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IQ Cash - The Investment Masternodes

As you know, the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency does not stand still, but moves forward. There are lots of different coins, ICO startups, crypto exchanges, blockchain platforms and so on. The number of crypto fans has also increased. In general, we are moving towards something new and unusual. And today we will talk to you about an interesting and promising platform called

About the project

IQ Cash is a unique global platform on the blockchain, created for investors and traders and miners. The main purpose of this platform is to provide real-time payments, anonymous, and real-time investment for crypto enthusiasts. The project team has developed for their investors the IQ Masternode network that they use. Also, IQ coins are presented on famous exchanges such as HitBTC, BitHumb Glogal, P2PB2B, CoinsBit, BitForex, CREX24 and Mercatox. Because of this, traders can easily trade it! If an investor has more than 3000 IQ on the balance sheet, then he can receive 57% passive income from the block, miners, in turn, receive 43% from the block. We still have 6%, which is reserved for DAO (decentralized autonomous organizations), that is, they are used to invest, for example, in ICO projects, websites, trading bots, and improving the entire IQ ecosystem. cash and so on. All of these unique features can help make the platform popular all over the world.

Why do people use IQ Cash?


Cryptocurrency now has millions of active users in the world and the number is growing rapidly!
User accounts cannot be blocked, and funds cannot be accessed by anyone but the owner.


IQ.Cash uses the consensus of the PoW algorithm with the support of the masternode system. This makes the project economically attractive to mine 43%, and provides passive income 57% for masternode holders. Masternode provides network integrity, transaction anonymity, and transaction speed. How to get a Masternode: You have to invest 3000 IQ.


Anonymity of transactions in the system is provided by the PrivateSend algorithm. Users can trust the system completely. They don't need to worry about third party access to data, because the system securely encrypts data when transferring and receiving assets.


Technology that solves the problem of significant acceleration of growing network complexity when using ASIC (compared to CPU usage). The network uses the NeoScrypt algorithm to solve this problem.


High speed transactions are guaranteed by instant data exchange (InstantSend) across the network. Transaction time is about 5 seconds.


The IQ.Cash network implies the inability to create sites that have a dominant influence on other network members. Effects on coins are also excluded because their release is limited, and additional emissions are not provided.

PrivateSend Basics

PrivateSend gives you true financial privacy by blurring the origins of your funds. All IQ money in your wallet consists of different "inputs" that you can think of as separate and separate coins.
PrivateSend uses an innovative process to mix your input with the input of two other people, without your coins ever leaving your wallet. You are in control of your money at all times ..

The PrivateSend process works like this:

PrivateSend starts by splitting your transaction inputs into standard denominations. These denominations are 0.01 IQ, 0.1 IQ, 1 IQ and 10 IQ - a kind of paper money that you use every day.
Your wallet then sends a request to a software node specifically configured on the network, called "masternodes." The Masternode is informed later that you are interested in mixing certain denominations. No identifiable information is sent to masternodes, so they never know "who" you are.

When two other people send the same message, indicating that they want to mix the same denomination, the mixing session begins. The masternode mixes the input and instructs the user's third wallet to pay for the input that is now being changed back to themselves. Your wallet pays the denomination directly to itself, but at a different address (called the change address).
To completely obscure your funds, your wallet must repeat this process several times with each denomination. Every time the process is complete, it is called a "loop." Each round of PrivateSend makes it exponentially more difficult to determine where your funds are coming from.
This mixing process takes place in the background without your intervention. When you want to make a transaction, your funds will already be anonymized. No need to wait for additional.

IMPORTANT: Your wallet contains only 1000 of these "change of address". Every time a mixing event occurs, up to 9 of your addresses are used. This means that 1000 addresses last for about 100 mixing events. When 900 of them are used, your wallet must make more addresses. However, this can only be done if your automatic backup is activated.

As a result, users who have backup disabled will also disable PrivateSend.


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