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6 Free Bitcoin Mining Sites Without Deposit 2019
Miner Bitcoin 2019

6 Free Bitcoin Mining Sites Without Deposit 2019

Even though Bitcoin mining companies like Bitmain suffer losses, you don't need to be afraid to use the link below. Because you have not spent any capital to follow, just enough with a laptop, smartphone, internet connection and time.

However, I still say that link mining in Telegram is still a fraud. So be careful of these links. Also, there are many legit cloud mining sites at the start and scam after a few months later.

I do not recommend mining BTC at this time because of the many scams. If they ask you to DEPOSIT, the site has signs of scam.

Before you read further, make sure you have a Bitcoin wallet. Although Indodax is a Bitcoin exchange, however, the Bitcoin address listed there can be used as a wallet. I suggest using the exchange because you can immediately withdraw (WD) to your Bank.

Free Bitcoin Mining Site:

1. Eobot

Eobot - This free Bitcoin mining site is one of the oldest on this list, but it is still legitimate, famous and the most important is paying. Eobot was built in 2013 and based in the US. Not only does it have a website, but you can also download the Eobot application on a smartphone.

They have two mining options:
  • Free: You use the software provided by Eobot and use a computer or laptop VGA card.
  • Paid: You rent a computer provided by Eobot, in essence, you get speed (GH).

How to Mining Bitcoin Free on Eobot:
  • Register on the Eobot site.
  • Fill out the form correctly.
  • Verify your email.
  • Log in and search for "product".
  • Click Faucet to get GH.
  • Happy cloud mining.

If you want to mine using your own computer, just log in and click "Download".

2. Bitzfree

Bitzfree - Free Bitcoin mining sites that are worth a try. When you register, this website will reward you with 20 Ghs for free. Bitzfree also gives points to increase mining speed by 10 percent every time you enter.

When you want to enter the website, you must ensure that you are not a robot. This can make users trust the website because they add more security.

Users have the choice to use this speed or be duplicated every day. The site also offers lots of ways to increase the speed of your mining, such as follow their social media and specified tasks.

I do not recommend you to pay on cloud mining sites if they provide free options, why not. They also have more than 100,000 users, more legit than other mining sites.

3. WormMiner

WormMiner - This site is widely used by Indonesians for mining Bitcoin for free. If you don't believe, check on their website under "user activities". They also have more than 150,000 miners. You only need to register on the website and get 1 free mining machine to start mining.

4. Bitcointoolmining (need deposit)

Bitcointoolmining - Just like 99 mining, this website is new and according to them, 32,776 BTC and 152,770 ETH have been paid. The website also displays proof of payment on the homepage. Only by entering the address Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can mine Bitcoin for free.

5. Multimining ( Some say still paying)

Multimining - This website gives you 2 options for paid or free. Users simply enter their Bitcoin wallet address to get started. Every user who chooses a free option will get 1 hour of free additional mining speed.

Premium miners can get BTC automatically and get a 30 to 100 percent bonus based on payment.

6. Btcmines

Btcmines - This website is different from other Bitcoin mining. BTCmines is a new Bitcoin faucet mode where you play the faucet and the miners will mine for you in return for the faucet. The more you play the faucet, the more they will mine for you.

It is certain that this site is legit because the faucet itself makes money from ads. In addition, they have video tutorials and have no withdrawal limits. That is, you can draw 1 Satoshi. This website is hidden in gold. They have paid 43 BTC and have 138,000 users.

What do you think about these sites? You can leave a comment below if one of the sites becomes a scam. Until now, the site is still legit and paying.

I do not recommend you to make a deposit. These sites can change the terms of withdrawal at any time. If they ask you to deposit, I suggest not doing it.

5 Coins That Are Most Easily Mined on CPU, GPU, and Smartphone

Image mining engineering.

5 Coins That Are Most Easily Mined on CPU, GPU, and Smartphone

The era of cryptocurrencies has made many people want to feel and take advantage of the devices they have. Bitcoin mining is already quite difficult, what if the funds are limited and the device is simple? There are some coins that are most easily mined with a regular CPU and GPU in 2018. Mining these coins is considered sufficient to produce comparable profits and can be exchanged into bitcoin.

