Deflexchange - First Deflationary Exchange

Crypto Exchange has developed instruments to require advantage of the ownership of crypto resources but they're faraway from without their pitfalls. Exchanges, as integrated retail locations, don't fit the likelihood of a decentralized monetary framework: they're the sole goal of disappointment, but this is often not the most problem.

Another sort of exchange copy and adopts new developments from the primary sort of exchange. this is often certainly an excellent thanks to increase exchanges, but we like better to be one among the primary sorts of exchanges because we expect this is often how exchanges should act within the first place. Therefore, the progress and success of exchanges within the future depends on the event of exchanges and therefore the industry itself.

Like the incipient market, there's no liquidity within the crypto market which makes it difficult for them to urge out at the proper cost. the event of reuse has been supported by large liquidity, but expansion in exchange has no desired effect within the end. within the Bitcoin market, for instance , this lack of liquidity is intensified by the way many BTC holders survive as value increases and are reluctant to return their available Bitcoin.

Those who hold crypto and believe that their profits will reach a particular level of advantages during this way flood the market, which represents the instability and therefore the great value changes that we see within the crypto market.

So together with your help, we'd like to rearrange a primary deflation exchange called Deflex; Exchange of deflation. With an outsized exchange of deflation, we'll not only have the selection to support digital currencies, but also networks and clients, who won't only observe more things of interest to themselves due to the destruction created during a misleading manner, but also will speak during a way that's progressive about it and during this way make cryptographic sorts of money alright known.

This is an undeniable problem that compromises the decentralization and confidentiality of digital sorts of money. this type of digital money is made to prevent and alter the present fiscal situation. KYC procedures are required by specialists and exchanges regularly got to request this from their clients due to universal law. From one perspective, exchanges can meet certain administrative needs and enter into different associations, and clients also can feel much safer because KYC extends account security. but , this expands the impact of experts on exchanges and fewer clients choose exchanges that need KYC.

The ambiguity and foundation of Deflex's decentralization not only guarantees the safety of advantages and other information, but is additionally resistant to one specialist. Deflex won't require any KYC from its clients and can also protect the chance and confidentiality of cryptographic money reciprocally .

Deflex coins provide an alternate alternative holder for profits at that stage. By using Deflex Coin when exchanging, it allows clients to line aside half the value . an alternative choice is Peg Deflex Coin onstage and win some of your expenses for yourself. Consumption from month to month also will occur, which can reduce the Deflex Coin inventory and during this way reduce the dimensions of DEF available to be used .

Additional exchange devices are going to be included after a while and that we will ask if they have all the more exchange devices and which of them . This democratic will occur in our exchange within the survey segment. Deflex also will increase the ERC20 Token exchange and TRC20 Token exchange.

We will give our token, called Deflex. As many as 91,000,000 of the foremost severe DEF are going to be made, never expanded. DEF will run locally on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC-20. DEF is additionally a sort of deflationary cryptographic money, because DEF supply doesn't increase and that we specialise in consumption days, which also includes consuming DEF.


Low trading fees

Deflex's will allow you to trade with a maximal trading fee of 0.1%. Additional 50% discount if you use the Deflex Coin.

Financial stability

Deflex is based on an advanced multi-layer and multi-cluster architecture, which not only provides greater security for users, but also maintains the stability of the platform.


​Due to the decentralization no KYC is required for using the platform

Cheaper fees

​For withdrawal transactions, we charge a fixed maximum fee, at which we credit the remaining amount back to the account.

Matching engine

​Our engine is capable of sustaining 900,000 order per second. This rate will be at the beginning. With time we will improve our engine.

24/7 Customer Support

​Deflex will provide a 24/7 support team so that users always have a contact person in case of problems.

Our Token

The Deflex coin gives the holder various options to benefit from the platform. By using Deflex Coin when trading, it allows the user to save 50% of the fees. Another option would be to stake Deflex Coins on the platform and earn some of the fees for yourself. Monthly burns will also take place, which will lower the supply of Deflex Coins and thereby reduce the amount of DEF in circulation.


August 2019

Concept Creation & Development
Creating Deflex and establishing the development Team.

December 2019

Website release
Whitepaper release
Roadmap release

January 2020

MVP Release, ICO planning & preparations started
Our MVP will be available on our website

March 2020

Launch of the
Initial Coin Offering

May 2020

Launch of Deflex Beta
Beta testing will be open to the public.Deposit and withdrawal open. Trading begins.

Q2 2020

Launch of Deflex 1.0
Full release of Deflex

Expansion of the Server Network

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