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By presenting digital wallet management and Pay Card, to change the way the world interacts with blockchain technology,  financial traditions. We are on our way to free millions of people around the world from conventional banks and provide them with alternative, trusted, and decentralized ways to manage their money.

About PayAccept

We believe that the world needs an alternative monetary system.
I believe that the world needs a truly democratic and decentralized financial system that is not influenced by the decisions of political leaders and central banks. So this is what makes our basic motivation to continue to develop payment systems (PayAccept).


PayAccept eliminates the complexity of buying, selling, and using assets held across multiple accounts. In the world's first and first Convertible Coin Offering (ICCO), investors directly participate in the growth of the company.

Our bank

Part of the overall financial system that enables native compatibility between fiat and crypto.

Our exchange

Users trade and interact with regulated crypto exchanges like, with no hidden charges.

Our interface

It provides users with a single place to manage, trade, and use crypto and fiat for all payments and purposes.

Fully regulated

Regulated as a fair guarantee by the European Directive Prospectus, it provides unprecedented peace of mind.

Our currency

PayAccept will be a decentralized currency that people around the world can use to get paid.

Our mission

Instantly access all assets with security using blockchain
PayAccept provides a holistic blockchain platform that provides users with a simple, unified encryption and banking experience. Our technical support allows you to focus on your assets.

Single integrated blockchain platform and interface
Separate legal assets and crypto assets
Real-time asset exchange and access
Fraud prevention using a comprehensive blockchain

Trade fiat and crypto in a single interface

The PayAccept network gives customers the freedom to exchange assets without worrying about their denomination. The payer and the recipient of any transaction can choose the asset of their choice so that the customer can pay in Euro to a friend requesting the euro.

The virtual Fiat is moved from A to B on the exchange. Transactions are recorded on the blockchain and automatically reflected in the corresponding customer's restricted currency bank account.
Transactions are recorded on the blockchain and automatically reflected in the corresponding customer's restricted currency bank account.

Use of capital

Take control of the EU bank and upgrade the system.
Develop our crypto exchange with the PayAccept blockchain payment and payment platform
Secure strategic investments in financial services, blockchain companies, and communities.

Our team

Christiaan van Steenbergen-CEO
Gleb Jout-CMO
James Loren-CSO
Join us-Need a new challenge?

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