Veteran Analyst Peter Brandt Scorns 'XRP's Bag Holder,' Compares Ripple to the Fed

A large number of digital currency investors believe in XRP, the fourth largest crypto capital based on market capitalization will be a bridge between banks and cryptocurrency. As many other crypto enthusiasts hate XRP and think that the ledgers distributed are highly centralized.

Veteran trader Peter Brandt tapped the XRP digital currency and compared the crypto token Ripple to the US Federal Reserve.

Brandt said he believed the company behind the coins would double the supply of tokens, and he did not understand why "smart people" drank "XRP-Kool-aide."

Although in a technical way, XRP has an outstanding supply of 44 billion tokens each valued at $ 0.20. The token value is much higher than the original five years of existence when traded with less than one US cent during much of that period.

On July 23, veteran trader Peter Brandt discussed XRP with a large number of digital currency lovers. Brandt is a well-known trader who shares financial analysis and charts on Twitter in a routine manner. He made as many predictions and this analyst has more than 364,000 Twitter followers today.

Many crypto enthusiasts followed Brandt because he was bullish about Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) and on July 8, veteran traders said there were "significant breakthroughs in ETH-BTC." Brandt further noted that the majority of Alts must find bitcoin in the near future. "Even the founder of Adamant Capital, Tuur Demeester seems to agree with Brandt's assessment.

The discussion that took place Thursday on Twitter was related to XRP crypto capital when someone talked about "XRP Army shills" and certain trading techniques. Brandt joined in his conversation and comments about XRP equating crypto capital with the US dollar, and comparing the Ripple company with the US Federal Reserve.

"XRP can be compared to USD," Brandt tweeted. "The Fed is a holder of USD pockets - they can double supply if they want." Financial analysts further write:

Ripple is where XRP bags are - and WILL double supply. I can't believe the number of smart ppl who drink Kool-aide XRP.

Of course, members of the XRP Army didn't care about Brandt's comment after he tapped the crypto assets and the Ripple company. One person claims that the lack of knowledge of Brandt coding means that his opinion must be dismissed.

"Do you know anything about codes?" asking for a Twitter account is clearly annoyed about Brandt's XRP comments. "This is absolutely impossible. It's a shame that people who don't understand have so many followers. "

After being harassed by the XRP Army about his recent statement, Brandt further criticized followers of crypto coins. "Some things never change - I remember the wrath I received when I said baby beanies, hula hoops, and pet stones would not be a global asset class. Some neighbors haven't talked to me for years, "Brandt answered. Financial analysts continue with tweeting:

They were so angry because deep down they knew I was right. They are the most rabbis of all devotees.

At the time of writing, XRP exchanged $ 0.203 per coin and dropped 1.3% during the last 24 hours of trading. The last 30 days showed XRP up 11.42%, 90 days of tokens up 8.6%, but for this year coins fell 34%.

Not long ago XRP was a strong crypto competitor, but since the tether (USDT) began to shine brightly, the tokens have lost significant momentum. Tether has surpassed XRP by the size of its market capitalization and USDT has seen more settlement lately.

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