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Introducing the Universal Protocol Alliance and UPT Exchange

Introducing the Universal Protocol Alliance and UPT

The Universal Protocol Alliance is the most prominent coalition in the blockchain industry dedicated to increasing interoperability, mainstream consumer safeguards and a more transparent standard of stablecoins.

Current members of the Alliance include known blockchain powerhouses such as OmiseGo, Bittrex, Cred, Uphold, Blockchain at Berkley and Certik.

The innovative minds within the Alliance identified one of the biggest problems holding back blockchain adoption was the lack of interoperability. To address this challenge, they developed the Universal Protocol. This allows instant and seamless transfer across different blockchains, acting as a connector between blockchain protocols that previously were unable to “communicate”.

One of the major achievements of this unique technology is that it allows any blockchain to readily compile with Ethereum and its ecosystem of smart contracts, dApps and decentralized exchanges. Universal Protocol offers a solution which is scalable and can quickly be applied across different blockchains unlike atomic swaps.

The goal of the Universal Protocol Alliance is to ultimately foster an ecosystem where seamless and decentralized conversions of tokenized assets are possible. Any asset that is currently trading on financial markets such as commodities, equities, debt or cryptocurrencies could be digitized and traded via Universal Protocol.

By combining Ethereum smart contracts and digital asset reserve management with their innovative Universal Proxy Tokens, the alliance is proposing a system where anyone can securely transfer value. Every Universal Protocol Token is fully-backed by an underlying asset. For instance, if an investor buys $3000 worth of Universal Dollar, $3000 United State Dollars will be purchased and held in reserve. Consequently, the price of the Universal Dollar will mirror the price of the United State Dollar dollar. The beauty of holding Universal Proxy Tokens is that you can easily swap these dollars into any other Universal Protocol Token.

The most recent addition to the Universal Ecosystem has been the Universal Euro, a Euro-backed stablecoin. This stablecoin enables people everywhere in the world to purchase and securely store Euro. Consumers can put their Universal Euro to work and earn 8% interest by staking them on applications powered by Cred, including and Uphold.

The Universal Protocol ecosystem is fueled by their native token: the Universal Protocol Token (UPT). As the easiest gateway into the Universal Protocol platform, the UPT utility token offers users:
  • Reduced trading fees UPT
  • The ability to lend or borrow with UPT
  • Access to discounted events, auditing fee discounts and payment for some gas fees with UPT.

At Exchange, we believe that only with collaboration and team-effort will we be able to drive the blockchain industry forward. This is why we have decided to support the UPT alliance mission and will make the UPT token available on our exchange.

UPT will be listed on the 20th November.

Subsequent to Breaking New Records Bakkt Announces Crypto Consumer App


Subsequent to Breaking New Records Bakkt Announces Crypto Consumer App 

Following the unequaled record of 1,179 agreements on October 25, Mike Blandina, Bakkt's main item official, uncovered the firm is propelling another procedure in the wake of reporting its December choices dispatch. Bakkt is discharging a customer application so retail financial specialists can "open the estimation of computerized resources" by means of purchaser installments. 

Bakkt Announces a Crypto Consumer App After Its Futures Volume Broke Records 

Bakkt's physically-settled bitcoin fates agreements have been relentlessly picking up enthusiasm as the market has seen a couple of new records since propelling. On October 11, Bakkt uncovered it had directed its first square exchange while additionally observing a 796% hop in prospects exchange volume a one intra-day exchanging session. Somewhat more than seven days after the fact, Bakkt agreements arrived at another achievement with 640 BTC swapped on October 23. 

The multiple times, the ascent in prospects enthusiasm on Bakkt pursued the tremendous value drops BTC felt over the most recent couple of weeks. At that point, after BTC and the remainder of the cryptoconomy hopped 20% higher or more the next day, Bakkt again broke records. This time Bakkt volumes saw 1,179 agreements on October 25 and volumes that pursued have been a lot more grounded. After Bakkt's new record, Mike Blandina, Bakkt's central item official, informed general society concerning another customer application the firm is discharging in 2020. 

"We'll be propelling a purchaser application to make it simple for shoppers to find and open the estimation of advanced resources, just as manners by which they can execute or follow them. Vendors access a more extensive arrangement of clients with extended spending power," Blandina's blog entry declaration subtleties. 


Bakkt's New App Focuses on Four Key Areas: Infrastructure, Accessibility, Trust, and Ultimate Control for the User 

Blandina said that Bakkt needs to reinforce four key territories inside the digital currency biological system. Frictionless advanced resource foundation, commercial center openness, a reliable brand, and a noncustodial arrangement "with the idea of a customer-driven stage that offers a definitive power over their computerized resources." 

Subsidiaries showcases in the crypto space are by all account not the only piece of the business Bakkt needs to handle, and by 2020 the organization would like to dispatch the new digital currency driven buyer application. "In the course of the most recent year, we've gathered a solid group of installments builds and are nearing the culmination of our center installments and consistence stage," Blandina pushed. Bakkt's main item official included: 

We're presently centered around the advancement of the purchaser application and dealer entry, just as testing with our first dispatch accomplice, Starbucks, which we expect in the primary portion of one year from now. 

The news pursues Fidelity Investment's ongoing declaration when columnists from the Financial Times (FT) unveiled that "Devotion has revealed its cryptographic money care business." The association's digital currency unit was uncovered in 2018 and as indicated by FT: "[Fidelity Digital Asset Services (FDAS)] is presently occupied with a full rollout of its care and exchanging administrations for advanced resources." Bakkt official Blandina underlined that the "center principle" of Bakkt's methodology was comparative by "opening the estimation of computerized resources" through customer installments. Blandina finished up by clarifying invested individuals can join now for early access to the Bakkt shopper application.

China Passes Cryptocurrency Laws, Bitcoin Prices Rise


China passes Cryptocurrency laws, Bitcoin prices rise

The 13th National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China passed a new law governing cryptography on October 26, 2019, the law will take effect on January 1, 2020, according to local CCTV.

