Guarda Wallet - Multi-Currency, Multi-Platform Wallet With Taste for Special Features

Guarda Wallets have been around for almost three years - cryptocurrency storage that started as a single open source currency wallet at a time when market needs have now turned into a thriving ecosystem of crypto management products and services. Many new things have been implemented during this period of productivity, but the main idea remains clean - the team is trying to make a convenient, decentralized and versatile crypto wallet suitable for beginners and advanced users.

At present, the wallet supports more than 45 major blockchain (and their tokens), including those not normally found in multi-asset wallets - the best example is Monero XMR which is supported on the Web version. Although sometimes it may be difficult to fulfill the tasks presented by the market itself and the crypto community, Guarda does its best to remain user friendly and implement the best solutions to make the wallet stand out.

Perhaps, the most different part of Guarda, besides supporting most of the assets of the wallet that exists today, is a built-in feature. The wallet presented on the Web Wallets, Mobile Wallets (iOS and Android), Desktop and Chrome Extension all have ways to easily exchange cryptocurrency, buy it on board, use currency-specific features (risking, delegating, Bandwidth points for TRON, protected transactions for Zcash, airdrops, etc.), create a Multisignature wallet, and manage detailed transaction settings on the Advanced tab. The Web and Desktop versions are also suitable for connecting Ledger hardware wallets and using the Guarda interface to manage assets stored in cold storage.

Because Guarda is a fast-growing project that remains in tune with the trends and trends of the crypto market, many new features and solutions may be discussed with the public and tested together with users. The team believes that this is the way decentralized products really need to be made - all consider the word community, listen carefully and choose what is best. For those who are interested in saying a word, suggesting something or asking a question, there is always a Twitter and Telegram Guarda Wallet, where the team is present and interacts with the community.

"When you Download Guarda to your mobile or use the Web version, you have a wallet that allows you to do all your digital currency management activities in one place. If you don't have crypto, you can easily buy a few, if you want other coins that you can exchange, if you want to be risked, you can bet, and you can clearly transact and save safely. When something new appears, we try to get it into Guarda as soon as possible, because if there is a request, it is valuable to us. "- Maria Carola, CMO Guarda Wallet.
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