Almost everyone wants Bitcoin and some high priced Altcoin. But it is not easy to have it or have to spend quite a large amount of money. But for those of us who only have lower-class devices, there is no need to be discouraged. Because the crypto world solution is intended for all people.

If we only have a CPU or GPU with low specifications, you should not try heavy mining. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, are crypto which is currently busy being mined with high-end devices. It's impossible to make a profit just by relying on lower-class CPUs and GPUs.

Like Cryptonote coins that limit ASIC miner devices to support CPU, GPU and smartphone miners. So that competition and the results of the coin is far more maximal than competing with ASIC. Are there coins that can be mined with the CPU and GPU besides the Cryptonote algorithm? There, miners are few, the level of difficulty is still low, and is intended specifically for the CPU and GPU.

5 of the easiest coins to be mined in 2018.

Before mining, first, understand what is meant by CPU and GPU devices. If you only have a computer or laptop without a video card, this includes CPUs that only rely on the processor. As for GPUs, at least one Video Card is used for the mining process. Some coins that are easy to mining with lower-class Hashing tools include the following:

1. Vertcoin (VTC)

Vertcoin is the most easily mined coin as well as people's coins. Vertcoin is intended for single users and is not centralized by banks, institutions or high-end mining devices. Algorithms and work systems are not controlled by specially made mining devices or large mining pools. This coin is very possible to be mined using a CPU, and Vertcoin provides special software for mining. To mine it, just download the software on the official Vertcoin.

2. Verge (XVG)

This coin, formerly known as DogeCoinDark, is an open-source platform that uses Wraith technology. You can use a wallet with your own IP address because the Tor and I2P network features provide anonymity to users. To mine XVG coins, look at the Verge mining pool listing.

3 Monero (XMR) and MoneroV (XMV)

Monero recently stated that XMR coins can only be mined from CPU and GPU devices. This coin is resistant to ASIC, so it can maximize the profits of the CPU and GPU miners. Monero (XMR) is indeed already a high level of difficulty, and the price is comparable when using a GPU.

For CPUs, you can try mining a newly released MoneroV (XMV) with few miners. XMR mining can directly register at Minergate, while for XMV you can directly see the mining pool list at the official MoneroV.

4. Electroneum (ETN)

This one is one of the easiest coins to be mined with an Android phone and an iPhone. The competition and difficulty level for mobile phones are different from those of CPU and GPU miners. So the results obtained are considered very promising. Electroneum recently announced it will replace the ASIC-resistant mining algorithm. So that ETN coins can only be mined with CPU, GPU and smartphone devices.

5. HodlCoin (HODL)

Hodlcoin is considered very unique because this coin can only be mined with a CPU. The concept also adopted PoS by locking coins. Then each owner will get interested based on the number of coins locked. The percentage given by each block for 30 days is around 5% APR. There are also options for 1 year, 6 months, more similar to deposits. For mining, you can directly access the mining pool listing on the website

The five coins that are most easily mined with the CPU, GPU, and cellphone above can presumably treat feelings of discouragement. Crypto mining is intended for all circles and without limits. If we don't have an expensive device to mine bitcoin, just mine one of the coins above. Then exchange it in crypto into Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Bitmain Launches New Mining Equipment for Bitcoin


Bitmain Launches New Mining Equipment for Bitcoin

Reporting from CryptoBranch, crypto mining giant, Bitmain, launched two new models for its Antminer lineup, one of which is the most powerful. Announced on Friday (5/9/2019), Antminer S17e has a 64 terahertz (TH) hash rate (TH) per second and power efficiency of 45 joules per TH.

According to the Bitmain website, the S17 mining machine has 53 TH / s and an efficiency rating of 45 J / TH in normal power mode. The second new Antminer, T17e, provides a hash rate of 53 TH / sec and power efficiency of 55 J / TH. This Antminer seems to offer figures that are identical to the S17 models that have been sold. CryptoBranch met with Bitmain to clarify what the T17e has to offer, whose strengths are above the existing devices.

They are also loaded with new software that is said to be "safer" than before to prevent "malicious attacks." The new models will be sold in three groups from today (10 September 2019) to 11 September 2019 and will be delivered until November 2019.

The China-based miner maker also said it would compensate buyers with coupons if they had to experience delays in shipping for the "e." Model.


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