According to the report, the regulatory framework aims to set a standard for cryptographic application and password management. The new regulatory framework also establishes the role of a central cryptographic institution that is intended to lead public cryptographic work, create guidelines and policies for related industries.

This draft law was actually published on May 7, 2019. The draft law centers around unified government secret word the executives and doesn't unequivocally make reference to digital currency, in spite of the fact that it centers around cryptography, the key parts fundamental digital money are in reality Bitcoin.

Is This the Beginning of China's National Crypto Development?

The law builds a foundation for China's planned national cryptocurrency, although there is no official launch schedule yet, an official in the Chinese state confirmed in September.

Plus yesterday Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for China to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology.

Libra Facebook Continues to Fight for Legitimate Regulation

Libra Facebook.

Libra - Regulations Can Live in Harmony

Recently we were shocked by the existence of several companies that canceled the collaboration with Libra Facebook. But this is not a blow to Libra. Libra will continue to strive towards regulation. Libra will not be launched without the supervision of appropriate regulations and handle legitimate issues. The information we got from Libra tweet "Regulations can live in harmony."

"We have said from the beginning that Libra must not and will not be launched without the supervision of appropriate regulations and handle legitimate issues. Every time someone agrees with us, it is not a" blow "or" setback. "Innovation and regulation can live in harmony "@Libra_.

This gets a tweet response from @JoeSmo05464358 "Yes, by definition" agree "with you, I don't think anyone believes it will be a 'blow' or 'setback.' Hopefully, your governance is better than your grammar lol, " said Joe Smo.

On the same occasion, Libra also received a good response from @MAEHusseini. In his Twitter response saying "You have to start by collecting various regulations related to @libra, provide economical analysis and run AI on top. Reach a general understanding, set principles, and create #Model #law that fits between different jurisdictions. " said Mehdi El Husseini (@Davidmarcus).

Karim Naufal (@mysticaltech) also added that: Well said! Keep up the good work. You are a trailblazer. Someone has to do this hard work sooner or later ... It is in the government's interest to ensure that regulated #cryptocurrency like #Libra sees the light of today, otherwise unregulated alternatives will develop!

Maybe we need to question the meaning of @mysticaltech tweet that states "unregulated alternatives will develop!". Does he mean about Bitcoin which has not been regulated by anyone?

This is different from the response given by Conner Brown. We said from the beginning that libra should be an accessible bitcoin wallet. Every time you ignore it just shows your incompetence and ignores financial freedom. Bitcoin and Facebook can live harmoniously, said @_ConnerBrown_

So what has been the response of cryptocurrency users who have been adapting so much about Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and other coins that have cryptocurrency without regulation?

Crypto Outpaces Political Donation Laws in Japan

Crypto Donations That Are Not Reported Are Legal.

Crypto Outpaces Political Donation Laws in Japan

A major Japanese news publication reports that the crypto donation to each politician is legal and does not need to be reported publicly as a contribution. The Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications verifies that even though it is illegal to donate cash or securities directly to politicians or political campaigns, crypto donations still fly under the radar because of technical classification. The gap has several commentators in the country who say the current law "does not keep pace with the times."

Crypto Donations That Are Not Reported Are Legal

Japanese media outlet Yomiuri Shimbun reported on Saturday that "Cryptographic assets, donations for individuals are legal," even when direct individual donations to politicians are not currently related to the Japanese yen and marketable securities, stocks and bonds.

Under current conditions, political contributions in fiat currencies and other standard instruments must be donated to political organizations and reported to the public by the receiving entity. However, due to technical classification, cryptographic assets fly under this regulation, according to the Japanese Ministry of Home Affairs and Communications. As it stands, individual politicians can thus receive individual crypto campaign funds without reporting donations publicly.

Infographic detailing the current legal status of political donations under Japanese law. Source: Yomiuri Shimbun.
Although crypto has the status of a legally accepted currency in Japan, the Political Fund Control Act that regulates donations reportedly fails to include crypto assets as illicit money or securities for individual political donations due to crypto differences from the national fiat yen and its derivatives. This law can be renewed immediately to build greater transparency in the political process. The article quoted Japanese University Law, Professor Tomoaki Iwai, as stating:

The current law does not keep pace with the times.

Technology Outperforms Government

A centralized government falling behind technological innovation is not new, and while regulators are likely to jump on this new invention soon to close the door to crypto-enabled funding routes under the table, it serves to demonstrate the power of technology in general. For those who enter the crypto space at least in part because of privacy, autonomy and the efficiency of crypto assets, the situation in Japan presents evidence of a real-life concept: centralized regulation, in essence, will always fail to keep up with decentralized and rapidly developing technology.

A Twitter user commented on the story, noting that the current situation is a kind of anachronism, posting a famous Japanese cartoon depicting an old-time bureaucrat and rich donor talking about how corrupt they were together, with bureaucrats saying cunningly to donors, "You’re bad too" @Nishi8maru stated in his tweet that "this legal status is a typical example of anachronism."

This legal status is a typical example of an anachronism.
Users in the thread voiced confusion and mistrust of the news, noting that the Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA) had set up crypto and that it was a taxable asset for everyone, which had to be reported by individuals. Some claim that politicians only use and make laws to serve themselves. Whatever the case, crypto once again shows itself as an effective tool in avoiding regulation. If politicians can use it to fulfill their own goals, however corrupt or virtuous it is, the story leaves some people wondering how everyday individuals can utilize the same innovative power of financial sovereignty in their own lives, kings, and bureaucrats are condemned.


Bitcoin Evolution Review - 100% Legit
We have tested the platform and believe it is 100% legit!

Bitcoin Evolution Review

Bitcoin Evolution is the latest form of bitcoin trading that uses online investment and cryptocurrency mining software, which will allow ordinary people to join the bitcoin trading world and make a profit online. No matter your level of experience, knowledge, and background, the software is designed in a simple way to make it easier for everybody to use and benefit from its features and benefits it has to offer.

