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Axio is a cryptocurrency supported by revolutionary assets designed to overcome many of the deficiencies found in existing cryptocurrency, such as a lack of identifiable intrinsic value, extreme volatility, and incompatibility for business operations.

Axio is not only a cryptocurrency, but is a component of a cryptocurrency monetary system supported by delayed assets. In this system, this will provide a stable intrinsic value, interest payments, privacy, transparency, secure ownership, free real-time transactions, transferability and convertibility without international limits, various payment methods, free basic account services, and the legal framework. But most important, Axio is designed to serve the people.

For this purpose it was established based on principles that are diametrically opposed to the current system, such as deflation rather than inflation, public control and transparency for the common good, not secrets for personal gain.

To function in the current monetary system, Axio will be issued as security under U.S. law. with all the benefits implied. This will provide substantial protection from problems related to other cryptocurrency and legacy banking systems. Given its many advantages, Axio is positioned to be the dominant player in the race to create the next generation of cryptocurrency. Because of that, he has enormous potential.

Security Token Offering

The Features

From the start, Axio was designed to be more than a gradual improvement of the current monetary system. This is a revolutionary change, the aim of which is to go beyond the current system by providing benefits that were previously untenable to individuals and businesses. Here are some of Axio's features:

Axio is a cryptocurrency supported by new assets that are modeled with security supported by assets (ABS). Traditional ABS is financial security that is guaranteed by assets such as loans. While ABS is associated with a collection of basic assets that are determined by prices in fiat currencies, assets released by the Axios Foundation will be denominated in axioms. As a result, unlike ABS, each Axio, as collateral, does not have to be linked to a basic asset to determine its value. And unlike ABS issued for a collection of underlying assets, the Foundation will issue a number of axioms for a single asset that correspond to its nominal value. Axio's market value in terms of fiat currencies will depend on the portfolio of assets owned by the Foundation, and the securities market will determine this value by trading the Fiat vs. Axio currency.

Axios Foundation will provide loans and collect interest for it. As such, Axio will be supported by the intrinsic value of the borrower's efforts to repay their loans. That is, Axio will be directly supported by the intrinsic value of the work that represents the real value of the job byproducts such as gold. And unlike cryptocurrency supported by commodities that have fractional reserve values, Axio will be fully supported by the confidence and full credit of the borrowers.

Interest payment
The Foundation will distribute profits from its operations as interest payments to all Axio accounts. Interest payments will be paid periodically, provide incentives to invest in axioms, and deposit them on deposits with the Foundation.

Axio is supported by the value of loan interest payments that represent a certain amount of work. Because the value of employment is a stable commodity, Axio's intrinsic value will be stable.

Payment method
The Axios Foundation will support a variety of payment methods that will allow the axioms to be used seamlessly, just like any other currency. Among these are mobile payments that will enable the Foundation to cut the existing payment infrastructure, and the very high costs associated with it. In addition, all transactions that do not require currency conversion will be free for consumers and retailers.

Axios Foundation will operate a distributed computer system that will process transactions in real time.

Most cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, provides publicly available records of all transactions that have taken place. Therefore they have a low level of privacy, despite this limitation many people still entrust their financial history to the public blockchain. To overcome this problem, the Axios Foundation will not publish any information related to the account. In addition, the Foundation will not sell or share members' personal information without explicit permission.

The Axios Foundation will operate openly and transparently to benefit its members. To achieve this, all operational details, including operating costs, unpaid loans, deposit amounts, reserves, profits, etc. Will be published in the blockchain to show the financial status of the Foundation. The foundation itself will be operated democratically by its members in a manner similar to credit unions.

Because the system is independent, accounts managed by the Axios Foundation can be made safer than ordinary bank accounts.

Dispute resolution
Certain business transactions cannot be carried out without a legal framework supported by some form of dispute resolution, and the ability to reverse transactions due to errors, fraud, etc. This makes dispute resolution a vital component of every monetary system. To enable dispute resolution, transactions between Axio accounts will be reversed in whole or in part. To support the dispute resolution process, the Axios Foundation will comply with relevant court decisions, and will also provide arbitration for fees through smart contracts. The ability to handle complaints will make Axio similar to a legal tender issued by the government, which is something that other cryptocurrency cannot offer.

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