchange. It belongs to BBlinkio OÜ, a company founded in Tallinn, Estonia. Unlike the others, the company's priority is not a profit net but to offer customers an appropriate and regulated ecosystem.

For starters, BitcoinBlink has received two licenses to operate from the European Union. This feature places them among one of the 14% cryptocurrency that is operating legally. Thus, BitcoinBlink exchange users can order and trade cryptocurrency without having to worry about being involved with money laundering or other legal issues.


BitcoinBlink solves the problems faced by existing exchanges and systematically solves them with innovation. Our platform will simplify the trading process by promising a basic, feature-rich and optimized exchange solution that serves users of any skill level. This together with unmatched customer service, new security protocols, and transparent policies will help foster trust and trust among our users.

Problems & Solutions

The shortcomings of the contemporary cryptocurrency market have been identified below and are complemented by solutions offered by the BitcoinBlink platform.

What is the BitcoinBlink Offer?

The main offering of BitcoinBlink is cryptocurrency trading. Initially, the platform will offer users to exchange a basket of popular cryptocurrency which includes:
🗸 Bitcoin (BTC)
🗸 Ethereum (ETH)
🗸 Ripple (XRP)
🗸 Litecoin (LTC)
🗸 Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

BitcoinBlink has made it clear that they will enter cryptocurrencies, altcoins, and other tokens, but only after measuring the request and organizing a thorough background check of the coins concerned.

The platform also plans to expand into the crypto-to-fiat trading space. Thus, in the future, users will be able to exchange popular currencies such as Dollars, Euro, Yen, Pounds, Rupee and many more.

BitcoinBlink also offers an original cryptocurrency known as Blink Stock Token or BSTK. This is a utility token and provides several benefits to the user, such as:
🗸 Loyalty program
🗸 Lower Transaction Fees
🗸 Monthly BSTK lottery
🗸 Suffrage
🗸 Fund Locking
🗸 Stacking Assets
🗸 Trade pass
🗸 Blink Club

Also in the BitcoinBlink pipeline are secondary exchanges that support IEO projects or Initial Exchange Offers. In this way, users will be able to use their BSTK tokens to invest in businesses and help novice entrepreneurs.

Staking Assets

Staking Assets details

Staking your assets (BSTK) during a certain period of time will give you a high return:
⭐ 3 months lockout for a 1.25% return (minimum 200 BSTK)
⭐ 6 months lockout for a 3.75% return (minimum 400 BSTK)
⭐ 9 months lockout for a 6.50% return (minimum 800 BSTK)
⭐ 12 months lockout for a 10.00% return (minimum 1000 BSTK)

The initial amount of BSTK (in $ value) is given back at the end of the period plus the return.

Note: The staking cannot be canceled.


Lottery Details

Details more about Lottery
The Lottery is an event that takes place every month.
To participate, you need to purchase a Ticket worth $5 of BSTK. You can purchase as many as you want.

The rewards are as follow:
🗸 1st place receives 50% of the total pot
🗸 2nd place receives 30% of the total pot
🗸 3rd place receives 10% of the total pot

The remaining 10% is going to help the operations and projects of the BitcoinBlink.
The winners are all selected randomly using a computer algorithm and cannot appear twice in the same draw.
The winners receive their prizes in BSTK.


Voting details

Anyone with an account can choose to vote for the coin/token proposed in that section.
The particularity of this voting system is that you can choose to "SUPPORT" or "OPPOSE" a coin/token.
🗸 Each vote costs 1 BSTK.
🗸 The minimum amount spent to cast a vote is 1 BSTK.
🗸 Users can either vote “for the project” or “against the project.”
🗸 Votes that are “for the project” will increase the number of votes for a project.
🗸 Votes that are “against the project” will decrease the number of votes for a project.
🗸 The ranking order is dependent on which project has collected more “for the project” votes at the end of the referendum period. The formula to calculate is as follows:
“for the project” — “against the project” = votes pulled

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