We did a review of the Bitcoin Evolution, involving a series of tests to examine all its features and we also made a live trade. All in a bid to confirm if it is authentic. At the beginning of this evaluation, we were happy to prove the legitimacy of Bitcoin Evolution after reading widely about its features and reviews from active users. However, there’s no better way to know the truth if we didn’t use the system ourselves.

Conclusion: We have tested the platform and believe it is 100% legit!

This is a brief report of our findings after reviewing and testing the Bitcoin Evolution. I am happy that at the end of our tests, it is easily one of the best cryptocurrency trading software for new and experienced investors.

Is Bitcoin Evolution Legit? Yes

The Bitcoin Evolution is automated trading software; it runs with intelligent robots that can detect trading signals to determine when it is best to buy or sell cryptocurrency. It does all the temporary work, the user only waits for a positive return after making a deposit and activating the automatic trading feature.
Bitcoin: Is It The Future Of Money?
We discovered that this is software that everyone can use. There is no demand for complicated information during the registration process, and risk limits can be established to reduce the possibility of loss, given the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market. With a minimum deposit of $ 250, users can start earning passive income with the Evolution of Bitcoin every day.

Is Bitcoin Evolution Scam or Not: The Verdict!

Here is a summary of our findings after testing the Bitcoin Evolution:
  • We tested the Bitcoin Evolution feature, and it worked. We get real money after direct trading and withdraw our profits.
  • My team checked all aspects mentioned in the reviews by active users, and it turned out to be true. This is a fast and responsive software without downtime.
  • Considering the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, the developers of the Bitcoin Evolution have thoughtfully set the minimum deposit for trading at $250, which is affordable considering the potential of high returns.
  • The Bitcoin Evolution has a high win ratio, as confirmed by my team after our live trading experience with the software.
  • Everyone can try the Bitcoin Evolution now via this link.

What is the Evolution of Bitcoin?

After our experience with Bitcoin Evolution, we can affirm that it is one of the automated trading software that can be used by everyone to grow their passive income at a consistent rate.

We understand that the prospect cryptocurrency process cannot be 100% accurate due to the nature of market volatility. So we checked the efficiency of the algorithm for Bitcoin Evolution. Our results show that this software has an estimated accuracy of 99.4%.

Bitcoin Evolution was created and developed by a team of software engineers who work closely with experienced cryptocurrency traders to ensure that the automatic trading platform features are perfect for all users. The system functions with smart robots that analyze the market and trade on behalf of users. Smart software can do hundreds of trades in a few minutes, making it far better than the manual trading process.

One thing that impressed my team during this review was the opportunity that Bitcoin Evolution gave everyone to participate and start earning a passive income from trading Bitcoin without undergoing extensive trading or attending online lessons to get trade certification.

The automated trading system used by Bitcoin Evolution was introduced some time ago. I know it exists and have read about an update on the same system. This is credible as proven by hundreds of traders. Many traders use automated trading software to become millionaires overnight. After our experience during direct trading with Bitcoin Evolution, we observed how easy it is to make a profit with an automated trading system.

We also observe that it is possible to trade other digital currencies on platforms other than Bitcoin. For example, the Bitcoin Evolution system allows users to match cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, Dash, Bitcoin cash, with global currencies - USD, EUR, CAD, CHF, or NZD.

Open House Coinbase Shares Vision, Mission & Strategy

The Coinbase Mission, Vision & Strategy

Open House Coinbase Shares Vision, Mission & Strategy

Sunday,Oct 6 - 2019 - Coinbase hosted an Open House wherein the open house event the Coinbase shares their vision, mission, and strategy. They say that there have been many changes to the various crypto updates. But the update that was conveyed at the Open House event was about the renewal of vision, mission & strategy. Because they consider this far more important than others.

"I published the Coinbase Secret Master Plan, three years ago. Although much of that is still valid today, much has changed in the crypto world and it's time to share updates. This week, we host an open house where I share updates on our mission, vision, and strategy at Coinbase".

Quoted from site about their vision is to build an open financial system. We do this to increase the amount of economic freedom in the world, a measurable concept that can be accelerated by the adoption of cryptocurrency.

According to the video directly distributed on the Coinbase website about defining economic freedom, talking about how cryptocurrency can improve it, and sharing how Coinbase can change it materially in the coming years.

"If you are interested in joining us, please check our career page for opportunities in Coinbase. We want you to join us on this journey and I hope you will see and share feedback," said Brian - Funder & CEO of Coinbase.

Israeli startup that allows offline Crypto transactions to secure $ 4 million

Offline Crypto Transactions.

Israeli startup that allows offline Crypto transactions to secure $ 4 million

The cybersecurity startup Israel GK8 has reportedly developed the world's first offline system for transacting cryptocurrency.

The new system uses GK8's proprietary cryptographic technique that enables instant blockchain transactions of digital assets without the need for an internet connection, the Israeli business news publication Globes reported on September 18.

The company raised $ 4 million in a funding round led by Discount Capital, a venture branch of one of Israel's three largest banks, Discount Bank, and Marius Nacht, one of the founders of the cybersecurity checkpoint giant. Other investors reported included EdenBlock, iAngels, IDEAL-HLS, StratX and the Israel Innovation Authority.

As reported by Globes, the new cryptographic technique GK8 allows companies to develop cold wallets with "hot wallet functions," securing user funds from hackers and cyber attacks.

Unidirectional connection

In a recent interview with Fortune, GK8 CEO Lior Lamesh described the GK8 technology as "an agnostic book," hinting that it could be used for Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. According to Lamesh, G8K is able to record transactions on the blockchain in offline mode thanks to "unidirectional connections."

The GK8 technology is active and underway and is already being used by the eToro digital asset trading platform.

