Ethereum Whale  Paid $ 5.2 Million for the Cost of 2 Mysterious Transfers in Total of $ 82K

Finger slip? Masochist? That is unknown. But over the past two days, the holder of an unknown wallet has paid $ 5.2 million transaction fees for two ether transactions.

Just before 10:00 UTC Wednesday, the holder of an unknown wallet sent 0.55 ether (ETH) (around $ 133) with a transaction fee of 10.666 ETH - currently worth just under $ 2.6 million.

The fee goes to the Chinese mining group, Spark Pool, which processes transactions and can distribute millions to its members. Normal transaction fees will likely reach $ 0.50 or more, but can be manually set higher by shippers if they want to push transactions through faster.

Around 4:00 UTC Thursday, the same address sent another 350 ether (ETH) with another 10,668 ETH - worth $ 2.6 million - in transaction fees. The block is mined by the Ethermine pond.

The identity of the sender and recipient is unknown. But the sender has an ETH wallet balance worth more than $ 11 million - even after spending $ 2.6 million in transaction fees. In comparison, the recipient's wallet is now empty, with past funds transferred to another wallet.

Strangely, the sender's wallet has sent transactions every minute in the last few hours and for an additional fee of less than a dollar. Thus, maybe the pope accidentally reverses the numbers for this strange transaction.

This is not the first time Spark Pool has received a fortune from transaction fees.

Last year, the company froze the mysterious 2,100 ETH (then $ 300,000) payments it made to mine just one block - 600 times the average block prize at the time. After tracking the sender, a South Korean blockchain company, Spark Pool agreed to share 50/50 prizes.

Regarding this latest transaction, a spokesman for Spark Pool told CoinDesk that it was following up and welcomed any potential clues about the sender's identity only "in case it was sent accidentally."

After the publication of this article on June 10, the spokesman said it had frozen payments to the miners in his collection.
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