Transaction Dropped & Replaced?

Dropped Transaction

A transaction that was previously broadcast on the network (but has not been included in the block) can be deleted from the connected node. Transfers of transactions occur more often at times when the network is busy.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. The Ethereum node (e.g., Geth / Parity) connected to us has dropped a Pending transaction from a collection of transactions (most likely due to lower gas prices compared to other pending transactions or reaching other limits).
  2. There is a maximum number of Pending transactions that can be held by the Ethereum node before certain transactions are deleted from the pending collection (this depends on the various settings / limits of individual clients connected to the network).
  3. If the transaction dropped is not rebroadcast, it will not be included in the block. If this happens, it is as if the transaction did not occur at all.
  4. If the canceled transaction is successfully re-broadcast both directly and indirectly (with a different node), then the transaction will reappear as a Pending transaction.
  5. Transaction fees (gwei) provided for transactions are too low. Consider replacing transactions with higher gas prices
  6. For further assistance with canceled transactions, please contact the sender / creator of the transaction (e.g. your exchange, wallet provider, etc.)

Transaction Dropped & Replaced?

Transactions can be canceled and replaced when new transactions made with the same FROM account are received and confirmed by the network. And because it has the same account as the previous transaction, it replaces the previous TXHASH.

Common reasons for a replacement transaction being broadcast:

  1. The previous transaction had a low gas price which would take a very long time to confirm, so a second transaction with a higher gas price was made to replace it
  2. Ethereum Nodes connected to the wallet / service are not fully synchronized, and nonconformities are used
  3. User initiative to replace or cancel a pending transaction

A transaction can be {Dropped} or {Dropped & Replaced}. For additional assistance, please contact the sender / creator of the transaction directly for more information.
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