Fortune reported that the GK8 was founded in 2018 by two members of the Israeli special defense unit who specialize in protecting the country's digital assets.

According to Silicon Valley-based crypto intelligence company CipherTrace, cryptocurrency theft reached $ 1.2 billion in the first quarter of 2019 - $ 500,000 less than was stolen during 2018.


Scalability on Blockchain: Is There a Solution?


Scalability on Blockchain: Is There a Solution?

This is one of the biggest challenges facing blockchain and crypto - obstacles that can only be resolved by industry. Without a solution, even CEO of major global exchanges worry that mass adoption will never be achieved.

Scalability is a thorn that has been running for a long time on the side of this young technology, which is still relatively young and has not yet made significant inroads into the world economy. At a basic level, this relates to whether the blockchain network is able to provide the same fast and high-quality experience to all its users - regardless of how many are online at any given time.

Consumers and companies need to know that they can rely on the network whenever they need to use it, and fixing this before the platform operates is very important. In 2018, a PwC survey of 600 executives revealed that as many as 84% ​​of organizations were actively involved with the blockchain - both at the research and development stage, testing technology, or with direct products.

A bad experience at any point of this trip can be a disaster. Companies are licking their wounds after blockchain investments fail to meet the expectations they will be reluctant to test technology again. Consumers who are frustrated by slow transaction speeds will see no incentive to switch from existing tools that have a much bigger footing in the market.

One of the biggest challenges regarding scalability is the difficulty of reaching consensus on how to overcome it. Bitcoin (BTC), the dominant cryptocurrency in the world, has passed this path before. Even in 2017, the network begins to curve under pressure from user requests - and as a result, the cost to send BTC increases unless the user is willing to wait for days for the transaction to be completed.

While one crypto advocate group wants to overcome this problem by increasing the block size limit - increasing scalability on the chain - others believe that expanding the exponential chain is a better approach. This has led to innovations such as the Lightning Network, an additional layer designed to provide faster payments and lower costs. At least in the case of BTC, this seems to be the direction of travel. Before this additional layer emerged, the Bitcoin network could only handle seven transactions per second (TPS) - but the Lightning Network could theoretically provide an increase of 10,000 TPS, along with lower costs and instant completion. You might think that this would prove to be a silver bullet for the issue of lasting scalability, but the low usage rate actually means that the operating node loses money when the transaction is processed. This has led to claims that BTC is facing an existential crisis, not least because solutions intended to save the day may not be justified.

Where e-commerce comes in

Naturally, seven transactions per second won't cut it for the fast-moving e-commerce sector. In the real world, it's almost like running a cafe that only has five tables, but every day there are 200 customers waiting for seats. Frequently quoted figures from Visa, the payment processing giant, claim that it is capable of processing more than 24,000 transactions per second. Regardless of the costs traders face when using this company's infrastructure, it's hard to see why many of them will turn away from established systems that have been adopted by customers for something that can handle 3,400 transactions fewer times per second. It was like going from a busy coffee shop with tables to set aside to a kiosk where no one had room to sit.

That is not to say that this problem is fatal - far from it. Some businesses have integrated crypto into their platforms despite scalability issues, and have started accepting digital currencies as a payment method. Motivation to do it varies. While some people are tempted by the idea of ​​attracting new customers by giving them the opportunity to use assets that are not received elsewhere, others are interested in making transactions completed faster - eliminating sadness, sometimes waiting for days to get funds in their business accounts. Others are just fed up with the nonsense of handling cash, not to mention the costs they have to pay when relying on financial institutions that dominate the market.

A business case for crypto

Crypto-focused companies such as ABBC strive to get ahead of the curve by offering a blockchain platform designed specifically for merchants and their customers, providing an unlimited experience to use digital currencies when shopping online. According to the company, an old network increasing block size or increasing the frequency of block making simply won't cut it - at least because it could lead to new security vulnerabilities and big problems with a fork.

ABBC says it has recognized that the crypto sector needs to offer the same quality - if not better quality - than a fiat channel that allows instant payments to be made. For this purpose, it uses a consensus protocol known as delegated proof of ownership, or DPoS. This method of validating transactions is built on a real-time reputation and voting system, with delegates placed precisely responsible for the acceptance or rejection of network transactions.

The company estimates that it can handle up to 5,000 transactions per second - the capacity it claims "will only increase in time" and will make it "one of the fastest blockchain in the world." This scalability is complemented by a multicurrency digital asset wallet. offering "top-level security" and instant messaging, shopping centers where crypto enthusiasts can access dozens of large brands in one place, and exchanges that produce low transaction costs, high throughput performance, and lots of liquid trading pairs.


Coinbase continues to explore support for new digital assets
Coinbase are exploring support for assets that have not yet been launched for our customers worldwide.

The purpose of Coinbase is to offer support for all assets that meet our technical standards and that comply with applicable law. Over time we hope our customers worldwide will have access through the Coinbase platform to at least 90% of the aggregate market capitalization of all outstanding digital assets.

To date, we have explored much support for assets that are already alive and available to be traded elsewhere. Today, we announce our intention to explore assets that have not yet been launched and which Coinbase might choose to be supported in the future.

We will continue to evaluate prospective assets against our Digital Asset Framework to assess factors such as security, compliance and project alignment with our mission to create an open financial system for the world. To register, register the application here.

Digital Assets Under Review

Today we announce that we are exploring the addition of various new assets. As part of the exploration process, customers can see public facing APIs and other signs that we are doing technical work to potentially support this asset.

These new assets include, in alphabetical order: Avalanche, Celo, Chia, Coda, Dfinity, Filecoin, Handshake, Kadena, Mobilecoin, NEAR, Nerve, Oasis, Orchid, Polkadot, Solana, Spacemesh, and Telegram.

