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Koinpro will become a new trading platform through bitcoin smart futures that will become a fast, truly secure exchange so that Koinpro with a solution developed for all users with Koinpro.

Project Objectives

Koinpro.com will become a new trading platform that through bitcoin smart futures will become a fast, truly secure exchange so that Koinpro with its solution developed for all users with Koinpro, everyone will be able to trade and get free practices as account stablecoin will support btc and usd with the support of as $ 100 million in digital assets so that this guarantee is made for all beginners will be able to take the first step in trading and veterans who have dominated the market, because through Koinpro, traders and trade in general will be accessible as much as possible to facilitate the lives of all people because they will be able to conquer the market exclusively.

Duplicate coin exchange duplication contracts that automatically exit positions after reaching 100% profit, with a deposit bonus registration with a cashback system with a leverage level of 100x leverage is also available 42% commission from a Multi-Tier Referral Program will be available for everyone to feel motivated to refer to Koinpro exchange because it will be super fast over 10,000 tps with advanced technology, intelligent aggregation systems that average the prices of various platforms and completely eliminate fraudulent activity from the market as Koinpro, which is one of the main trading platforms on the market, Koinpro with advanced order matching algorithms , will make negotiations safer, keep commissions to a minimum because they intend to focus on the quality and welfare of your users because with their personal contracts Koinpro will have several different future contracts, each with its own resources and exclusive benefits available to every one. for more information, visit the Website and read the White Paper for further technical details.


Koinpro Exchange will display its original token, KOI will be a utility token designed to respect the whole Koinpro community as a whole because the token aims to help spread the word about the exclusive bitcoin platform in the future and unlock additional functionality on the Koinpro platform for KOI Token holders because it will include access to exclusive content for all holders with special offers and exclusive benefits for all Koinpro through the KOI prize plan to encourage all employees and Koinpro KOI Holders because Koinpro will use 30% of the revenue generated by trading costs to Buy KOI directly from the community at or above market price, thus making it liquid in the market because the KOI repurchase will be done on the date of the order appointment and the token opened will be preferred over the blocked one which will make you competitive and some KOI will be sent in a blocked state because the blocked KOI can be used for utility purposes.

various gift assignments or participate in the generous Koinpro affiliate program so that a full list of tasks will be available and will be provided later, but will involve several social sharing tasks, in addition to simple content creation options, we can see that the Koinpro platform is committed to all users and supporters , giving everyone a new way to participate and benefit through the crypto market, so Koinpro benefits everyone in the blockchain community with one choice. liquidity for assets.

Join the KoinPro Affiliate Program

Our industry-leading 3-tier referral program that is designed to maximize your earnings by sharing up to 41.7% of KoinPro trading fees.


Official Sites KoinPro

Website | Announcement | Community Telegram | Bounty Telegram

Warning! Digital Asset Trading is a high-risk activity. Digital Asset Prices are very volatile, where prices can change significantly over time. Please use extra consideration in making the decision to buy or sell Digital Assets. Coin Crypto Asia does not force users to buy or sell Digital Assets, as investments, or for profit. All Digital Asset trading decisions are independent decisions by users.

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