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DRAGON TOKEN (DDGN) DEVIL is not just a reflection of a practical community that is uniquely designed to maintain peer-to-peer (P2P) involvement or simple Tokens enhanced by ERC-20 Ethereum Blockchain, which allows the development of Decentralized Applications (DApp) that enable transactions to sell, exchange and trade, is also a unique multi-use cryptocurrency with many active sites.

There are several projects that develop and support DApps, and platforms such as independent video and revolutionary content sharing programs (such as forums), all of which use DDGN Ecosystem and encourage their rapid growth.

The world of technology is one of the most unique parts of the entire universe. One second, the world is behind innovation, and the next, out of nowhere, innovation gets old. Comparable to the situation with the application world, too. Stacks of technology, structure, and dialect can be accessed to build applications, engineers are not sure about a solitary system that can offer the best results.

Because the world changes according to adat applications, all biological systems are also increasingly advanced. dApps or decentralized applications are new types of usage that are not controlled or owned by a solitary position, cannot be stopped, or cannot have personal time.

The dApp idea is still in its infancy. Clarifying the equivalent in a solitary line is extreme given the fact that there is no specific definition that matches all the properties that make the application decentralized. As dApps, an application is required to display four attributes that accompany it:

  • Open Source: The characteristic above all is that the application must make its central source code accessible to everyone. Because the main nature of dApps is independence and consistent agreement, basically development must be chosen by all or most clients. Likewise, the code must be accessible for everyone to see.
  • Decentralized Nature: As the name suggests, decentralized applications store everything on a decentralized blockchain or any cryptographic innovation to avoid the application of the dangers of integrated forces and underline the independent nature.
  • Incentives: Because the application relies on a decentralized blockchain, the record validator on the system must be compensated/strengthened with cryptographic tokens or any type of sophisticated resource that has a price.
  • Algorithms: Decentralized applications need to have agreement instruments that illustrate important value evidence in a cryptographic framework. Basically, it enriches the incentive for cryptographic tokens and makes agreements that the client agrees to produce significant crypto tokens.

Because we know the attributes, we can try to put them into definitions that will help us recognize the original models. Basically, dApp is an application that suddenly spikes in demand for decentralized P2P organizations that are represented by all individuals and not solitary focus positions.


DRAGON TOKEN / TOKENS DEVIL will be able to be used and will be converted into fiat currency through any Ethereum wallet via a friendly ERC-20 Exchange and/or ATM-like other valid and eligible tokens. They will also be able to be used with other Blockchain projects and / technologies that are already in operation. That's just the beginning because there is potential for DDGN to offer many other features with many of them already live.

DDGN is and will be used on active sites to access content and/or on video platforms so that content creators watch videos and receive prizes. Moreover, to encourage the dynamics of its own ecosystem, DDGN will enable others to adopt many more revolutionary and innovative business models in the near future.

Earning potential will be further utilized through features including prize and revenue sharing, live broadcasts, moderate content for approval or disapproval of forum posts, mining for content, and managing hard disk space that is not used to obtain more DRAGON TOKEN / TOKENS DEVIL.

Decentralized, Dapp applications are PC applications that suddenly surge in demand for circulating registration frameworks. DApps has been promoted by the progress of disseminated records (DLT, for example, Ethereum Blockchain, where DApps are often alluded to as an intelligent agreement. DApps can run on suitable processing frameworks, for example, Ethereum or Bitcoin. Decentralized applications are removed and executed by executing. blockchain framework Steem creates a deep-rooted biological system that encourages the selection of top-tier DApp enhancements. There are a large number of DApps that serve great in various businesses.

DRAGON TOKEN DEVIL (DDGN) is not just the impression of a down to earth community specifically intended to continue joint commitments (P2P) or basic tokens enhanced by the ERC-20 Ethereum Blockchain, which empowers the progress of Decentralized Applications (DApp) that empower exchanges to sell, trading, and exchanging, it is also an exceptional multi-use cryptographic money with lots of dynamic locales. There are companies that create and support DApps, and stages such as autonomous video and progressive content sharing projects (such as gathering), all utilize the DDGN Ecosystem and trigger its rapid development.

DRAGON DEVIL Tokens will be able to be used and will be converted into banknotes using the Ethereum wallet through the ERC-20 Exchange which accommodates Tokens as well as ATMs that can imagine several other legitimate and quality tokens. They will also have the option to be used with several other Blockchain businesses as well as innovations that are now in the works. That is only the beginning because there is potential for DDGN to offer many different highlights with many of them effectively living.

DDGN Tokens will be used on dynamic locales to get content and also on the video stage for makers to watch recordings and get prizes. In the past, to mobilize elements of its own biological system, the DDGN would empower others to embrace some more progressive and creative plans of action in the not too distant future.