Our decision to support any asset requires significant technical review and compliance and may be subject to regulatory approval in several jurisdictions. Therefore, we cannot guarantee whether the assets listed above will be registered with Coinbase products in any jurisdiction. In accordance with our registration process, we will add new assets based on jurisdiction-per-jurisdiction, in accordance with the applicable review and authorization. Removal of assets from this publication does not disqualify these assets from active reviews and potential lists.

Our customers can expect Coinbase to make similar announcements in the future as we continue to explore the addition of many assets across platforms.


Malaysian Ministry of Education Fights Fake Diplomas With Blockchain Technology

Malaysia Blockchain Technology.

Malaysian Ministry of Education Fights Fake Diplomas With Blockchain Technology

The Malaysian Ministry of Education has introduced E-Skrol, an application built on the NEM blockchain to handle certificate fraud (diploma) issues using blockchain technology.

In a September 19 article by the nearby news organization, the Ministry of Education in Malaysia reported that the recently presented E-Skrol blockchain application, which made it conceivable to confirm the credibility of degrees and confirmations in training in Malaysia, will currently be accessible to all open and private colleges in this neighboring nation.

The E-Skrol application aims to address the increasing cases of diploma and fake degrees in Malaysia, which can be obtained online from so-called diploma factories.

Minister of Education, Dr. Maszlee Malik, stated that the problem of counterfeiting had a negative impact on the Malaysian higher education system, he also added:

"There are people who associate with the reputation of Malaysian state universities to raise their profile by showing fake certificates. We strongly believe that the blockchain application can change this situation."

Maszlee Malik also said that "now anyone, anywhere in the world can verify the data of every Malaysian university graduate, including their names, complete transcripts, graduation dates, and degree classes through the application and scanning the QR code, which is printed on the certificate."

On the other hand, previously, the non-profit blockchain organization, the Iota Foundation, had released a platform that enabled a decentralized and autonomous industrial market.

Dubbed the "Industry Marketplace", Iota's new product is a joint initiative aimed at accelerating industrial automation and commercial machine interaction, the Iota Foundation announced in a blog post on September 19.

Working as an industry-nonpartisan merchant and stage that robotizes the exchanging of physical and computerized merchandise and ventures, the blog entry guaranteed the Industry Marketplace as the world's first self-sufficient and decentralized virtual market.

This activity is a coordinated effort between various organizations, including the German startup IoT, Neoception, and WeWash, the principal advancement division by the biggest family hardware producer in Europe, BSH Hausgerate, and numerous others.

Crypto Throwback Thursdays: Santander, Deloitte, and Wells Fargo
Crypto Throwback.

Crypto Throwback Thursdays: Santander, Deloitte, and Wells Fargo 

What do Santander, Watford FC and Wells Fargo share for all intents and purpose? 

They're in the principal version of our energizing new review of the greatest week by week crypto news, that is the thing that. 

Each Thursday, we'll be condensing the most significant digital currency and blockchain news for you, so you can invest less energy scouring the web and additional break in reality. Give us a chance to help diminish your screen time. Take in the outside air. Appreciate the engineering of the structure you're in. Appreciate the organization of an old companion. Pick life. 

After you've perused this obviously. This is significant. 

Santander issues first start to finish blockchain bond

Global financial goliath Banco Santander declared that it has propelled the principal start to finish blockchain bond on the open Ethereum blockchain. The bank issued the bond legitimately onto the blockchain, where it will remain. 

Banco Santander is the backer of the $20 million security, while one of the Group's units obtained the security at market cost, with no outside financial specialists included. The move opens the entryway to a potential optional market for standard security tokens later on. 

Santander's CFO, Jose Garcia Cantera, clarified that: "Santander is at the bleeding edge of the significant advanced change of the budgetary segment and this exchange is one model. 

"We need to exploit any innovation that can quicken forms with the goal that our clients flourish and be quicker and progressively effective, and blockchain is one of those advances.

Deloitte tests Bitcoin installment for staff 

How would you pay for lunch at your office? In the event that it's with money, possibly you should begin considering different open doors in increasingly ground breaking organizations. For instance, Deloitte, where they presently acknowledge Bitcoin at their staff flask. 

Prior this week the Luxembourg Times announced that 'Huge 4' reviewing firm Deloitte now offers workers the alternative to purchase their lunch with Bitcoin. The activity has been set up as a method for testing the innovation's helpfulness. 

Laurent Collet, an accomplice at Deloitte's warning arm, told columnists: "We believe it's great to have our workers survey this new innovation." Collet did, in any case, say there are no designs to enable customers to pay in Bitcoin soon, however their endeavors to acquaint themselves with the innovation are a positive move that will warrant perception. 

Harbor tokenises land finances worth $100 million 

Speculation startup Harbor has moved from direct token deals to empowering organizations to tokenise existing protections. On Monday, Harbor declared the making of tokens on the Ethereum blockchain speaking to the portions of four land supports worth $100 million. 

Generally, iCap's speculators must focus on a multi-year lock-up period. To escape the lock-up period early, they would need to discover another financial specialist who might take it over. This is an extensive and exorbitant procedure. Harbor has computerized this procedure by building up a private commercial center stage for its customers' speculators and merchant sellers to exchange security tokens. 

Wells Fargo to dispatch stablecoin in 2020 

U.S.- based monetary behemoth Wells Fargo is building up a USD-pegged stablecoin that will keep running on the company's first blockchain stage, based on Corda Enterprise, the paid-for big business adaptation of R3's blockchain innovation. 

The idea will do a pilot for interior exchanges one year from now. The firm said in an official statement that the stablecoin will be utilized to settle interior cross-fringe installments over its worldwide system. Its worldwide areas will likewise have the option to move assets between one another utilizing the stablecoin. 

Just U.S. dollars will be accessible to move at first, yet different monetary forms will probably be presented before being accessible at all branches around the world. 

Lisa Frazier, leader of the Innovation Group at Wells Fargo, said in an announcement: "because of the expanding digitisation of banking administrations universally, we see a developing interest to further decrease grating with respect to conventional outskirts, and the present innovation places us in a solid situation to do that. 

