Lumi Wallet App - Exchange Crypto with 0% Fees

Everyone is fed up with commissions. Lumi Wallet released it, introducing a 0% fee on all crypto operations to crypto exchange. All you need to eliminate hidden fees is the Lumi Wallet App.

Why is Lumi doing this?

Decentralized finance has undeniable advantages over paper currencies: conversion, diversification, speed, and transfer security. But the intersection of the two worlds - crypto and fiat - is where we face crime - the necessary transaction costs.

Lumi is a personal wallet. It does not collect or request any data from you, and has no control over your funds. However, when you use an exchange service in any wallet, avoiding the danger of holding your money directly on the exchange, there are always some commissions inside that you pay for an extra layer of security.

Lumi has always had some of the lowest costs on the market, but now, celebrating a year of hard work, she has decided to give her users a unique offer in the crypto space - 0% crypto costs to crypto transactions. Every time you exchange BTC, ETH, EOS or other currencies in Lumi's wallet.

Openness and comfort

This has always been a priority for Lumi, so what better way to celebrate the latest major update, which includes many new language localizations, long-awaited design and open-source changes, rather than seamless and free transactions for wallet users?

0% stay here

So don't forget to tell your friends about this offer and share it on social media and to stay up to date with all the news and offers, follow the lively Lumi Wallet blog. If you have questions about Lumi, don't hesitate to write to [email protected]

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