Bitcoin.Com Releases The Fastest Wallet Application Ever, With Internal Support for Bitcoin Cash-Powered Tokens has developed its fastest wallet application with an improved design and a new focus on user experience. The wallet also now offers full support for SLP tokens, opening up a whole new world of digital assets to millions of users worldwide.

Lightning Fast Crypto Wallet Application

The new Wallet application has been launched for iOS and Android mobile users, making millions of the fastest clients ever. Among the new updates included in the mobile application that focus on speed is Instant Payments, a feature that completes bitcoin cash payments in less than one second, making it faster than traditional payment methods and other existing wallets. It provides an unlimited payment experience through the application, allowing users to complete transactions instantly at online and physical retailers who accept bitcoin money.

To use this new feature, you only need to set the expenditure threshold in the application before making a transaction and then the BCH payment can be completed instantly after the recipient's QR code has been scanned. Increased speed will result in more customers choosing BCH as their preferred payment option.

In addition to speed, this new wallet application has new and improved functions including letting users manage BCH and BTC in one secure integrated platform, as well as allowing them to buy BCH and BTC using credit cards. The application also focuses on personal customization, letting users change their accounts to their liking with new options. The developer has even introduced a private note mechanism, which allows users to add data to individual transactions.

On the privacy and security side, fingerprint identification and face recognition are also now available to ensure that only the owner can access the account. And adjustable transaction speed settings have been introduced, which can be used to delay payment confirmation. The application also features a Discover section - a new map interface that allows users to find the nearest merchant that accepts bitcoin payments, ensuring you can always find a place to spend BCH and encourage more businesses to adopt cryptocurrency.

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