"We accept [digital record technology] holds guarantee for an assortment of utilization cases, and we're stimulated to make this critical stride in applying the innovation to banking in a material and versatile way. Wells Fargo Digital Cash can possibly empower Wells Fargo to evacuate obstructions to constant money related cooperations over numerous records in different commercial centers far and wide." 

Bitcoin Sleeve Sponsor for Watford 

The English Premier League (EPL) had an aggregate worldwide crowd of 3.2 billion for all programming in the 2018/19 season – a gigantic assume that smaller people worldwide classes in different games. 

This makes EPL sponsorship enormous business, giving a chance to contact individuals in all sides of the globe. Which makes news that the Bitcoin logo (₿) will show up on the shirt sleeve of Watford FC this season all the additionally energizing. 

The move is a piece of an instructive drive driven by games wagering brand, as a component of a more extensive battle to improve mindfulness and training around Bitcoin. 

Scott Duxbury, Hornets' Chairman and CEO, stated: "Setting the Bitcoin logo on a Premier League shirt is something that difficulties the acknowledged standard. We're amped up for the organizations and the potential for new worldwide discussions that it could help start for our club." 

The sponsorship will be swarm supported. Any individual who holds Bitcoin will be conceded the selective chance to partake in indistinguishable advantages from Watford FC supports, including the utilization of the Bitcoin box for eight individuals, elite Watford FC product, and chance to offer for open LED space demonstrated live during matches. 

Hedera Hashgraph has propelled its hotly anticipated open system 

Hedera Hashgraph has propelled its hotly anticipated open system, sponsored by a portion of the world's biggest organizations, including IBM, Boeing and TATA. There are 26 dapps and arrangements officially running live on the Hedera Hashgraph stage. 

The decentralized open system is focusing on ventures and claims to be equipped for preparing 10,000 digital currency exchanges for each second (TPS), in spite of the fact that this figure has been questioned.


The German Finance Minister Respond Decisively to Libra Presence

German finance minister Olaf Scholz has responded firmly to the presence of Facebook's crypto output, Libra, Reuters reported on September 17, 2019. img/

The German Finance Minister Respond Decisively to Libra Presence

In a panel discussion held in Berlin, Olaf Scholz openly rejected the presence of Stablecoin like Libra, "We cannot accept parallel currencies," as quoted by Reuters. then

According to the order document seen by Reuters, stablecoin will not be an alternative to fiat currencies because Germany along with European and international countries will reject it.

The rejection made by the German Minister of Finance is not something new for this Facebook output stablecoin, Western European countries like France are also calling for the same thing, the French government is worried that Libra can bring "monetary sovereignty" to European countries, uk

Libra is a stable coin that will run in a blockchain network that is secured by 100 distributed computer servers or nodes. To create an open and interoperable financial services ecosystem and to expand inclusion

Stablecoin is a cryptocurrency created to have a stable value based on the value of goods such as the United States dollar, gold, and others.

Strong response to Libra

In addition, the head of Libra development David Marcus also received a strong response about the crypto that wants to be released from the United States senators at a parliamentary meeting held last July.

An American Senator named Sherrod Brown started the discussion about Facebook which he considered "dangerous" and also was not worthy of trust by Americans. The scathing response that was brought up continued to offend the privacy of Facebook user data on errors that had occurred. "Facebook has shown scandal after scandal that it is not appropriate for us to believe," Brown.then said

But David Marcus denied the problem that had happened to Facebook when it was associated with political problems. He explained that Facebook had also tried to fix the problem

Marcus also opened his voice regarding the planned launch of Libra at the hearing session that the Stablecoin did not intend to replace the existing fiat currency. He will only launch Libra when the related regulations are completed and have received the green light from the authorities and regulators


The Philippines Arrested 273 Bitcoin Scammers

Philippines Arrested 273 Bitcoin Scammers
Beware of Bitcoin scams with Malware.

273 Bitcoin Fraud Suspects Arrested in the Philippines

Two hundred and seventy-three Chinese citizens were arrested in the Philippines, accused of cheating more than a thousand investors in a suspected Bitcoin fraud syndicate.

As reported by the Inquirer, Philippine law enforcement agents acted on a tip from the Chinese Embassy in the country to arrest suspects. According to sources familiar with the matter, Philippine law officials discovered fake crypto plots in the country, which have deceived more than 1,000 Chinese investors.

Doing raids

The local authorities cooperated with agents from the Fugitive Search Unit of the Immigration Bureau and officials from the Chinese Ministry of Public Security and carried out a raid on the Grapefruit Service - an operational base for fraudsters.

Grapefruit is reported to employ 277 Chinese citizens. The Pasig City-based company is a licensed service provider for Golden Millennial Quickpay Inc. Ltd, which is a crypto ally company.

Questionable agreement

Golden Millennial Quickpay is allowed by the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) to provide services only in Pasig City. However, the company has been involved in a questionable agreement. This expands its activities to Metro Manila - the capital of the Philippines, which is a restricted area.

In addition, Grapefruit employees have a CEZA visa, which allows them to work only within the Cagayan special economic zone. Registration documents from the Securities and Exchange Commission do not allow companies to operate as investment advisers, banknotes or cryptocurrency exchanges, or as brokers or securities dealers.

The suspected Bitcoin con artist was caught

After the raid, 273 Grapefruit employees were arrested and will be deported to their countries, because their international passports have been canceled by the Chinese government.

It first ordered the arrest of four Chinese nationals before local authorities seized many other suspects in the Bitcoin fraud scheme, said Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente in the Philippines. There are also rumors that some evil actors are taking advantage of the friendly nature of the country to carry out fraudulent activities on unsuspecting investors. Fortunately, immigration authorities are on guard.

As the world becomes accustomed to emerging cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, fraud related to Crypto continues to increase. Countries such as Singapore and Thailand have previously warned their citizens to be wary of questionable crypto agreements.

