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OXBTC was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, OXBTC has been operating safely and stable for 5 years, supporting Chinese, English and Korean. OXBTC serves more than 600,000 users worldwide and issues a total of 29856.95BTC. We provide secure and reliable cloud mining services for 600,000 users in more than 50 countries.

There are 8 large farms in Kazakhstan, Venezuela, the United States, Sichuan, Guizhou, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang. The number of miners in operation reaches tens of thousands of units, which can realize 100,000 KW power supply capacity, which can provide strong support for hosting and operating miners. OXBTC aims to provide cloud mining services that are transparent, stable, good and reliable for users.



Run by PandaMiner B3 series, which is the most stable GPU mining machines. It is equipped with the AMD470 chip 4G memory, supports Ethash/Equihash/CryptoNightR and other algorithm, supports ETH/XMR/BEAM/GRIN and more cryptocurrency mining.


Run by Antminer S17 series, which owns the best power consumption. It is equipped with the second generation 7nm chip BM1397, supports SHA256 algorithm, supports BTC,BCH and other cryptocurrency mining.


Run by Whatsminer M21 series, which is equipped with Samsung 8nm chip, adopts integrated design of miner and power supply, supports SHA256 algorithm, supports BTC, BCH and other cryptocurrency mining.


Run by Innosilicon T2T series, Innosilicon T2T adopts the most advanced semiconductor technology and innovative dynamic frequency scaling architecture, supports SHA256 algorithm, supports BTC, BCH and other cryptocurrency mining.

First Offer: Get 2THS S17 Hashrate for 3 Days which is valued at $ 153
Hashrates will be sent three days after account registration and you can check profits in Cloud Mining - My Contract - S17 G - Check Profits: My Contract

Second Offer: Minimun 0.1THS, a Very Easy Start for New Miners

You can invest in OXBTC with a 0.1THS BTC-S17 hashrate for new users which is only $ 7.65. Buy now and get your first BTC now: Buy

Third Offer: Exclusive Discounts, 15% Discount on BTC / ETH Contracts.

Order now and enter the coupon code: OXBTC1, then you can enjoy a 15% discount or the equivalent of 0.00021764 BTC for the first order. A valid coupon date is 30 days.

OXBTC has provided reliable cloud mining services for 600,000 global customers for 5 years! And we will continue to provide the most competitive cloud mining products and better customer service in the future.

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