Potential for profit will also be added through highlights including prizes and revenue sharing, direct communication, directing substance for support or objection to posting discussions, digging in substance, and managing hard plate space that is not used to win Devil´s Dragon Tokens anymore.

A committed VIDEO platform that will be created in the fire of Devil´s Dragon: a cylinder like a crypto-enforced and blocked-blockchain site where designers will have their own wallets and promote revenue and all others lawfully and in a roundabout way related to things and connections will be counterbalanced and regulated by DRAGON DEVIL. The distribution of revenue, actions, and use of government rule majority will be as fast and easy as one might imagine sponsored by DRAGON DEVIL.

At this stage, our point is to make use of some supporting conventions, for example, ERC721 to make recordings such as manifestations of interesting works of art and tie them with creators, joint makers, and craftsmen who may be included or have added to special recordings suitable for everyone's offer from that video and even further from the "general big pie", as a result, from the blockchain to the end of time. This will make the way for other action plans that are more fun, easier, and much faster for everyone involved. It will also be significantly more based on popularity and interesting not only for videos,

DRAGON DEVIL (DDGN) is currently listed on MyCryptoCheckout and is used in a variety of destinations, some only, along with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several other digital currencies that are increasing. Simultaneously, registration will begin to post on various trades and frameworks immediately after ITO. Token Holders are now ready to use their tokens at various destinations around it. One DDGN is taken as 1.00 USD when spending on this locale during 2020 and thereafter in 2021. All tokens used for these purposes will be forfeited to contribute to financial aspects and bring greater deviation. If during this period the DDGN fee exceeds 1.00 USD per token, then the fee will be considered.

KISSES TECHNOLOGY (GROUP) sro has created and supported many joint ventures with ADULTEUM (Token Based on Easeum) and its own group, Front Cam Tokens, and applications such as Pygama Pesta. Finally, with the Token Devil´s Dragon (DDGN), all of his experience, information, and associations meet to offer life to symbols that will change the game and bring progress to business.

We take the opportunity on the Content Delivery Crowdfunding Delivery Network, which depends on the meeting we have today, but is enhanced by the remuneration and profits that will be driven by DRAGON DEVIL. If you share your own unique substance in a meeting, you only need to thank or a few comments and smile, but not really compensate with pride. There is little associated movement, maintenance, original sharing, or pleasure for several reasons.

With our meeting, the important thing is that you will be mysterious but linked to a wallet that can get an ERC-20 token such as DRAGON DEVIL. Your wallet may be available to you, usually. However, because it will be tied to your nickname at the meeting, your practice (legitimate and occasional even with implications) will give you remuneration that you will have the choice to trade or use, all things considered.

At the video and Content Delivery Network stages, you will have the option to use a similar wallet. It will be tied to your practice and subsequently your own manifestations, their income, and cooperation. This implies if you transfer the video as a creator, you will get a portion of the income from the throne, and in a similar wallet, which is greatly influenced by you, you can generate income from your "likes" at the discussion. , frankly, continuously.

Token Information

PreSale Starting            : 2020-08-15 00:01 - 2020-08-31 23:59
Token name                  : DRAGON DEVIL
Ticker                      : DDGN
Supply Token                : 180 000 NOT MINTABLE
Decimal                     : 18
Token Type                  : ERC20
Current Status              : Under Crowdsale with 5% PreSale

The DRAGON DEVIL token will be accessible for purchases via ETH. This will guarantee candor and prevent fake exercises that can affect coin estimation in the opposite way. Posting of DRAGON DEVIL Tokens for endless supplies of fundamental stages and token offers will be found on our site. Only Ethereum will be recognized for the acquisition of Devil´s Dragon Tokens during pre-agreement and fundamental agreement.
- Token Rate 2000 DDGN = 1ETH for Personal - Only PreSale, For Sale (ITO) Rate will be 1000 DDGN = 1 ETH

Bonus Conditions:

Time Bonus for SALE ONLY

  • Bonus: half
  • Dates from 2020-08-15 00:01 Dates until 2020-08-31 23:59
  • Min and Max business barriers to PRESALE: Minimal
  • 1 ETH Maximum 210 ETH per Wallet
  • Extra Bonuses 5 and More than 5 ETH to 10 ETH: 10% (10 and 10+: 25%)
  • Investors will get their tokens when buying, but for all types of prizes, there will be a second (manual) step taken by us to their wallet.


The DRAGON TOKEN DEVIL pictured here only shows the underlying phases of disturbing Adult entertainment. This brings development to the original work item on the Blockchain. In contrast to current conditions, where someone turns on the camera or logs into a private site to watch and hopes he can be a part of it, DDGN presents the opportunity to become a member who functions in a brave place. One can put in place a framework for utilizing and placing contemplation without hesitation through an Ecosystem that can be operated depending on the accessibility of the Devil´s Dragon Token.

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