Malware Download
Some sites promise to give away coins to users if they download a malware application when someone asks to fill out a fake Bitcoin survey. All of this is nothing but an attempt to get malware out of your device, be alert when encounters like that.

Bitcoin Phishing Impersonation
Phishing basically gets users to enter their personal info on dangerous sites. Creating a phishing site asks to enter a private key after the key is lured, this gives scammers access to your wallet address. Leaving your Bitcoin assets vulnerable.


Bitmax, Line Corp Crypto Exchange Starts Operating in Japan

Line Corp Crypto Exchange.

Bitmax, Line Corp's Crypto Exchange Starts Operating in Japan

The launch of the Bitmax cryptocurrency exchange in Japan will allow 80 million LINE users to exchange virtual assets such as Bitcoin and Link, which are virtual crypto assets from LINE.

According to LINE Corporation and the operator of virtual assets and operating companies related to the blockchain, LVC Corporation, BITMAX has been operating and will be available to Japanese users starting Tuesday (17/09). BITMAX is one of the leading crypto exchange platforms that seek to meet the trading needs of users who want a modern and secure network for trading virtual currencies.

Based on the news reported by Tron Weekly Tuesday (09/17), after obtaining an operating license from the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA), BITMAX is scheduled to begin platform operations in the next few days. The launch of the BITMAX platform in Japan will allow 80 million LINE users to exchange virtual assets such as Bitcoin and Link which are the original virtual assets of LINE. BITMAX operations increase the coverage of the LINE crypto exchange portfolio to two after launching Bitbox in Singapore in mid-2018 ago.

After the agreement, the Japanese messaging giant, LINE business unit, became one of the few licensed crypto exchange platforms in Asian countries, which recently added Rakuten Wallet, as well as other big players such as SBI VC Trade and Coincheck.

Bitmax Will Trade 5 Major Crypto Currencies

According to trusted sources, the FSA has agreed to trade important crypto assets on the platform which includes major crypto assets, Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), Ether (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC).

According to the FSA website, the registration process ended on September 6 on behalf of LVC CORP., Which is mandated to oversee LINE virtual assets and blockchain operations.

Also, supreme leader Takeshi Idezawa confirmed the approval message to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

LINE revealed that it has more than 187 million global users who use its platform every month and has an estimated 50 million registered users on the cellular payment service platform, LINE Pay.


Crypto Facilitates Limited Money Transfers to China

Crypto Facilitates Limited Money Transfers to China,

Crypto Facilitates Limited Money Transfers to China

Crypto is not illegal in China, but it is illegal for banks and financial institutions to deal with crypto. It is also illegal for citizens to send more than $ 50,000 fiat money in one day, without government permission. Banking regulations that limit international trade, and state surveillance amid political unrest mean that transferring money may be difficult. Although bitcoin's legal position is rather precarious, China is still finding ways to prepare for non-violent exchanges, free markets are using the crypto channel to prosper even in the face of economic oppression.

Crypto situation in China

Since a series of government bans in 2017, there has been much debate and misunderstanding about the true nature of crypto regulations in China. Long and short is that crypto is not illegal, but is also seen as property under Chinese law. ICO, crypto exchanges and non-OTC brokerage services involving cryptocurrency are all illegal. Basically, any transaction that directly connects government fiat such as yuan, and cryptocurrency, is prohibited. Banks may not deal with bitcoin, and exchanges cannot facilitate their purchases or sales. As for mining, a proposal to ban the activity was made in April, but a crackdown on this area has not been taken.

Despite all this, the legal gray area of   OTC trading is still alive and well, largely facilitated through offshore exchanges, VPNs and stable transactions such as Tether's USDT. Some large exchanges that have been moved, such as Huobi, continue to allow trading by functioning as an OTC front, with messaging and payment applications such as Wechat being used to facilitate settlement after traders are connected through the Huobi platform. As China continues to crack down on safe and decentralized digital assets, the country is also preparing to launch its own centralized asset, a kind of digital yuan, soon.

Other Financial Limits

Not only are crypto transactions highly regulated in the economic center, Communist countries, but also fiat transactions. Chinese citizens are prohibited from making international transfers of more than $ 50,000 per day without special permission. Some have found a way out by only making a number of small transfers with several different parties helping in the process. Unofficial brokerage firms also use this method. Expatriates living in China do not have such a limit on the amount of money technically but must prove that their income is legal before making a transfer, which can be a complicated and sometimes impossible task. According to Josh Summers at

For those who want to transfer money from China, there are some regulatory hurdles that you must overcome ... Even if you have paid all the necessary taxes, it is normal for people to experience obstacles in the bank.

Overcoming Transfer and Regulation Limits With Crypto

A sea of murky regulations and potentially jail sentences is still not enough to deter crypto users and supporters of economic freedom. Bitcoin is too comfortable where the nation-state is slow and incompetent. Foreign exchange can still be accessed using a VPN, and although the Chinese government is also cracking down on it, use continues. In fact, the use of VPN must be allowed for large companies to do business in China's limited "Great Firewall" cyber atmosphere. Even the iron-headed People's Bank of China (PBOC) knows this, and it won't starve the economy. with such deviations. According to one local source:

Whether it's legal or illegal to use VPNs in China is a very gray area, and the government is deliberately making it so ... many businesses in China need VPN.

Chinese residents can also use VPN to access peer-to-peer OTC trading sites, such as and exercise economic autonomy freely, buying and selling BCH and fiat currencies through various diverse payment channels. Trading volumes on sites like have remained stable as well, proving that despite government restrictions, crypto, like nature, will find a way out.

Tether pipe

Stablecoin Tether (USDT), with a market capitalization that has recently exceeded $ 4 billion, is the dominant crypto tool used today by major Chinese traders. Tether Holdings has also launched a Chinese yuan stable coin called CNHT. While some people questioned the wisdom in competing with the Communist giants in the field of currency issuance, others supported the effort, thanks to the relative liquidity and stability afforded by the stability of the USDT. Of course, others are more worried that grouping anything into the USD world reserve tank, which has been devalued for more than a century, is not a good idea.

Even so, the USDT is still a superhighway at this time to get around the limiting government regulations. Crypto Coin Metrics network data provider reported that in July USDT contributed 40% and 80% of transactions in Binance and Huobi respectively, according to the report. If the dollar finally dies in the face of expanding negative interest rate policies worldwide, and irresponsible fiscal policies, it will become a truly free market, a decentralized option that remains.

Tech Brings Free Market Solutions

For those who call the vast country of China home, and who values its diverse beauty and culture outside of rotten government interference, leaving the country to pursue financial freedom may not be the desired choice. Fortunately, technological innovation has made many old and obsolete financial practices obsolete. Utilizing tools such as VPNs, chat applications, legal gray areas, and crypto transfer protocols that emerged, even as the government continued to restrict freedom, crypto finance expanded and provided users with natural solutions. Large floods from strong rivers cannot be stopped by ad hoc stick networks or a sign that says "no water."

What do you think about the financial climate in China? Let us know in the comments section below.


Bitcoin Scaling Issues Forcing Facebook to Make Libra

Libra Facebook.

Bitcoin Scaling Issues Forcing Facebook to Make Libra.

Libra exists due to the presence of Bitcoin. As much as it proved by itself since Satoshi's creation laid the foundation for each crypto asset that was followed. The extent to which Bitcoin is responsible for spawning Facebook's currency has now been made very clear in an interview with Abra's Bill Barhydt. The investment platform CEO claims that Facebook wants to integrate BTC directly into its billions of powerful social networks - but was forced to create Libra instead because of Bitcoin's inability to scale.

How is the Inability of Bitcoin to Weigh Libra Projects Issued

On the What Bitcoin Did podcast last week, host Peter McCormack entertained Bill Barhydt of Abra, who revealed insider knowledge about the development decisions that guided Project Libra. Before Facebook went ahead with plans to create a stable currency, Facebook had explored the possibility of integrating Bitcoin, Barhydt claims. The plan is to activate BTC as a payment option in the entire Facebook ecosystem.

"Ideally, from my discussion, [Facebook] actually prefers using Bitcoin. I think there are people who really believe in this system, "ventured Barhydt. The idea of   Facebook supporting BTC in the world's largest social network, and it's likely that the second and seventh largest (Instagram and Whatsapp) might seem strange, and we might not be never known for sure whether this was the original plan, but Bill Barhydt was well connected, and so his comments were quite influential, when he told Peter McCormack:
If you want to build a money transfer system and you want to build a cross-border trading system and you have 1.2 billion users today, what will happen to Bitcoin? Costs will skyrocket. Doing anything with Bitcoin that is transactional effectively cannot be maintained.

Why Bitcoin Will Not Scale

Facebook embraces Bitcoin, regardless of what people think about the tech giant, it will be very bullish for BTC and for the cryptosphere as a whole. The 1.2 billion people who are introduced to healthy money, even in a clean Facebook walled environment, will be huge. That did not happen, due to the inability of Bitcoin to support the number of transactions that could potentially flow through the network as a result.

The inability of Bitcoin to scale has certainly been a matter of intense debate in the community for years, causing deep cracks and resulting in permanent divisions that occurred when Bitcoin Cash was cut in mid-2017. BCH supporters have long accused the developers of Bitcoin Core, led by Blockstream loyalists, who do not want to substantially increase the block size to allow more transactions per second (tps). Since increasing the block size to four times the BTC, BCH can theoretically process around 100 tps, and offer transaction costs that are currently 113X cheaper.

Increasing block size is a simple but effective scaling solution that has allowed Bitcoin Cash to process hundreds of thousands of transactions a day on a test - more than enough to absorb the demands of large companies like Facebook that are entering into a fuss, for example. Critics will note that there are limits on expanding block size, beyond that centralization occurs because of the difficulty of users being able to run nodes to verify transactions independently. The sweet spot beyond the unwanted need to continue to increase the block's capacity blindly is a matter of debate. What is clear, however, is that the decision by Bitcoin Core developers and their helpers to keep the BTC blocks as small as possible has pushed businesses away from Bitcoin and reduced merchant adoption.

Adoption of Emptiness

Instead of scaling Bitcoin, Core supporters have pushed the layer two solutions they are very proud of, Lightning Network, to take the burden. But there is a problem with that approach: Lightning is still not ready for production, and maybe years away from being suitable for company adoption. Only last month, a critical bug was discovered in the protocol, considered so severe that it wasn't even revealed until all nodes had the opportunity to update to patched software. The incompatibility of Bitcoin as a payment system, coupled with the Lightning mismatch for almost anything other than buying stickers, has led to an adoption vacuum. Businesses, including Facebook, if Abra's CEO wants to be trusted, wants to use the network but can't do it.

'These are smart - people,' said Barhydt from the Facebook blockchain team. "They have seen Lighting, they have seen Bitcoin, they have thought about this. And they came to the conclusion that Bitcoin is not optimized to be a payment network, Bitcoin is optimized to be digital money now. "Proponents of Bitcoin Cash will agree that BTC is not optimized to function as a payment network, but will refuse at the time. Suggestions that it is capable of functioning as digital cash now - it is a use case that BCH is currently fulfilling more successfully.

Even with larger block size, there may be technical or other regulatory obstacles that prevent Facebook from using BTC. What can be stated with certainty, is that the inability of Bitcoin to scale, coupled with the complexity of Lightning, and the security issues and UX that accompany it, has created a perfect storm. Into this vortex eye has stepped on the Libra Project, the biggest demonstration yet of what happened when the P2P payment network stopped functioning as digital money.

Do you think Facebook is seriously considering using Bitcoin? Let us know in the comments section below.


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